Built 4 Adventure – Walkaround: AEV Brute and Trailer

A Jeep truck and an offroad trailer are an excellent platform for vehicle based adventures. In this walkaround MSO team member Rachel takes us on a tour of an AEV Brute and Moby1 XTR adventure trailer.

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Craig Grissom says:

Sweet setup!


Thanks for the Walk around. Now I can lay back and wonder why I don’t have one …. LOL

Preston Gladd Overland says:

Great setup, only problem with these small overland trailers now a days is they cost more than a used 4WD pickup with a truck top on the back.  I just can’t see spending $15 to $30k on a trailer like this.  I mean if you have the money sure, but if your on a budget, then this is not the way to go IMO.  I just price checked and that’s a $110k setup, that cost more than my first house.

jeep6242 says:

Actually the more I think about it the less sense this makes. Why pay all the money for the p/u conversion and then tow a trailer? If it had a camper on the back that would be awesome but this could be done with a wrangler for so much less money and make so much more sense.


I believe if you look when he walks around the front of the brute to the right side you can pull out, 6.4L V8 , UNDER THE BRUTE EMBLEM

C Steele says:

I would love a BRUTE but the price is prohibitive. Nice rig tho!

J. A. says:

This fucken guy…

Chuc Mung says:

These kind of rigs are for OCD people. why leave home, just park in your back yard and plug in. I would rather meet guys who roll their own, use their own ideas. Guys who can work with their hands and brains. I don’t know how much of this he built with his own hands, but I would say very little.

Mike Elliston says:

The Moby1 XTR is on my list of trailers to look at when it is time to invest. Probably at the top due to features.

kvnkcrs says:

75% trailer 25% brute. I was hoping for more info and more walk around on the Brute.

Jeeping.Net says:

This is pretty much a 101 of how to do it right. Amazing setup!

killer kev says:

Ayyy CT state lol

My Road Tours says:

Nice setup. I wouldn’t mind a Brute Jeep but that cost was crazy, at least the one I saw for sale here in Boulder…like $30k more than a new Raptor. Hopefully Jeep will start manufacturing them.

Andy Redmon says:

I’m surprised you did a walk around on an AEV Brute and didn’t look under the hood. Does it have a Hemi?

Oosik says:

Definitely the sickest rig walk around you guys have done. Nothing cooler than a AEV brute..

Mike Lemaster says:

Another great video! Looks like a nice place to camp, I’ve been to the Monongahela many times but that site doesn’t look to familiar. Could you tell me what campground that is? Thank ya!

J Sprankel says:

Thanks MSO! Fantastic ideas for when I build my teardrop.

jeep6242 says:

It’s cool from a fantasy perspective but for 100K it’s just not worth it. I could build a modest and capable rig and literally overland the world for 2 years for the same money.

John Claiborne II says:

sheesh this is not the world I live in. Keep it simple is not the motto here. I find the decadence nauseating for the unsub.

Johnson Rocson says:

So many overlanders are fat. Or is it just Americans

TOPO42 says:

All I heard in my head was slow claps starting at each new feature…

david h says:

common misconception is that the snorkel is just for water. it also keeps the engine cleaner by drawing less dusty air when traveling gravel roads. nice set up

Mac Daddy says:

If you got it ,spend it ! can’t take it with you!

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