Jaguar F-Type R: Pretty, Powerful, … Perfect

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It’s been a hell of a year for those of us who love noise, horsepower, and cars that encourage driving shenanigans. The perfectly sculpted icing on this massively delicious cake has to be the Jaguar F-Type R coupe.

It’s a simple recipe at first glance; you take a powerful engine, pair it with a small rear-wheel-drive coupe, and you make the world happy. Jaguar has a lot more going on underneath the surface here though, as there cabin is wonderfully laid out and designed, the driving experience is precise and tight, and the multitude of smart systems employed keep everything moving in the right direction.

The Jaguar F-Type is pretty. It’s also quite powerful. The F-Type is… perfect.

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Cut de Pie Fails says:

Very nice review, liked a lot, will sub, but a point needs to be made, carbon fiber is in fact the old fairly cheap hard plastic, it’s obviously not carbon fiber, you can see it at 7:09, that’s the only fault that I think this car has, but the rest compensates.

I5Scooby says:

Awesome review jeff!

Justin Bouche says:

that carbon fiber is imitation carbon not real its just textured plastic.

angel cabral says:

Only 7,567 subs wtf ..this channel should have over a millions subs

Jonathan Brown says:

Excellent review of the beautiful jaguar f type R. Hooneverse and autoweek rock…

Zwikster says:

Let’s hear that overrun crackle some more!

Viking Power says:

Sexiest car in the world, it’s up their with Lambo’s and Astons.

inchskater says:

finally I might start to like the tail of the f-type!

Eric Garcia says:

Love this review thanks man !!

50,000MilesBeneathMyBrain says:

This guy has some good shots and editing.

Nick Mason says:

Love the channel and the creativity behind the sponsored messages in your videos…some of the other automotive focused channels could learn a thing or two from you about advertising to car guys!

Guilherme Atencio says:

Great work Jeff!
Glad to see Jaguar is back making good cars without losing their character.


Trying too hard to sell it to me

xMATTSTERx says:

So , you Americans like our toys? 😉

vahpr says:

More please! You were just getting started and it ended!

LowMedia says:

Awesome video guys

Jarrod A says:

Jeff thanks for making good old car reviews. Now tell your boys at the smoking tire to step their game up.

Jonathan Powell says:

Definitely like the style of this video. Unique to this channel

CH H says:

squeeking in the breaks are due to the brake pads fading.. not because its ceramic..

TheBramptonBully says:

I disagree with the steering, I’ve driven it and the steering wheel is too small to begin with, they try to counter it with a fast rack, and to top it off the assist at low speed is annoying. 

Andrew Cathcart says:

The quality and craftsmanship of these videos always blows me away. What Jeff can do with a limited budget is amazing. Love the f-type.

On an unrelated note, both Regular Car Reviews and Hooniverse do a Jag on the same Monday? We’ll pip pip I say we’re in for a smashing Monday!

Tyler Clausen says:

I could listen to nothing but that exhaust note until I die and be completely content with my life.. besides owning one

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

cool intro Jeff, enjoyed the whole thing. 
p.s. I sent you a message if you cold take a minute to check it out thanks. 

XGM says:

Fantastic review as usual. I have been watching since day 1 and it has been amazing how much the production quality has increased over the past couple years. Hats off and heres to more awesomeness in 2015!

NewShockerGuy says:

Just an FYI, the interior is not carbon fiber at all… it’s fake looking carbon fiber print plastic… WHY they did this who knows?! Such a beautiful car and they do something so silly like that..

cmorales2831 says:

Never been a fan of any jaguar, but this one makes me moist

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