Car Tech – Jeep Cherokee
Gone is your iconic America Jeep look, here to stay possibly is the more streamlined and possibly controversial front end of the new Jeep Cherokee, with a face that tracks its lineage to Alfa Romeo, which also owns Jeep. CNET’s Brian Cooley dissects the look and the tech.


udical says:

toyota hyundai kia, looks expensive or even audi?

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

The ghost of the Aztek is posessing this vehicle.

Maxwell Adams says:

You have to change the settings in Jeep Collision warning you can make it so it doesn’t go off so early

ConfederateFiringZone M1919 says:

@mrchen1211 I work for Chrysler trust me its not going to happen its just a concept a stunt double if you will

JokerCirca66 says:

The Jeep grille looks like it’s mirror reflection with the 3 light set up, very unappealing to the eye.

Karnage543 says:

Ummmmm it most certainly does not look anything like my 2011 Mustang. And most of the images are fake, yes, but its been confirmed that the new Mustangs will have the “Fusion” front end. Google 2014 Mustang spy shots. The rear of the car is still unknown because in most of the shots its still the old rear or they have it covered but the real pictures of the new Mustang are out. And I agree. I’m also looking forward to a new Mustang. Can’t stay retro forever. Which was my main point.

tim murphy says:

was chrysler smoking crack when they made this?

Ahmad Aziz says:


mrchen1211 says:

Chrysler need to learn from Ford and Volkswagon on how to design sexy looking cars like the new Ford Fusion and new Beetle

Mentuhotep II says:

SUPER UGLY!!!!! wtf were they thinking?

JokerCirca66 says:

The 2014 Mustang looks almost identical to the Mustang produced for the last decade. As for 2015 and 2016 those images on the internet are all fake or just concepts, to be honest though I’d be excited for a brand new Mustang, one with more curves, taking it back to the New Edge era in a way.

udical says:

it looks good, u do not have taste

DrScopeify says:

The front looks like 3 cars that were pressed down one on the other. That is just nasty.

Black Mamba Z28 says:

1994 5.2 liter is better

Karnage543 says:

Lol well if you can’t tell them apart then idk what to tell you. The images online that are fakes are pretty much on point with what the new Mustangs will look like. Which to me look nothing like the 2011’s.

Activeautoworld says:

It looks similar to the BMW X5. I miss the old rugged American trucks.

udical says:

i ment go die, ur taste for korean design, for me hyundai looks like degenerated fetus, and kia looks like jelly cake for seniors without both legs

vonguido1 says:

If I was a billionaire I would have bought Jeep only from Chrysler and would have fired whoever came up with this horrible design! This is not a Jeep Cherokee let alone a Jeep, this is a Fiat/Alfa Romeo piece of S***!

Veyronp87 says:


Matotosh says:

I like it.

Declan Feeney says:

Could you not find one that hasn’t been involved in a car accident?

QuebecOffroading says:

looks like a fucking santa…if i buy jeep..i want jeep…not jap

keechmabreeks says:

yeah it’s in production ha ha ha.this is a trailhawk trim.

Hanssel cortez says:

soo gay

Gary Wegrzyn says:

fiat cherokee not jeep

hutchcraftcp says:

Jeep started to die under Daimler Chrysler. (compass & Patriot) AMC was the best holder of the Jeep flame. They improved the original and pushed that formual into the mass market. When time came to down size the original full size Cherokee they produced a legend with the XJ Cherokee. This thing should be a replacement for the Compass, not named the Cherokee.

JokerCirca66 says:

Funny this is the body I would always see and think to myself Jeeps are so much better, they have the iconic SUV look. What an SUV should look like. Not that SUV-Soccer mom van look but now it has happened somehow to Jeep, they lost their signature look and transformed their iconic body into something reminiscent of what everyone else has produced. A huge mistake for Jeep and they have forgotten who they are, who their buyers are. You don’t see Ford producing a Mustang that looks like a Porsche.

JokerCirca66 says:

I see 2011’s everywhere and every time I drive by the Ford dealership and see the line up of 2014’s they look the same, like I’d have to park my car and do a walk around to notice a difference in the models is al I saying, not like the difference between a 2004 and 2005 where the cars are completely different.

Ведмедь says:

современные машины всё страшнее и страшнее…

hutchcraftcp says:

*holds forehead* Jeep is dead!

Karnage543 says:

You better take a second look at the new mustang coming out then. It’s more European then American muscle now. Things have to change.. cant have the same look forever. There’s competition to keep up with and if you cant get the same mpg’s and what not as them then well.. they’ll fail and lose. Not gonna get good mpg’s from a boxy suv.

Justin Prater says:

its not just a concept it’s already on there website

Eric M says:

Ugggh this guy is so annoying!

Karnage543 says:

Santa Fe is nice looking and doesn’t resemble this at all. What crack have you been smoking?

Justin Prater says:

i agree with you! i hate it that fiat owns chrysler,dodge, and jeep! i hope they dont ruin the rest of their lineup!!!! and i was thinking the same about the pontiac aztek! the way its headlights are remind me of it

Byron Locklear says:

Being a big jeep fan and owing many myself, I see your point. However, the reason the XJ Cherokee was replaced was because of it’s lack of sales. Yes, if the did a remake of the original Cherokee it would sale but only to it’s Jeep fans. With the new Cherokee, Jeep hopes attract a new customer. I personally think that Fiat has done miracles for the Chrysler brand. Chrysler now has better reliability and often times holds the title for “best interior in it’s class”.

ConfederateFiringZone M1919 says:

Hope yall know this is a concept right

booksyn says:

I love this color. My aunt had a Nissan Xterra in this color. I think it was sea foam green. I don’t know what Jeep would call it, but I know if I ever got one of these, this would be the top color choice, along with cashmere pearl, brown, or black.

Joel Penalo says:

This thing makes even a Panamera look good….

KuroiroSURF says:

nissan juke?

mrchen1211 says:

No, it’s not a concept, it’s going into production soon

Kristie B says:

thats what i mean for a car that price they dont really sell it it looks like it was made in china pun intended

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