A Broken Jeep WJ and a Night in the Desert – Off Road 4×4 Adventure

I thought it might be nice to cruise through the lower portion of Death Valley on my way home from the SEMA show in Las Vegas… and what should have been a 9 hour drive turned into an accidental camping trip.
Hop on board for a little adventure through the Striped Butte Valley and check out some of the sights and sounds of this little corner of Death Valley.
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Clayton Bigsby says:

Love this video man! This is exactly the type of adventure I look for with my 99 WJ. I’ve been eyeing that Iron Rock kit for a while now. What’s your thought on the 6.5″ kit versus the 4″?

Idon geeva faq says:

Does anyone know someone who vlogs with this type of Jeep? I love these but I can’t find any in your channel with this specific vehicle.

r g says:

Good training video on what not to do. Thanks, informative.

bcbeast441132 says:

Actually an enjoyable jeep video!! Literally the same thing happened to my exhaust but it made my jeep sound like a race truck lol. I own a 97 grand Cherokee limited orvis, with a 5.5 long arm IRO suspension lift and I love it to bits.

Ben Poulson says:

lol, I had the same thing happen to my 97 jeep grand cherokee while on the american fork forest lake trail in utah. I was way more lazy then this guy though. i borrowed one of my wife’s shoe laces and tied it up to the unibody frame and got it back home where i could weld it back together.

James Gillespy says:

Why didn’t you just drive? Your car would have broken the exhaust pipe in 1 second.

aheil314 says:

This happened to my XJ when taking a quick detour through some old state forest roads on the way to the camping spot for the night. Had to bailing wire mine up under the Jeep because I couldn’t wrestle the thing out. The 3 hour drive home with no muffler was excellent…

Michael Hagood says:

I have a ’03 WJ Laredo with the I6, pretty much totally stock and I’m planning what to do with it. It’s my daily driver so I don’t want to ruin the on-road ride with a big lift. How does the 4″ lift effect normal city/highway driving? I’m currently thinking a 2 or 2.5″ lift so I can get 29 or 30″ tires on it.

Leo says:

I know how it feels to be weak.lol

Karo Staro says:

i think your culprit was a shit weld

David Wellington says:

I have a 2000 wj

Low Light says:

I am actually y buying one 99 GC in the same color tomorrow. Wanna have a good car for the winter and also for some nice weekend trips =)

David Wellington says:

Bring a fuckin sawzall. Same thing happened to me early in the morning on the way to work. (don’t be a bitch as well, that helps)

gibbles717 says:

Please change the title. It’s not broken.!!

Kevin Hill says:

watch your WJ videos. Didn’t notice but wamted to know, Quadra-Trac 2 or Quadra-Drive?

Conner says:

Wj clan!!

Corranhorn122 says:

rewatching this video, I noticed that you said you had a failed communication that could have resulted in a lost job. I’m just curious: Did that actually happen, or did it work out for you?

-ThatDudeGage- Official says:

random question.. what camera were you recording with?

schmoab says:

I’m definitely going to start packing more tools and supplies when I head into the back country. Looking to get a WJ like yours.

theoneandonlyvman says:

Jeep 4 Life!!!! Big shout out to my WJ NlGGAS!!!!! Jeeps are the best built 4x4s. Its a JEEP THING….U wouldnt understand!!!!!!

claycope says:

Hmmm, I’m adding JB Weld to my travel kit. Would have been a lot faster and easier to reattach, haha.

efs83dws says:

What happened with your job. Should be OK if you’re so indispensable that they can’t do without you for a few days.

Blazing Bass Tv says:

how big of lift do you have?

Luke Sutton says:

im looking at an 04 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4 for my first car. its got 90k miles for 8k and is in very good condition. i was wondering what you thought. I live down in Alabama where we have lots of mud trails and I’ve seen some pretty bada$$ off road GC and would love to build one. Good idea?

Paul Christensen says:

LOL! I am in no position to criticize. I got myself into a couple of stupid situations this summer that not even baling wire could have saved. One resulted in a $325 tow bill and the other involved the local sheriff’s Search and Rescue in a military HumVee. That is all part of the fun of offroading…we have stories to tell!!

Leonardo Somoza says:

well u didnt have to stay there overnight… your car has lights??

David Zamora says:

Is this jeep equipped with Quadra Drive? Did you have any death wobbles or damage to the rezeppa ends on the dront drive shaft?

Vince Ruland says:

Bailing wire. 2-3 feet would have had you fixed in about one minute.

Donearl Brown Jr says:

typical jeep with one tail light out

keepithookin 21 says:

What lift kit you running and what tire size?

Scott Berkey says:

Strange thing is that the ad the played before this video would’ve been a perfect fix and would have saved hours of time and an overnight stay. Google Fiberfix.

Jef Horians says:

Lessons learned: bring high quality tools, use high quality material, use a GPS (have a compass with you to be sure) and work out 🙂

Paul Christensen says:

After watching this video, I deduce that you are an engineer working for the US Govt. When faced with a simple problem, you complicated it beyond all believable imagination!! 12″ of baling wire or a couple of zip ties would have had you back on the road in 5 minutes!

Brendan Granger says:

what size lift do you have?

Shotoforcebrazilianjiujitsu says:

thank you! I felt
like I was there with you!

Nicholas Morrow says:

Maybe be a better welder to whoever welded it on… total shot weld

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