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Hyundai Motor America has begun the first U.S. media drives of its Ioniq models in the beautiful Santa Barbara region of California, just as new vehicles are appearing in dealerships. The eco-focused Ioniq is the first vehicle to offer three distinct electrified powertrains on a single, dedicated vehicle platform. Hyundai’s approach for the Ioniq line delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of buyers. The Hyundai Ioniq is an important milestone in Hyundai’s global sustainability strategy.


cene5314 says:

Your Ioniq review is the best among all the same video on Youtube so far!
This car really interests me, I will fill the form out once I get it.
Thanks for the video!

stvnburg says:

Toyota is a much better company to do business with.

marius stuparu says:

Do you expect navigation and heated seats from a base model ?

Mario Roussel says:

Dave, I want to say that I’m very happy and excited to see you reviewing a base model vehicle. I’m really annoyed that most car reviews these days are just fully loaded cars with all the extra options added. Congrats to have gone with a base model. I sincerely wish more car reviewers would do the same, and show us lower trim level cars. Please try do more reviews with base or at least mid-range vehicles, as they are a more popular choice among buyers. Anyway, keep up the great work !! Sending you my greetings from Canada… 🙂

Robert Anderson says:

that back window I found very distracting…I ended up with the Kia Niro

A Rodga says:

Thanks. Very Informative. I guess, I’m going to wait and see what Hyundai brings for 2018 on the Ioniq hybrid vehicles.

Yunidude says:

Really appreciate the review. Very detailed and you seem very knowledgeable. My father and I are thinking about getting this for me because of the fuel economy since I go to university know which is a couple hours away. Thanks again!

Patrick Van Reusel says:

For safety reasons I don’t drive hands free.

Steven Strange says:

Why do bloggers insist on telling us about the their cameras and camera angles? Nobody cares.

phillip miller says:

One has to measure miles v. gallons in–don’t rely on electronics

Gregg Clark Jr says:

Measuring mpgs with the car’s computer estimate rarely is based on an accurate model. In my tdi I can get the trip computer to read 68mpg, but calculating the trip mileage to pump fill up is way down to 54mpg.

palebeachbum says:

I’m finding this Ioniq very appealing with a couple of exceptions. Although I think the interior style is very clean and attractive, the all black interior looks very industrial-grade and unwelcoming. 2-tone black/beige and black/gray choices would be a lot more appealing to my eye. My other gripe is the MPG. Everyone who buys one of these will do so because they want top notch fuel economy that this car is supposed to deliver. I’ve watched probably a half dozen reviews on this car and not one reviewer has been able to achieve 57-59mpg as it’s rated.

yoshii2011xo says:

It looked good in photos, in person, I am not so sure

K Raymond says:

Does it have regenerative braking?

Conner Conaway says:

Boy this is base model, get limited or SEL and you might be happier.

Rice Thao says:

I don’t know about 55mpg, hyundai needs to do more testing… I have one and is no were close to 55mpg .. I get 48..

Very Good says:

I like that there is space for a doughnut spare tire beneath the cargo floor panel which is unusual for a hybrid.

Richard Lopez says:

great frigging review

Steve Wise says:

Other options include all the “not Likes, like power seats. However, I’m glad you mentioned the split window, because other reviews haven’t mentioned this issue…it’s an issue for me.

mscolli3 says:

Does the battery warranty mean if something is wrong with it, it’ll be replaced but it will not include normal wear and tear (basically a selling gimmick) ?

BarfyMan 362 says:

Can you use the bluetooth to listen to music rather than having your phone plugged in all the time?

TheArmchairrocker says:

you can get power seats, this car just doesn’t have them.

Randy Cox says:

Not sure what to say I toped off my car tonight after driving 70.7 Miles and it only took 0.954 gal. I beat 55 mpg.

Kevin Nguyen says:

I’m so thankful you put average miles per gallon and what I also care about, average miles per hour and traveled. It gives us a gauge at how efficient it can be at a specific speed. In this case 29 mph would be ‘city’ driving.

ELPJM09 says:

I trust Japanese engineering better than Korean. Toyota invented the Hybrid car and knows what their doing. In my opinion, Hyundai, Kia are copy cat companies.

kamaboko1 says:

Very good review. Thanks.

lio l says:

In my country we don’t have the panoramic roof,shark fin antennas, lights on the doors,the head unit only can be used as a radio and barely hooks up to the phone to play music no app support.

Lisa Lovely LPA says:

Nice be better if it came in red !


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