Jaguar Land Rover introduces the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen

Jaguar Land Rover is developing the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen which allows drivers to get a complete, unhindered view of the road. Watch the video to see the transparent pillars, Heads-Up display and ‘Follow Me’ Ghost Car Navigation.

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Batin Alp Yaman says:

oh nice

haili says:

Anyone know the song or artist in this video or how can I find something similar?

MdR QuantumFoam says:

Eh technology is not yet here, we dont even have transparent displays instead of windshields in cars (not some lame projectors). Wake me up in 20 years.

Bruhh YeDigg says:

Only on 2015 and up?

Vishal Khanna says:

Jaguar is taking innovation to a different level. But I really hope you put a single button/knob in there to turn off all these features and let the driver drive the good ol’ way – putting all his/her skills to test.

davidhunternyc says:

… yet another added cost when it breaks.

Samson Okoro says:

Amazing tech and kudos to Land Rover Jaguar for such ingenuity, if it was Mercedes or Bmw that came up with this first, all these people hating would be on here like it’s absolutely fab tech. This is very usable and effective, don’t most new tech cars today have heads up display already? Don’t understand how people can think this is so distracting to the extent it can cause an accident. The ghost car from what i have seen in this video only projects when needed and that’s when the car is on the move. People should check out when he stopped at a red light, the ghost image disappeared till the light turned green and the car moved. So that clearly shows the ghost car wont be projected in traffic or when there’s high volume of vehicles on the same path as the driver of this car.

Amazon1045 Firestick says:


Pitch Arunsuwannakorn says:

The ghost car is distracting.

Nidish Pillai says:

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! hats off to the team behind…..These ____ critics are everywhere….u people better go and die….just think what it takes….u cant even imagine of such an idea and criticising the minds who made it real……

Kentrale Tolliver says:


Laveesh Sharma says:

Amazing Jag!

周博 says:

why he turned on the windshield wiper when he turning at 0:36 ,hahahahah

basel elbash says:


Samer_qu says:

this technolgy can use only on uk roads ☺

Jack C says:

lol is this filmed in Leamington Spa? XD


Is this car available for purchase?

Наталья Сухотерина says:

Super quick delivery. Good value for the money

sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

This is what companies do now, they want to be the first to “introduce” stuff, so they scramble together anything regardless of how fake or far away  they are from actually creating it.

aditya pal says:

i am not getting this technology
well we all know about the rare mirror camera in which lcd display is been fixed at the back of high reflective mirror
but in hear transparent glass is been used,
can any of you know this technology or how it works

Alex Chapman says:

I’ve had the idea of transparent pillars for ages now (as I despise my pillars) and I really wanted to show you all once I become an apprentice! However, the Ghost Car tech is something I thought was only in the movies… That’s amazing.

HiatusMobs says:

Iv’e seen that technology before. I think it’s being develop by the japanese but not really sure what happened to it and that Follow Me thing seems to be too ambitious design.

Kentrale Tolliver says:


Andreas Woithon says:

That is old technology. Nothing really new. Look at an old Series with its top off and windscreen turned down. See

1onewayonly says:

Absulotly incredible

raido461 says:

all those high tech Bond gadgets and he still manages to drive on the wrong side of the road


I’m interested in the engineering aspect of this new feature. I’d like to speak to someone about how this works and the logistics behind this vs transparent pillars.
Thank you in advance

Anthony Hill says:

just wow

Archibald Tuttle says:

What strikes me immediately: He driving on the wrong side of the road! MUAHAHA

Denis Aziz says:

Amığını siqem

utohaha says:

this looks really fake

Dimuth Tharindu says:


Bigus Dickus says:

India’s No.1 car manufacturer


abdullah says:

What the f uck   follow  me  follow  me

RedfootNein says:

Sorry to jump off the topic here, but does anyone know what the background music is?

Rajkumar elanjeran says:

am i the only who’s more curious about that sexy music in the background?! any ideas people? no darude sandstorm please!

CompSciGuyIT says:

You stole my idea!  Gotta love it when you think you’ve thought of something new and, after a bit of searching, you discover somebody else got there first.
Doesn’t implement everything I had in mind, but it’s pretty much it.  Nice one!

Hit MeNext says:

interesting but technology isn’t their yet

Eugene Thornton says:

I’m Escalade man! Can not afford the Queen’s product. Awesome innovation.

楊茗越 says:

I came up the ghost car idea half a year ago and been rejected by my professor.Because it may disturb you when you are driving and is illegal in some countries

Karikas says:


MobileDecay says:

Everyone that drives a Jaguar is a huge white nerdy snob who listens to classical music and drinks overpriced champagne. According to Jaguar of course. ^_^

braintrain5000 says:

bullshit 🙂

Saber Ben Salem says:

a car for dumb unable people. It will analse the road for them, show them what they should see and why not make decisions for them !! is that the future of human race ? eat shit consume stop thinking !!!

Alexey Nezhdanov says:

Looks like a prank. Obviously fake video, yet on the Jaguar channel.

we_love 6969 says:

Why not put LED screen on A and B pillar since we have curved LED screen already.

Patrick VIOPON says:

Computer Screen within see-through glass is the future, we also like the music in this video, any one know how you can obtain this music, would be a good music on hold music for our phone system…

lvlarihuano lvlarihuanísimo says:

It’s a “ready to crash” distractor.

Gunnar Liljas says:

So, what kind of weapons is it equipped with?

Chad Burke says:

That is impressive.

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