Cummins swap Jeep Wagoneer! In the shop with Emily EP 34

Diesel Jeep?? Why yes!!! We’ve had this rig sitting in our yard with an unfinished 6BT swap for TOO LONG! This episode is PROGRESS, we really wanted to DRIVE it at the end, but that’ll have to be the next one!


•Flying Sparks Garage
•Emily Williams Reeves



MN dual sport and adventure says:

You have an air leak in the fuel line between the injection pump and the fuel tank.

Lanc Mac says:

-1.75 is a pretty mild script….. Some folks are a -5.0 or more… And it is ok to be continued… Life isnt all straight smooth roads… I rebuilt my 70 vette 350 into a 383 and at 300 miles I lost all 8 cylinders with a totally blown head gasket on both sides… So out comes the old factory block and it is getting a new Dart 372 shortblock.. Almost have it finished… I keep trying even when the road sux..

Maurice Sanders says:

Where can I get that Pontiac necklace Emily is wearing?

lhabia aphone says:

lol dat fail 23:18

Michael Chugg says:

I watched Guy in WY channel on You Tube. His New Holland diesel was dying on him, wouldn’t stay running. New lift pumpbsolved the problem.

Darren Lobb says:

Sure your injectors are deffo good? I have often had it where one will stick open / push compression back the line, which just gets into pump / distributor head and then airs up everything else, will normally run but rough as mad! Can normally find by removing the lines, fill each injector union with fuel and motor it over. Will likely find one of them will shoot it up in the air, thats your culprit, will likely run perfectly on 5 if you leave that one dissconnected!

Daniel Gilley says:

That’s the ultimate build!!!

bill739123 says:

Wow the girl is hot and smart . Turns a wrench well . Now to figure out the cooking and boom

mechadrake says:

husband with glasses is bias human about glasses! 😉 I think glasses are evil, everyone around me has them, half of them are blind without them, have no idea how I’m still without them, those genes are weird.

Gigamut 11B says:

835th like + subscribed
Liked the video & the fact that you both seem sooo happy, you even got me to start smiling…lol.
Emily, I think those glasses fit you. You look great. Ya, they can take time gettin’ comfortable with them on, but you need to protect your eye sight. I didn’t & my eye sight suffered from that.
I hope you both have a great day & be safe.
{lookin’ forward to seeing that Jeep running}

Brey Kruskie says:

Ahhhh if that’s a wagoneer with a gladiator grill I want it sooo bad do you think the owner would sell it and if so I need a price I’ll buy it in a heartbeat I’ve wanted one for a long time

Alfred Wendler says:

Aaron. Luckiest man on the face of the earth. His wife turns wrenches and knows what’s going on. That’s so hot. Oh yeah, and she’s pretty. BONUS

Dewain Woodard says:

Great video Emily thanks for sharing the Jeep will be sweet when it’s finished

Jeepn N Creepn says:

all kinds of win cummins and jeep 😀

Victor Gomez says:

Good job with the jeep.

Philip Thomas says:

your lift pump diaghram leaking

Michael Lucht says:

Watch Finnegan’s garage you tube episode on modifying his ramp truck to a Cummins 12 valve out of a USAF Dodge Bobtail, very informative on how they built up the engine to produce 700 HP.

ROTAXD says:

C’mon guys. Why would you put a frigging boat anchor cummins in an amc or kaiser era jeep ? The 360 amc motor that came in the thing weighed only about 1/2 what that frigging oil burner weighs. No, your buddy (or anybody else for that matter) does not need that kind of torque for that rig. The damn thing weighed less than 4000 lbs and the frame rails were not designed to carry a boat anchor around.

bendall2006 says:

Having been through this same problem with my Cummins, I KNOW YOUR FRUSTRATION!!! Were ya’ll at Tx2K? I hope ya’ll come down to Houston sometime for an event! My wife and like your show!

Phillip Lopez says:

Remember . The secret to success is graceful recovery .

FZT Motorsport says:

Did you address the “Killer dowel pin” that the 12 valves are notorious for?? Awesome build BTW

John VAN says:

Wonder how well the Chinese turbo will hold up on the 12v. Also is it gonna have an aftercooler/intercooler? The factory turbos are probably one of the best for longevity out there, a hy35, hx35, HE351 or HE341 or even a h1c.

Goldys Garage says:

My God she is beautiful – good for you my friend.

Daniel Connolly says:

No a diesel mechanic but should you have intake from turbo to manifold connected so turbo boost can equalise fuel ratio ?might be too much fuel (pump could be supplying too much pressure and holding injectors open ) which would give you air in return line due to dumping all fuel in cylinders

Richard Ricketts says:

he has the best shirt on

Fred Quimby says:

A lesson my father taught me when working on cars…. The most simple thing is usually the problem. Check out the fuel filter and lines to and from it. Fittings may not be seating well or there’s a crack. I spent hundreds of dollars in carb swaps on a small block chevy thinking I kept buying bad carbs and it ended up being a brass fuel filter screen. A lousy $0.10 part…in 1974 dollars…prolly about $79.99 today. The old man was always right!

Drd says:

Diesel fuel issues are a bitch to to sort out, never had it on any petrol engine, but diesels… sucks.

Doug Bug says:

I’ve known Aron is a diesel guy, but in this video his knowledge really showed. It was awesome watching him work through that system. I don’t give a crap that it didn’t start. I run into stuff like this in my garage and you’ll get it fixed. Don’t worry about not getting it running at the end. In reality this could have been 2 or 3 separate videos. We just like going along on the builds/projects.
Thanks for the video, it was awesome!
(btw) my wife just got glasses and I told her to get some just like yours. (is that creepy?)

anthonybrucerix says:

Look into A Lift Pump

Marshall Houston says:

do you have a part number or link for that alternator? I need one for my swap

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