7 Days to Die – Alpha 17 Preview & Information

In this 7 Days to Die Video, We are looking at Alpha 17 information. New Jeep, Gyrocopter, Traders, New Houses, Drive-able cars and more!
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About 7 Days to Die:
7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. It presents combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth, in a way that has seen a rapturous response from fans worldwide. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!

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The manliest Man says:

How long till it on console

Lord Drakken says:

What I want is an achery perk.. Every weapon type has a perk except archery. Which is bs..

Christopher Otalvaro says:

Will this update be on Xbox one as well?

S Dew says:

playing game on server, put 400 hours in it, we got base, we got all stuff, now we are bored,
this game still lacks end game,, it becomes boring once you have everything…
a new copter and a few new cars and rag dolls and new animals wont change that!.

the game also lacks checkpoints, and dead people laying around (not zombies), where are the cop and army check points on the road??, if their is a major disaster you will see check points, so why not ingame?

still waiting to see
*capture life animals and making cages for them, so u can breed and eat them.
* fishing system
* raft building!
* making your own solar panels using gold/silver/glass
being able to connect multiple battery/generator/solar banks to 1 current line,
so u dont have to make a 2nd current line when your maxed out!..
* capture and training a wolf to become your pet, and help u in battle and locate danger!.
adding sulfur to the game, gun powder is not made from nitrate and coal, its nitrate + coal+ sulfar! .
* have claim blocks that dont go to end sky/ bedrock!
claim blocks in PVP betray your location, a smart player will not use them, players will go around hitting the ground till they hear the claim sound, than the dig down and all around your claim..and than rape you!.. claim blocks betray players! they dont help players!.
would be much better to have some claim blocks that goes a certain height, so they dont betray your location to people above hitting trees/rocks and hearing the cb sound!..

Ryan's bass Covers says:

That’s so SICK! I hope they eventually put it all on Xbox, I don’t have a good pc 🙁

Raymon Roos says:

A vehicle with substantial storage would be bloody amazing. It would make looting and having multiple bases across the maps so much easier.

Pyrosious says:

Good job as always, keep up with the good work

Ladru Go says:

join the PC master race if you want to play alpha 16 and soon alpha 17

Ascaniiuss says:

When is A17 proposed to come out?

Halted Spark says:

I’m glad they’re adding all this stuff but I really wish they could find ways to make the game run smoother and look better because I remember a little while ago they put out an update switching over to unity 5 and the game looked really nice but the next update made the game look mehh again

BadBubbaB says:

Anyone know when Alpha 17 is suppose to come out?

Madcr0ws says:

add more damage to blocks when collide, at least to break through wooden garage doors on first try.

Chara says:

I;m more excited about revamping the skill system

stufish9 says:

2018 and still in alpha. The developers dont have the balls to release this game ever as a finished product. Their publisher on the otherhand does. Fuck u telltale… you are worse than EA and the Nomansky dude together.

black broly says:

Will the map be extended

Winter Droid says:

Im looking for a pubg/zombie mix . I know theres plenty. But does this game do the trick?

Cactus Khan says:

Didn’t he say in the car video that the car was just a placeholder for the jeep in that video to showcase stuff?

Hoochi Koochi says:

its only the jeep…. the normal cars were just a test before they made the jeep….

NICULL says:

They really didnt do more improvement on optimization,Actually compared to some older version this game runs like shit even on the lowest settings on 720p or 480 this is really why i stopped playing it,runs like shit

Steampunk Terminator says:

Im dying for the alpha 17 release

Daniel Wallace says:

Is any of this stuff ever gonna get realised to console

Layshad Vaughn says:

How about they polish, the frame issues, graphical updates, (textures) horrible animations, combat mechanics, collision problems properly first instead of keep adding things with more problems.

MinecraftZombieSlayer 69xXAssasinXx says:

Idk id rather them optimize and make the game smoother and less clunky than them add stuff.

EvilestMoss 2273 says:

Can Xbox get some updates Jesus Christ we only have traders right now can I get some electricity and new building!!!!!!?

Doxia Sidus says:

sooo u make a channel from other peoples content? ,, guys why not just go watch the original channel O.o .. wow xD

dingo gaming says:

Ps4 is still in old asf version

Ocker De Bokx says:

would be awesome if they would add bandit npc with guns etc

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