NEW 2013 Jaguar XFR-S (550 hp) OFFICIAL TRAILER

The second model in Jaguar’s ultra-high performance R-S range, the XFR-S joins its XKR-S sibling in the exclusive 300km/h club and is a vivid expression of Jaguar’s longstanding and legendary sports saloon lineage.
The XFR-S incorporates engineering features from both the XKR-S and the all-new F-TYPE two-seater sports car to create the most driver-focused, agile and responsive iteration of Jaguar’s award-winning XF saloon range. The XFR-S has been developed by Jaguar Land Rover’s specialist ETO division – its bespoke powertrain, chassis and body enhancements enabling it to push the performance boundaries.
Electrifying performance is provided by the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine which now boasts 550PS and 680Nm – up 40PS and 55Nm respectively over its XFR installation. The increases have been achieved through revisions to the engine management system and optimisation of the flow of air both into and out of the engine.
Fitted with an eight-speed transmission incorporating Jaguar’s ‘Quickshift’ technology (developed for the F-TYPE), the increase in engine output allows the XFR-S to accelerate to 60mph in 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds) and on to an electronically limited top speed of 186mph (300km/h).
Airflow has been carefully managed in order to both allow the engine to operate at peak efficiency and let the car cleave the air cleanly and safely. The resulting body changes have created a distinctively assertive appearance, beginning with the deeper front bumper with its larger lower air intakes, vertical vanes and carbon fibre front splitter.
Deeper sills and unique ‘aero-blades’ ensure a clean passage of air along the side of the car and on to the deeper rear bumper sides while a carbon fibre rear diffuser between the signature quad tailpipes extends underneath the rear of the XFR-S to reduce lift. It is aided in this by a bootlid mounted spoiler, two designs being available. Overall lift is reduced by 68%.
The unique 20-inch lightweight forged alloy ‘Varuna’ wheels are wider front and rear and are shod with specially developed Pirelli rubber, giving the XFR-S a more muscular stance and increasing its grip and stability. Allied to this are extensive suspension revisions which serve to increase lateral suspension stiffness by 30% for greater steering precision and responsiveness.
Revisions to both spring rates and the adaptive damper tune increase the feeling of connectivity with the road surface, providing confidence-inspiring handling and a supple, controlled ride. Recalibrated active electronic differential and Dynamic Stability Control settings allow the enthusiastic driver to make the most of the huge potential of the XFR-S.
The car’s intent is underlined by the technical palette of materials used on the interior. This includes carbon leather on the seat bolsters and arm rests and a Dark Aluminium fascia, both of which are exclusive to the R-S range. Providing a further unique touch are a choice of contrasting colour stitching and micro-piping which can be matched to the exterior paint scheme.



Sino Deutsch says:

ewww why did Jaguar ruin the XF?

the base XF is just a beautifully long sexy and classy car, especially in white

but they made the XFRS look like a ricer with that huge spoiler, fascia intake, and that toy-ish blue

GTIGUY says:

back of the car is too plain not as attractive as the front. It should look more mean on both ends for a car with that much power .

Stéphane Robert Decker says:

thanks. is it that same mountain pass Top Gear UK used a couple seasons back ?

Nigel Albright says:

Yes, OK, petrol heads. I also ike fast cars with a raucous engine note as well. But what really is the use of doing a trailer for a road going car on a closed circuit with a race orientated theme to it? In the UK we have just had a 22 year old in a high performance car leave the road and crash into a house at some four feet above ground level? Can you imagine the speed he was going to do that? Kill-joy or no kill-joy, is this really responsible advertising on behalf of Jaguar.

Callum Bucknall says:

I think my Wife just creamed her self…

Tom Roemer says:

sounds like a Spitfire! Love it

luca ottottotre says:

what road is this?

Aldo 7he Apache says:

wow you just went full retard .. Never go full retard

manos 2601 says:

8 people who dislike this video are m5 fans !

Darrell Johnson says:

@AC130SS Actually he’s right.Arden tuned the XK-RS to an astonishing 671 hp that engine has a lot more to give than the 550 its giving stock.

SG Cald says:

Ooooo I like you

Stéphane Robert Decker says:

where is dat road ?

Os.14 says:

who will buy it for me ?

john4surf says:

Could swear that is an XKR-

joe m says:

Looks like a charger with a pony 5.0… it’s a

pophart1 says:

damn that is one sexy ass car

skf2 says:

oh, that howl at 1:00

manos 2601 says:

2014 xjr is better !

Basamaal zzz says:

I have a Jaguar X-Type AWD V6 194bhp 2.5s and it’s ok but I now know that this here is my next bucks 🙂

Al Bundy says:

one of the best official trailer ive seen

Marc Tremblay says:

Just ordered mine in white, w/o the boy racer wing. Got #99 of 100, so just sneaked in. I’m thinking of the vanity plate “M54LNCH”…

Nigel Albright says:

No, I am not a special constable or anything near it, and it’s not being a kill joy either or deliberately being controversial. It’s the simple logic that a company is advertising a road going car in a race style format with a normal road closed off so that they can use the whole width of the road at full tilt. And then some specimen get’s inspired by this, buys the car, goes shimmying down the road and possibly kills someone because they don’t understand how to handle such machinery.

omar nolasco says:

This is a 100k car? Really lame

s8tank says:

Boring American cars have nothing on cars Jags, tasteless fat bastards

keenanshane says:

Shut up and take my money…….Oh wait don’t have $200k……Crying in corner

john4surf says:

… XKR-S not a XKJR-S. I bought my new XKR-S for under $130K (not $200K as noted earlier by another post)

redjaguar100 says:

This thing sounds like the prototype that ran on the salt lake..Hummmm…

carguy _351 says:

what road is this??

Aldo 7he Apache says:

Well then I guess your farts are supercharged..

DrawFromThePain says:

This car is fucking boss, imagine you having this car, and everybody be like, yeah cool car. And they suddenly underate you and want a race. You put the car on S, and beat the fuck out of them. Sick

captionrex says:


LSphotoshop says:

dont ever i mean ever compare this to a charger….. a charger…… charger……char..cha.

Nigel Albright says:

Zid. I appreciate your points. And you are probably right that the kid in the Corsa, – flash mags and big bore exhausts – is one to be wary of. My point was/is the irresponsibility of car manufacturers to advertise a road going car in a race style format and in two way traffic road conditions where because they were using all the road, it had to be closed specifically for the ad. All rather bizarre really. If they want to do a Clarkson, then do it on a race track, not in road conditions.

Cupra 91 says:


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