2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock: Snowy & Muddy Colorado Off-Road Review

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hardrock Edition takes a time-tested off-road vehicle and adds a few sprinkles of luxury and comfort. It’s still a short wheel-base Jeep, but you also get heated and leather trimmed seats and most convenience features you will find in a regular SUV.

Can it tackle the deep wet snow of the Rockies? Watch to find out!

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Krasnaludek says:

Rubicon is my favorite vehicle; I want the 2-door (JK); nothing even close … unimog and Kamaz are not realistic for every day.

Krasnaludek says:

Land Cruiser is a big heavy and underpowered pile of shit compared to Jeep JK; you are delusional. Why so many of the old Land Cruisers have Chevy engine swaps if they’re so durable and great? Riddle me that genius.

Puppet Master says:

picking mine up Friday am going to master bate in it

Bear Grylls says:

I’d respect the JK more if it had a straight six cylinder instead of a v6. Real jeeps have either a 4, I6, or v8. It’s bad enough it’s half Italian.

Austin Tara says:

What shocks does this have

rscosworthfan says:

i like the look of the jeep dont get me wrong but the toyota landcruiser Amazon is the king of all offroaders

Wilson Scott says:

heh. it’ll go the way of the harley.

RDC Tarantula says:

Jeep in the fast lane, sho to make you lose your mind….

Kyle Caelian says:

Although i absolutely love the wrangler im kind of disappointed after of its capabilities after going offroading a couple times in my dads 03 hummer.

Azhrarn says:

I see these jeeps here miami all over the place and I don’t understand why. Florida is flat, lol.

Dhime says:

No matter what anyone says about the trails you guys take the Rubicon on. Love all of your Jeep content. Keeping me over well while I wait for my order lol.

ArgentinaOutdoors says:

love the background sound of freedom.

VRJensen1 says:

looks jerky and stalls out when floored. Is this due to the traction control negating the driver inputs? If so I can turn those off and rely on diff locks right?


Jeep is not this good, especially in comparison to a Pinzgauer or a haflinger it really sucks

Baylor58 Duncan says:

Did he say the 3.6 Pentastar (car) engine is better than the bullet proof 4.0 six ? yeah they smoke funny stuff in CO.

ericimi says:

“tons of snow and ice” lol this man has never been to the northeast .

Phillip Craggs says:

in this vid, you needed to gear down.

shonuffisthemaster says:

I would never choose a jeep for an offroad / adventure vhicle due to their abysmal reliability record.

accoarding to consumer reports, predictions on new wranglers are that they will be 65% less reliable than avarage, and thats saying allot in todays world of shitty cars.

on a 1-5 star reliability rating system, the wrangler has 1 star ratings for nearly half of the catagories. It has the worst possible rating for engine minor, engine cooling, drive system, fuel system and suspension, all critical systems for running a vhicle in areas you may be stranded and unable to stop by your jeep dealer or mechanic for the unusually frequent repairs.

the transmission major fares little better with a 2 star rating and the engine major pulls a mediocre 3 stars. Jeeps are some of the worst vhicles on the road in an era where the quality of vhicles in general has gone drastically down hill. I have no idea why people think of them as a reasonable choice for anything other than city driving and even for that I wouldnt choose one.

Carlos Rivera says:

Does anyone know how to clean stains in the metal rock rails? Thanks in advance.

Hunter Hewig says:

question, I have a 2012 rubicon that literally has all those features, so besides for the swanky hood that to be honest, looks cool but when it snows or rains literally showers your engine, why would i pay so much more for literally the same jeep?

TheKnightsShield says:

And what makes a Jeep Wrangler all the more better? Red and black, baby!! You can’t beat a good, muddy red and black Wrangler!! You just can’t!! 😛

Alan Zapanta says:

gotta learn how to drive those manuals offroading like that no CLUTCH play is necessary 😎

Tucsonan Dude says:

I remember taking my JK Rubi up the backside of Pikes Peak in deep snow. I kept sliding sideways and scared shitless…until I got back on dry land.

I’ve heard that running F/R lockers actually hurts deep snow driving as it’s better to have one wheel act as an anchor. True?

Darren Thorsen says:

I have two issues with the Wrangler.

1. You can only get locking diffs in the Rubicon. How it is you can’t get even a rear diff locker in a purpose built off roader is beyond me.

2. Price. The Wrangler Rubicon’s price has bloated well into full-size truck territory. There is no way I’m paying Ram 1500 Sport/Ford FX4 money on a Wrangler.

Al U says:

The discontinuation of the FJ Cruiser and the Xterra makes it easy for me to choose the Wrangler when the time comes to go shopping for a manual transmission truck.

Kalmah1942 says:

i just took delivery of my 1st Jeep ever and i think i’m in love ❤️

Tareq Arar says:

Is it just me or the driver is really bad?

Secret ! says:

Not used to that clutch or not used to driving a manual?

joshua medina says:

1:46 did he stall out?

Moe Szyslak says:

Jeeps are strange when it comes to comfort on roads. Particularly my 2007 Jeep Liberty, it seems so be uncomfortable on small bumps and cracks on the road, but if there is that weird big mound that the road workers left for no reason and you go over it at 50+KM/H, the Jeep just soaks it up and…just absorbs so smoothly….I don’t know how to describe it exactly…but…other than big mounds, it it rough on small ones.

Abcdefg says:

Looks like it’s his first time driving a manual.

yggsten says:

Wondering,, Would this make the whole Rubicon trail without any mods?

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