2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on Everyman Driver (Accessory Walkaround)

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Mrtmh2duggy says:

lol a lamberghini aventador coupe fully loaded cost 50 grand an he has saying he wouldnt spend 51 grand on any car

Mike Lozano says:

Haha gtfoh with that shit..a Lamborghini goes from half a mil to a couple mil depending on the kind of lambo u buy..

Armond Sharfaei says:

$51,995. The price sticker on is on the windshield at the beginning of the vid

Mike Lozano says:

I love it..wt size r those tires?

CammieGee says:

Sweet Jeep

newjersey02 says:

51 is a waste of money. i would not even spend 51 k on a lamborghini.

Mrtmh2duggy says:

it was a typo i meant to type in 500

tonybuddy123 says:

I’m sorry but the installer for the leather seat needs to be fired cause that leather looks like shit with all those wrinkles.  

Everyman Driver says:

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Mr. Cairo says:

That’s a bargain, can’t even get a Standard Rubicon here in Australia for less than 55K

Ohiostjb says:

Dem wheels….. UGLY

rg0r says:

LOL @52K ahahahaha.

Kadeem Booth says:

Rims are eh..

Landen McDonald says:

thats a $400,000 car stock you dumbass

slabsides1 says:

It’s beautiful. I’d probably save the money on the 3 inch lift. It’s already a Rubicon.

parkerstudios100 says:

Lol a Lamborghini is 1 mil your not even close

Pedro Barraza says:

For 51K I can buy a luxury sedan

Imanueali Nassem says:

Nice jeep wrangler. hope to get a jl in a couple of years. Nice very nice

MrBreeze says:

Ditch the fancy seats, ad some bead-lok wheels and I’ll take it. Love the color!

slabsides1 says:


glassman204 says:

I bet you the luxury sedan wouldn’t be able to do the things the jeep can do? The sedan wouldn’t be able to handle snow or and heavy terrain like the jeep can! Is the sedan gonna get you out of a rut if you become stuck?

Bill Beach says:

What does something like this cost? I love it!

Ray Charles says:

Oh boy, another automatic.

Dee Jay says:

What a way to ruin the Rubicon logo. Is that even the right font? Someone didn’t take typography 101.

newjersey02 says:

those rims are for a mall crawler…

Greg Ashcraft says:

hemi option???

Danny Max says:

they made a work car into a mall car

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