2016 Jaguar 550bhp XJR real world review

770mile road trip in the 550bhp Jaguar XJR to the French Alps.


Robert Orr says:

Great review! Orange callipers would tie it in perfectly with your other added highlights…

leej8 says:

Hi harry, love your videos, are there any more new videos waiting to be released?
really love watching your videos, all the best top fan

ultrafloss492 says:

Just love the car! 😀

Jono King of shaving says:

hi you haven’t done any video for a while men seer soon

Visan Georgian says:

please adopt me.

gary72carol61 says:

For those that were asking who is he? Well he is called Harry Metcalfe, he is the founder of EVO Magazine launched back in 1998.
Great video and I have subbed.

BK studio live says:

I really enjoyed this video.

cgtpotomac says:

Harry, thank you for the comprehensive review. I have just sold my F-TYPE S convertible and would like to purchase another Jaguar. Only thing is that I cannot choose between an F TYPE R coupé and a XJR. Any feedback?

Cameron Johns says:

Love these videos and as a car lover from Tasmania, Australia it’s fantastic to see these cars move across Britain and Europe.

Pierre M says:

Great video!
These roads are perfect for testing such sport cars. I am living 1h30 from Val d’Isère. Appreciate you are coming here to ski.
My choice will be an XE with AWD more safely in winter.
Thanks for your videos, my prefered: the road trip in Morocco with the Testarossa.

sirgallium says:

Holy moly what a car. I agree with everything you say so much. Purpose built car, not compromised.

john paterson says:

Harry, usual excellent video and an underrated gentlemen’s carriage. Jaguar now seem to have the right mix of heritage and modernity.
The only ancestor I can recall is I believe a xj12 in the early/mid seventies, with a 6.4 litre V12 (!), run by Jaguar Experimental dept.
John Paterson

Henry Siegertsz says:

Harry, loved your latest fiat 500 vid, just thought I’d revisit this one too! Brilliant videos, brilliant relaxed style and your gorgeous home, makes one think you’ve done a bit of alright for yourself!Love the Cotswolds, reminds me of Home a little further north when I’m in the UK.I have an XF 3.0 V6 Supercharged Petrol in Qatar where I work and my god do Jaguar build a car these days!Just wish I had the lovely bendy roads we have at home to drive it on though.

Larry Smith says:

Jesus Christ, man. When in the hell are you going to spend a few pounds on a fucking microphone? You can’t be that cheap and/or lazy. The in-cockpit audio on all of your videos is horrendous.

zwodziarz 8-] says:

I wonder: where I live, leaving your car turned on on the street for the time longer than 1minute is illegal. Leaving it switched on is also illegal so the climate remote control hmm is a bit tricky

sirboom says:

PZero Nero tires are all-seasons, not snow tires. You’d need Sottozeros for winter tires…

Elgallo Deoro says:

are parts expensive?

Kaitlin O'Leary says:

Not crazy about the shape. But then I love the old Jaguars and how they stand out. My last love was 2009 XJR.

Fergus Wright says:

Great review!

Buggs says:

I like the matching paint schemes. You just need a Rover 200 BRM to go with them..

There was actually an XJ40 XJR and all straight 6 XJR’s were available as a manual.

Weasel4Fun says:

35 mpg?! Wow that is unbelievable.

Andrej Kostovski says:

over 30mpg in a supercharged v8 is just amazing

Benjamin Sloan says:

Harry failed to mention he works for Jaguar. This is just a crumm commercial!

Allison Burwell says:

Hello sir, great video! There is nothing better than the British gentleman like you taking a pride representing his domestic supreme ride with the automotive heritage. I like Jaguars better than RR, Bentley or Aston Martin.

warak anda says:

really awesome..

Andy P says:

Hi harry why are you not producing the same amount of videos as you used to? This videos almost 3 months old..

Karl Stafford says:

ok. but not a patch on a M5

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