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Jaguar XJ saloon 2014 review:
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The latest XJ is Jaguar’s all-new high-technology flagship. Not only is it the most distinctive looking road car the firm has ever designed, it’s also more fun to drive than rivals from Mercedes and BMW.


Man from Nantucket says:

I agree that it’s the best looking of the full size luxoyachts. The S class is a bit dull and both the 7 series and the A8 are ugly as sin. I’d take the Jag (if I could afford it)

Craig Seymour says:

If theres one thing its looks are far more eye popping, considering that the 7 series, A8’s and S class rivals all just look like longer version of them smaller selfs (5series, A6 and the C Class, Jaguar have the edge for styling in my book..

Simon Smith says:

Looks like any other generic foreign large saloon. Does not ‘stand out’ in the car park. Has lost the ‘up there with Rolls Royce/Bentley’ look of previous XJ models (at least under Ford they looked and felt like a Jaguar). This is because Tata, who now owns the Jaguar name, appears to have stolen the design from themselves as the car looks like other Tata branded cars when you do some digging. So if you buy this car, you are spending 40k on an Indian Tata motor car with a jaguar badge on it. Try impressing anyone with those facts. They own the name, that is all. The car has nothing else to do with the spirit on Jaguar, Jaguar is dead.

Frank Rijkaard says:

Nice car but worth less than a tin can in a few years, better invest that money in a lexus ls or a s class

VideogamEs says:

titan is bringing JLR back to life..would be gald to see XE review

Umar Yusuf says:

I didn’t know British people like Metallica!

Mal Ross says:

yea we want one !

Robert Tadeusz Plane Spotter® says:

thats my favourite car

kazakhseven says:

Prefer this car over the S class mercedes which i drove previously. Handles really well for a car this size. Interior is probably the best.

Constantinus Augustus says:

analogy watchchch

Matumbo mabeco says:


No One says:

i want this car just because it was on Sherlock.does it sound desperate?no…a bit maybe

GT1Reach says:

what kind of watch is he wearing here ??? can anyone tell ???

John Callaghan says:

I loved the 2003 and 2007 facelift design the best, this is rubbish.

TheGuyFromUme says:

I’d rather have this than an A8, 7 series or S-Class.

Amir Noun says:

i will get this car on my 18th, and it is my first car !! so excited

KGB Official Channel says:

The car is good for middle class people that want to drive a upper class car, but if you have money, get a s class or A8L.

Joe Gilius says:

did i here him say £632,000?

Carson Welch says:

This is better than the S-Class any day

Ferdous Adnan says:

0:54 ,Enter Sandman – METALLICA.!

denmark39 says:

its ugly!

Jimmy Song says:

needs to improve interior.
looks worse than some $50000 cars

kazakhseven says:

Its definately a beautiful beast!

Bl ack says:

0:53 is that Metallica? Matt I just got a lot more respect for you! 😛 

Good reviewer, good taste in music.

L&P Inc. says:

My favorite car of all times hands down…This will be OWNED BY ME FOR SURE VERY SOON!!!

Eric George says:

This is the luxury car I would drive. Utterly gorgeous.

Gazookerman 1 says:


Zain Sagier says:

Feel sorry for the people who bought this car for £600,000. The price has plummeted to just 30k. Now that’s what I call a bargain!!!

Christiaan Cloete says:

I can’t wait to get mine wowow ow

Aristotelis Mitsiou says:

When it said “Come back to our YouTube channel next week for…” and that music behind, I thought it’s going to be a sports car or another posh car, not a FORD MPV!!!

Alejo Aldana says:

@carbuyer What do you think, Jaguar XJ or Mercedes S-class ?

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