2016 Jaguar XJ V6 R Sport Review – Inside Lane

This is the new 2016 Jaguar XJ R Sport powered by a 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine. It produces 296BHP and an impressive 700Nm of torque in this road test. 0-62MPH takes just 6.2 seconds in this luxury car. Featuring the new InControl Touch Pro system, this new Jaguar XJ s full of technology.

Can this 2016 Jaguar XJ R Sport take on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

2016 Jaguar XJ 3.0 V6 R Sport £71,625


Victor K says:

the black diffuser ruined the rear of the car. my 2012 xj has the same color on the diffuser as the rest of the car. that’s how it should be on the xj

SIDE TZ says:

Comin for you

HR in a Car says:

Nice camera and mount mate? Mirrorless?

notformebeaky says:

Love it. Definitely take it over a 7 or A8

Susan Truter says:

I am in love with this car❤❤❤❤

Shaibi7 says:

not sound like a review, look like he is doing jag marketing

MrWisemasterful says:

Wagner for a British car? Both Churchill and Hitler are spinning in their graves…

Neil Bussey says:

the XJ is just wonderful. It is so relaxing especially on a long journey. The tech and the materials are just great.Well Done Jaguar

Bwause83 says:

red luxury car with black interior, this is the worst color combination ever. but still a great car.

N.S. says:

This car is definitely better than an Audi A7 or a BMW 7series. And actually it is good enough to have a chance again the Mercedes S-Class.

louis willson says:

xj autobiography review please !!!

Ronald Baker says:

Are those awesome sports seats only available in the UK?

Joshua L says:

Newer Jags like the XE and XF are cars you can certainly buy with your head, but I think compared to its rivals the XJ is probably still a car you’d buy with your heart instead of your head. Wouldn’t stop me buying one if I had a chance! Stunning car but not quite so sure about the new rear bumper tho.

Rocky AlAameri says:

Am in love with this car

Alexander says:

Great job on this review!

Rares Bogdan Socaciu says:

fuck diesel,petrol is nr 1

Michael Vatter says:

Gosh darn it Jagura, bring that darned Diesel to the US. I’d trade my 5.0SC in in a heartbeat.

sambozauk says:

I have one of these for 3 days currently. Same engine, same car, but in silver.

If I am honest, beast, it is truly a beautiful beast.

I am not fond of the JLR brand of vehicle in general, but this XJ is a gorgeous work of art. Its comfort levels are amazing, that is the first thing I noticed when I started driving it.

Its road presence is also up their with the best.

A few niggling things though with it that the BMW just pips it on, little things.

The little lights you get on the BMW’s on the side of the doors when you unlock it, may be a little thing, but it is a classy touch, it really is. The touchscreen sat nav on the Jaguar if I am honest needs to be sorted out. I had it set to a destination earlier and it was taking me all over the place, backstreets, in a car like this you need nearly 2 lanes to move her about in. So the sat nav needs to be sorted out on all JLR vehicles, not just the XJ.

The engine is a bit noisey as well in comparison to the BMW’s straight 6 3.0 diesel. But that does not take away the fact that this Jaguar looks better than a 7-series, certainly it drives better, in fact in a different league to I reckon any luxury car of this quality and is just a beast to look at.

So bar the usual JLR sat nav issues which are a pain in the arse and little finishing touches that they could add, such as the lights on the doors when you unlock the car that BMW have, it is a nice 8/10 for me.

Beast and the only Jaguar or JLR branded vehicle I would actually purchase over a BMW. Trust me when I say, I am a BMW person through and through, but this XJ is just something about her.

You get out of it, you feel special. People look at it because they are rare motors, very rarely see them on the roads and they ask about it. They ask about the engine, they admire it is what I noticed, seriously, people stop you to speak with you if you own or are driving an XJ R-Sport, ha ha. Never really get that with a BMW and certainly not with the cumbersome and fat Mercedes-Benz and Audi brands which the later two brands I think are terribly ugly.

So my review

9/10 = for looks.
10/10 = for road presence.
8/10 = for comfort.
7/10 = overall quality.
10/10 = saying if you want to be looked at and admired, then you get an XJ, not a BMW, not a Merc and certainly not a butt ugly Audi.

sebxx says:

nice car, but can’t really say the same about its rear pillar with weird joining dark glasses.
nothing about technologies? traffic jam assistant or the likes

TheKeithvidz says:

he’s right – red is perfect.
Jag gives uniqueness that benz and company don’t

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