2018 Jeep Wrangler Review: Still goes anywhere, now just more comfortably

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara is the first all-new one in a decade. Known by chassis code JL, it aims to modernize the Wrangler in a big way. The new turbo engine is punchy and remarkably efficient, and the entire package is a huge step forward. Read the full review – http://roadshow.co/ClT8Ng

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Mike Lee says:

This has got to be the most boring jeep review ever.

Julian Mukerji says:

Bring back Cooley!!

Eric Pham says:


Anthony Curanaj says:

Aw man mines coming in like another week

andyta614 says:

This guy obviously doesn’t even understand the most basic jeep enthusiast.

Anthony Curanaj says:

Just got mines the other day metalic ocean blue

dynaflow74 says:

50 grand for a Jeep Wrangler. OK. Good luck then.

The One says:

$4000 top … LOL!

Iain MacKenzie says:

When did you get your accent from bro?

Fahad M says:

20 seconds into the video and he calls the Jeep an SUV !!!!!!!!!!! im so offended

Turf Surf says:

I thinks this is one on of the few review vids on YT with power soft top.

Mark Claypole says:

The steering wander seems to be a common complaint in the JL, even amongst regular Jeep drivers. The characteristics don’t seem to be consistent among all JLs indicating there may be a widespread issue with the new steering system. Many are certain it’s an actual problem instead of just an inherent Jeep thing.

Jon B. says:

He reminds me of Miranda from Sex & The City lol.

Corey Morrell says:

Expensive piece of crap.

Turf Surf says:

If Jeep makes a Wrangler similar to G-wagon or a standard SUV without all the removable stuff with off-road capability of Subaru Forester, better mpg, lower prices for us occasional weekend softroaders who love the Wrangler look but don’t want all the extra capabilities we won’t ever use but hate the mall crossovers, I think Jeep will sell tons, there is a huge market that Jeep is not tap into.

ADG says:

This guy’s voice is tough to listen to

LeeROBD says:

Yawn…. his voice puts me to sleep.

howtobebasic1 says:

the newer jeeps aint as reliable as the older jeeps with the amc strait 6

Novilicious says:

So appealing

LeeROBD says:

Rent is too dame high! Jeep is too damn high!

William Allen says:

Idk what happened to this channel. Cooley is was made it yet we never see him anymore.

Robert Holmes says:

50 thousand dollar piece of shit.

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