2020 Jeep Truck: OUT IN PUBLIC (New Spy Footage & What We Know)

Jeep is FINALLY bringing back a truck. But when is it going to arrive?

In this video, I discuss the latest rumors about the upcoming Jeep pickup truck. I express my thoughts and opinions, and also talk about the history of Jeep trucks. The reveal is right around the corner.

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Check out the 2020 Jeep truck spy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzWZpo0jJFc&frags=pl%2Cwn

Check out renders of the 2020 Jeep truck: https://www.jeepscramblerforum.com/forum/threads/our-latest-2020-jeep-jt-pickup-info-and-preview-renderings.1119/

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-NEO auto

Cameras used:
-Sony A6500
-iPhone X


slice 1 says:

Jeep popularity at a high reliability at an all-time low .

Philippe Riopel says:

Full size frame, solid front axle and leafs springs meant that THIS was a real truck!

David Lewis says:

I really like the J series concept, but the wrangler version would be cool too. My old 93 wrangler still going . Your truck has a ton of potential.

Mark Celano says:

Good work.

nothing1099 says:

The scrambler name was originally associated with the Rambler American, as the 1969 AMC SC/Rambler with a 315 hp 390 cu in motor.

bestamerica says:

too lousy jeep and J T…
how come jeep dont have 2 amber yellow lights on the rear taillights for turn signals…
jeep is a not real 2020…
dont be fool age

Mike Redding says:

Never buy the first year model until they work out all of the kinks,unless it’s a Toyota.

Enoch Nazrathian says:

Why cant JEEP just leave a good design alone. In a world od specialty vehicles. JEEP is and always be. JEEP. TJ was better than all prior then Jk knocked it off the peak. Just stick with what is sick. The JL is so street might as well just call it a blacktop monster. I have yet to see them in the desert. Imo of course this is purely conjecture. Hooah.

David Hastings says:

Do it.

Chet Shultz says:

I like the Jeep truck better than the new Ford Rangers. I really liked that Scrambler, it looks just like my dads Jeep with a pickup bed.

Aiden Fulkerson says:

In the video of the truck you can see a Jeep in front of and behind the Jeep truck

Cyndy Kated says:

should I keep my 2000 ford ranger? been such a great truck but starting to cost me $$$$…its the one w two plugs for each cylinder (4)

Yep 57 says:

Will it be an unreliable piece of shit like all the other jeeps?

ej732 says:

Its an H4!

Miguel E says:

I want a Jeep truck sooo bad now damn

Everett Morris says:

As an owner of a Renegade, I prefer that body, but whichever they use will be popular for sure.

miltonloza says:

i want it in regular cab! it look old school and badass

Pakojonze LR says:

min 1:13 “don´t worry lady the truck is ok, but your boobs aren´t LOL”

Blake Lynch says:

It looks alot like the Jeep Brute which has been out for a while, and are still be produced, you only have to order it

Dalton v says:

Why are people expecting this to be a work truck? It’s a Wrangler with a bed. Camping, fishing, hunting, light hauling tasks. Throw a deer in the bed. It’s not meant for hauling huge loads of lumber or stone. Buy a 3/4 or heavier if you need that

tom thorn says:

They are morons for not producing the Jeep Crew Chief! That was the best looking vehicle they ever came up with. It would be a beast off road. I love it would already have steel bumpers with a winch on the front and back. If there were a reasonable price put on it and FIAT had absolutely NOTHING to do with it……..who knows. They would probably be made by Giat and they probably would have been 5million damn dollars!!

Farmer JohnJohn says:

If the new Jeep pickup looks like the JL then I’ll just wait for the new Bronco to come out.

John Funk says:

Yes. As soon as I find they are available I am buying one. I have not bought a new truck since 1989 I still drive this truck.

Lance Hondrade says:

As if the Jeep couldn’t get more American.

J McCracken says:

Yack, Yack, Yack Jeep is going to bring out a Wrangler Pick ha ha ha. Make it an actual Truck with a full size 6 or 8-foot bed. And make it 4×4 but don’t price it 40,000 or so. It will not sell at that price. If we want a truck in that price range we will buy a Dodge. And the bed will probably be plastic or something like that.
And that the way it is a9:26 pm Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2018.

DJ 1 Hits says:

Cool truck

Karam Singh says:

it will be super expensive, bulky, unreliable, poor gas mileage and something that average joe can not use or afford.

Larry Woolford says:

I really like Jeep trucks , I’ve owned a J20 and Comanche trucks , and they were solid , tough as nails trucks . But what I think the truck market really needs is a 3/4 or 1 ton WORK TRUCK ! Not a 4 door grocery getter that costs 60k with every electronics doodad known to mankind. Just make a 2 door truck , with an optional manual transmission , a optional diesel ( that doesn’t cost 10 grand extra ) and optional 4wd with solid front axles a galvanized steel body and a price tag below 40K .

Ronald Fazekas says:

Why do the prototypes always look better than the production vehicles?–Please have the side-mounted spare as it days of yore.on the production vehicle, with at least a 6 1/2 foot box.

Thiago Freitas says:

Can’t wait till it’s released so I can buy an ”used” new Wrangler for cheeeaap!

Yuriy The loader says:

How many years already promised, but does not reach business in any way.

Esoteric says:

Revive the original Cherokee & Comanche with modern technology and they’ll see sales increase like never before.

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