2018 Jeep Wrangler – Redline: First Look – 2017 LAAS

You don’t see a new Wrangler hit the market too often, which is why the introduction of a new from the ground up model is such a huge deal. Riding on an all-new chassis complete with 2 new engines and new tech features inside promise to make this the most modern Jeep Wrangler to date. It will be a hot car when it goes on sale in January 2018.


cren189 says:

I like my square lights, I’ll pass this year

Socttland Maxwell says:

Will it be a v8 wrangler in the future?

David MacDougall says:

Great review, well done! I have a 2014 unlimited and love it, but I would really like the new 2 door Rubicon in red, just as shown in this video. Although no price given, I’m thinking it’ll be well north my budget.

jeepguinness says:

Hmmm I will take the 4runner over this

Ben Dover says:

Really? Can’t get the diesel on the standard model, only the Unlimited? Daft. Only people that’ll buy the diesel are those serious about offroading, and the Unlimited is worse off road compared to the standard. Probably won’t have the manual, either.

Still waiting for the Hemi 5.7, too.

david dawkins says:

smaller engines every model change more price. whet”s wrong with this equasion?

Gmtail says:

For anyone buying any new car: Stay away from anything LED when it comes to major lights if you plan on keeping it. While LEDs do outlast conventional bulbs, the switching power supplies that power them do not. If you are out of warranty be prepared to pay tons for a simple light change, when a cheap light bulb would have fixed the issue. If you want more light just buy cheaper aftermarket lights. I see it everyday..

CammieGee says:

I love this new JL and I like the idea of a two litre turbo engine option but I hope that Alfa Romeo turbo upholds the Jeep tradition of reliable and durable engines.

KC Fritz says:


simon nomis says:

East European engine in a Jeep?!?! Shame.

GoldmanStacks says:

JL The official Wrangler for those who should have bought a grand cherokee

Jacob Hendricks says:

Fuck! No more road head!

badbeatking80 says:

This guy knows his shit!

Curtis Wilson says:

Am I crazy or does he sound like Ethan from H3H3?

Dirt Bikes says:

this is such a nice video man! I hope you are going to make more of those videos because they are great. Congrats man!!!

Hala Zaatar says:

Good job thanks for the very good information

Erick Juarez says:

This looks like a smart car took steroids and then that version took steroids again

Jerid Johnson says:

Bring back 4.0 straight 6 engine

Benny T says:

Definitely waiting for the 440+ lb tq diesel in 2019, would be insane not to wait.

southamericanredneck says:

Best 50k car investment for the zombie apocalypses…for everyday transportation? Not so much.

Fucking President says:

The only major changes they are bringing to the Wrangler is the price which is going up every year.

Jalen Wright says:

I like the way dashboard look!! Look like old discontinued Jeep Commander’s dashboard.look.

thybigballs says:

I remember a friend buying a new Jeep in the 90’s for $14k. Times have changed…

clearcup says:

The rear seat nearly sits straight up. My wife own the 2012 and that’s probably one the most annoying things.

mathew mann says:

The most “off-roading ” many of these Jeeps will ever see is the gravel in the parking lot at the local shopping mall

christopher keeter says:

No and no !!! What have they done ..

david king says:


Ra El says:

I’m getting close to getting the Sahara. I really like this.

Julie De Vos says:

Like lens twelve training rent bad elder grant system

Oscar Moyano says:

Bello <3

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