BMW Says The New 2019 BMW X5 Is an Off-Roader: But Is It as Dirt-Worthy as a Jeep or Land Rover?

( ) BMW Says The New 2019 BMW X5 Is An Off-Roader: But Is It as Dirt-Worthy as a Jeep or Land Rover?

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XiaoXing Liu says:

course is tailored for X5, of course all pass

TwoWheelWarrior says:

Scotty Kilmer says never ever buy one…

_Suburban_ says:

I think maybe you need another channel for things that are neither car nor truck

Ronald Eaton says:

Great realistic review.


That is a really poor excuse for a off-road course. My Honda Civic back in high school saw a lot more off road action than this car. I had the Civic Wagon 4×4 with the manual transmission.

Khmer Texas Going Home 2040 says:

I like that 4K mod

Orion Meeson says:

Why doesn’t America have diesel? Diesel is the best.

Lorenzo Sorice says:

No. Just no….

John S says:

Smaller wheels and off road tires anything 4 wheel drive can go off road i would be concerned about what might snag underneath

Adib BehrooziTV says:

Lol no

Max G says:

no low range gearing and 20″ tires.. prob get beat out by most Subarus.. I reckon about .0001% of buyers will be offroading these anywhere

Taylor Gonne says:

I feel like you could take a 330xdrive over that same course without any trouble…

M Goudsmits 金马桥 says:

any normal car could handle that water basin !

PracticalMinimalist says:

Laughs in land cruiser

Chuan Yong says:

Bmw needs to lose those iconic kidney grilles. Gettin hideous

deparra88 says:

They can be good off-road but after 2 years of use they’ll become junk

Alaa Alamood says:

You can always drive offroad, the question to go back and in one piece

Troy Rambo says:

Because people going off road drive 5 mph. My 2011 x3 does better than that with it’s snow tires on.

av7447 says:

I can drive a civic through that road course

Bro Auto Kh says:

If I win the lottery, I’ll buy one for everyone who likes this comment. You know?

Riyad Razzakov says:

The only one item I like BMWs their brake systems. Best brakes in class. But other wise expensive to buy and high maintenance cars.

Paul M says:

This is the new 5 series. Base straight six turbo is a good fit. Forget the outdoorsy thing, it is the best BMW for the city for that middle manager executive type.

Won't see me coming says:

C’mon BMW what happened? They use to make great cars. Now they are becoming shitty cars.

Carl M says:

This is all good and dandy, but first, most, if not all buyers of this BMW will NEVER go off or beyond any fully paved path let alone deep puddles and ruts, etc.. second, old ‘80’s & ‘90’s Subaru wagons are by far much more capable and off-road worthy than this. Big NO in my book!

Daniel Shulman says:

Unfortunately not much of a test since BMW set up the course which obviously means the car will go through it with ease. I’d love to see you guys take it up the gold mine!

Andy Williams says:

My charger can go offroad hemi

Korean mtn biker in U.S. 미국 자연 생할 says:


Marshmallowman says:

You looked bored… so sad

Hillbillyjeeper WV says:

And our final test, the drive through at Starbucks for a mocha latte 2%.

samsap says:

What about the new offroad option package?

Ricardo Ellison says:

These sponsored “tests” of off-road capabilities are carefully crafted to be well within the vehicles capabilities…venturing beyond these parameters highlight the limitations. Rehearsed, scripted…highly “figured out” well before you drove the course. Frankly, the term off-road is really stretching the definition here…a bit of gravel & uneven road…

Paul Anderson says:

If BMW wants off road credit, they should’ve given it to you and told you to go take it off road have fun, and don’t worry about it. Their own course that they designed, proves nothing.
No disrespect to TFL at all. This is on BMW. CHICKEN SHITS!

Randy S says:

Had a BMW once. It was a babied low-mileage 325is. It had numerous defects requiring many repairs, always something wrong with it. Transmission, clutch, power window, air conditioner. Never again.

Kevin suppes says:

Jump it!!

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