Watch This: 2018 Hyundai Sonata Review on Everyman Driver

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The redesigned 2018 Sonata enters the market with a new look from the front, side and rear thanks to a “cascading grill,” a more assertive profile and an entirely new rear; showcasing a clean and handsome approach with reimagined, slim taillights.

Supplementing the bodywork, the 2018 Sonata now lights the way with LED daytime running lights. When night falls, available LED headlamps with dynamic bending light illuminate the path and add to Sonata’s already radiant posture. The same standout style continues in the rear with sharp taillight design and enlarged Hyundai badge, which now cleverly houses the trunk release button. Chrome accents surround the daylight opening (DLO) and fresh wheel designs cap off its new look.

Inside, the renewed center stack and instrument panel echo the exterior’s catching new looks. The trend carries down to gauge dial design and a strong three-spoke steering wheel. Piano key buttons for audio and HVAC controls give a premium look and touch.

The new Sonata has a refined chassis with improved ride and handling. To achieve this feat, talented engineers increased the torsion bar stiffness within the steering system by 12 percent, which improves steering response and feel in all conditions. They then enhanced that improvement further with new steering calibration, focusing on responsiveness and on-center steering feel. Previous ratings for ride, handling and NVH showed customers were quite satisfied, so engineers just reset an already high bar.

In addition to these steering changes, the Sonata received an updated rear suspension. The trailing arms are 21 percent thicker, making them stiffer and better able to manage heavy suspension loads. New bushings work with the new suspension arms to allow for more ride compliance and yet quicken response time to control all other wheel motions. The result is a communicative, nimble and comfortable sedan.

For the top-of-the-line powertrain, there’s even more. The 245 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine now includes an eight-speed automatic transmission, which adds ratio range at both the top and bottom of output speeds. The eight-speed allows for extra thrust off-the-line and a quieter, more fuel-efficient dash down the interstate. The 2.0-liter turbo models roll on 18-inch wheels, now with Michelin tires.


Diane Leacock says:

Everyman driver nice review. We might get one just like that Bless you but is that your car because you should be in a better car than that

DrProfX says:

Dave! Please do 2018 Honda Accord! Please!

Salman says:

Hideous style!

웅이 says:

Dave, your reviews are always topnotch. You’re truly a gem in a sea of bad car reviewers on Youtube.

sportsMike87 says:

Their brother kia makes better looking cars

George Pearce says:

scholarship purple fine gender master hunt now Palestinian integrate retain.

D N says:

The 2.4 engine performs very well for a car this big.

Flames Yuk says:

2012-14 limited best looking model

El Chapo says:

Sonata trunks are hella big its like storage unit lmao

samuel rivera serrano says:

Dave I will like to know what car you own and why you bought it. Recently I am looking for a Jeep Patriot 2012(or some well close), but I still have a Mazda 3 2009 I like to know your opinion and suggestion. Also I would like to thank you for your work and your reviews I have learn a lot thanks Dave.

Mario Menendez says:

Looks alike as the Chevrolet Impala

Hasty One says:

The mixed driving mpg numbers aren’t that good. I have a 2018 Camry XSE V6 and I’ve been averaging 27.3 mpg. That’s on a 50 mile commute half wide open freeway and coming home bumper to bumper traffic the whole way.

Alan Pak says:

Is the interior bigger? Looks like 2015 Sonata is slightly smaller ?

Deer John says:

It look like the 2013 ford fusion on crack.

Christopher Calder says:

The Sonata is hands down my favorite sedan for 2018. Hyundai dealers are known to give good discounts, so the money you save with the Camry’s better gas mileage is more than made up for by a much lower Sonata real world cost. I love the German designed style of the Sonata and their reliability is now rated as good as or better than Honda. I hate the Toyota styling on almost all of their new “edgy” vehicles. I don’t want a car as ugly as the Camry or Corolla to last for 20 years. I want a German designed, Korean built sedan that is a work of industrial art, not an evil looking cartoon character car from another planet.

Yishaii Dreamer says:

Im gonna by this one!!!!!!

D N says:

I have a 2017 Sonata SE. And although I like the looks very much I also like the ’18 Sonata. But Hyundai did change a few things for ’18 that I don’t like.
The storage below the climate control no longer has a cover that closes. Anything stored there is open to prying eyes.
The CD player is gone. Probably for good. Which means I have to convert all my music to mp3 and play it through the USB port. And with the USB port occupied I cannot use android auto.
But otherwise I think the Sonata is still a pretty cool family sedan.

Green Hawk Drive says:

7 trim levels………..

Green Hawk Drive says:

Very nice car. They stepped up there game big time

ThaBestStarks says:

The exterior redesign is absolutely hideous!

Alexander Vaughn says:

Wow they really downgraded with this new design.

nes cr says:

Mr john cena on drugs

Noel Thomas says:

I think the new honda accord was an better option than going for the sonata

sparklander says:

That trim level is offered by my local dealership with a $6,200 discount off MSRP. You won’t find a Camry or an Accord with that kind of discount. I personally own a 2015 Sonata. For the price and features, the 2018 is a great value. Drive it hard and keep it in the family and you won’t have to be concerned with depreciation being a factor.

Sam Pak says:

he need his review in sunny places.
Not winter times…
not cool ….
Snow make it not appealing for reviews

Boyoung 최 says:

Go Hyundai! N series cars are awesome!

Fake appellation says:

They made it look like the elantra… fail

Kangwei Tan says:

Such a handsome car

Mast Qalandar says:

There is nothing “premium” about that car!

Eric B. says:

Hi Dave thanks for the review ! Did you ever try the Sonata Eco?
My wife got one for $18 500 as a 2017 model ( Wich I believe is a great deal), we got an Amazing 45 mpg Highway regularly (on Eco mode 70 mph cruise). The car does have a lot of torque and a really good peak up wich was the good surprise.
We tried the new accord and the new Camry both good but they felt less comfortable for some reason and were about an additional $7k.
Talking about the accord any review coming soon?

angelo palmer says:

Camera on the car not mentioned

sportsMike87 says:

7 trims that’s not necessary

Moar Desu says:

I’ve seen the car in person. The more I look at it the more I grow to like it. Still like the front of my ’17 Sonata Hybrid better but the rear on the ’18 looks sleeker.

Supreme Etnel says:

Those wheels straight from the Ford Fusion

Lionnel L says:

I have the 2017 sonata sport. Great , comfortable and beautiful car. Camry is overrated because Toyota doesn’t want to cater to buyers like me by offering Android auto. I average 35 mpg on eco mode, similar to what I was getting with my 2014 Mazda 3 sport. I’m pretty stoked and plus the great warranty.

xikefocus says:

Damn, snow in Spokane already!

Thwompthing says:

Gorgeous, and not too much fluff like the ugly Camry.

Rekt communist says:

along with the new camry and accord… poor hyundai.

AWH2002 says:

Solid review Dave! I love my 2008 Sonata, when she finally kicks it, I think a good hard look at the 2018 Eco is on my list!

ARich says:

Great review, meh car. Good value, however. Disappointed they got rid of the pano sunroof for ’18… And I’m no fan of cars that have grilles that take up the “entire front of the car”, if you know what I mean… Lexus, Cadillacs, some newer Hyundai models, etc.

Brian Lawrance says:

It’s an ok car. I’d rather get a Camry though. You get better gas mileage, room, a smoother ride, much better reliability.
It’s best to spend the extra 2,000 up front and get a more substantial car.

J Silver says:

I hate that they killed the panoramic roof option, I love them. Compared to the 15-17 models, these sport models doesn’t look sporty at all to me. It’ll take me some time to get used to this models design. They still look weird. Look at the new Azera, not that’s beautiful!

Elon Yong Kim says:

Exterior design is not appealing compared to the Japanese competitors. Interior design looks relatively cheap. Performance is not up there as the Japanese counter parts. The sale? You know how it plays out….

levaranoia says:

I’m glad that Canada still gets the panoramic roof. Stupid they didn’t add the around view camera seeing as the optima has had it since 2016 year.

Erdie5 says:

Looks to be a great car. Interior room and cargo space make a huge difference in everyday use, and this looks to have plenty.

Slump Man says:

How is the driver seat on the comfort side? I have back trouble. Thank you

Ferdinand Arcinue says:

With the trend of sedans having sloping backs, I wish someone would offer it with a hatchback. It would be way more practical and give us an alternative to the ubiquitous suv. The only choices are expensive: bmw gran coupe, audi sportback, Kia stinger.

ruzzell907 says:

I wonder what the Europeans think about the Hyundai Sonata? They drive classy cars, I wonder how the Sonata holds up against their Passats ?

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