Car Tech – Jaguar goes accessible with the XE
With the recently unveiled XE, Jaguar is competing with the BMW 3-series and extending the brand to the everyman level.


Supa Star says:

Man, He really puts emphasis on that U doesn’t he.

McAssassin98 says:

At least he said Jaguar right


Evo 10?

Riswan Ahmad P. says:

That rear design is a deal breaker for me

Eric Huh says:

Damn, Jaguar is really hitting it with the design. Super sexy.

PussMag says:

If base six banger starts around 60 grands, deal, otherwise, I’ll take the 5 series

eurouc says:

Jag-U-ah: His pronounciation is perfect.

“Jag-warr” sounds plain retarded and ignorant …just like pronouncing “coupé” as “coop”
The é carries an acute accent above it and so becomes “coop-A”

nfusco618 says:

“First Jaguar to compete against the 3-series and Audi A4.” I’m guessing his memory doesn’t go back 10 years to the X-Type?

8520456 says:

Jag-you-ar lol

SimXsaibotTM says:

Y’all need to stop playing. He has a thick American accent and he should be pronouncing it Jaguar (Jag*Wire) it is a language barrier and idk wtf a Jag War is, but i don’t know anybody who says it like that.

William Allen says:

I’m willing to wait if we get that supercharged 3 liter 6. 

Jarl Ballin' says:

The front end looks a lot like the Ford Fusion…

godfatherNYC says:

Nice. I would buy this car. If I had money. Which I don’t. But if I had money, I would buy one.

Grahamhg says:

So where’s the electric version?

craig2web says:

Hope they eventually make a coupe version.

AL A says:

I hate the way he says Jaguar, please drop this guy…

hpdv74060us says:

is it how you pronounce it 

David Fischer says:

Entry level, and drop dead sexy. Now that’s how to make an entry level car. All the other jags were just a little out of my price range. Looking forward to this.

Shehan Ranasinghe says:

what does it mean to go accessible…

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