Driving the Jeep Safari Concept: Is This The New Face of the Next Jeep Wrangler?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Driving the Jeep Safari Concept: Is This The New Face of the Next Jeep Wrangler?

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John Edmonds says:

If jeep focused on durability and reliability half as much as they do gimmicks they would have a good product. The second Toyota gets their head out of their ass and actually bring an FJ like the ones in the 70’s then bye bye jeep.

Jeffrey Samples says:

needs to be in a jurassic park movie lol

Enigma00017 says:

That air system needs to come out. The doors and roof would be a cool mopar option. The doors would be great on rainy days while going off-road.

Chris Mason says:

I love jeeps so much my sons middle name is Jeep, but whilst on the subject of kids, suicide doors and kids in the back dont go well together! The clue is in the word suicide!

Rubicon Unlimited says:

hope that’s the new grill looks great and finally adds some radiator protection

Golden Retriever says:

The front end looks great in my mind

I hope it’s on the 2018 wrangler

It would be a sin if it wasn’t

James Beaman says:

It is fitting that while driving the Safari, you captured footage of a ferocious Emme in the wild!

Vanishing Apex says:

NA Miata door handles….

gvonbargen says:

I think the steering wheel and the instrument cluster will make it to production but I can see them making a large overhaul to the rest of the inside and some outside. I also for some reason seeing them try a diesel in it.

Chris York says:

Still can’t take it to the airport.

Ansr Max says:

Nice to see a video with Roman and Nate.

FaZe Turk3y Lunch says:

I think the steering wheel is from lotus

xienon says:

Bring Emme back. Cnet doesn’t seem to give her a lot of content

robert garcia says:

i wish they would offer a v8 engine on the jeep wrangler

Cody Blizzard says:

that steering wheel is a fiat steering wheel out of a fiat 500x the only difference is this one has a jeep logo instead of fiat

Jacob Williams says:

the wheels are the old chrysler logo “pentastar”

Stephen Backholm says:


guy proulx says:

Reliability is a must when venturing out into the unknown, Jeep has never been reliable therefore should never venture out too far from home unless you like walking lol, never seen a Jeep driving across the Serengeti where it’s Toyota territory and for good reason

Wade Wilson says:

looks like shit

Aaron Kirk says:

the only reason why you think this is cool because your company wants to say it’s cool it’s a piece of crap if you people build this you will piss off a lot of Jeep owners

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

looks like the steering wheel on the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT mixed with the Fiat 500. 😉 also I hope they make the doors a Mopar option in 2018!!

Jeep is smart. they realize the only screen a car should have should be running on Apple’s software. they’re a loyal upgrading company and won’t scam people like carmakers do!

-Vance- Dun says:

I hope they throw away the 2 extra doors. Brings in fake jeepers

Peter Dd says:

Holy crap do some research people. These are engineers, not morons. The vinyl is made of a special type that reflects the heat thus keeping the cab at normal temperatures. In addition there are gaps around the doors for ventilation.

DWings says:

JL is going to be such a disaster, but only because Jeeps in general are going more towards 4 door and gas mileage, THAT’S WHAT THE CHEROKEE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! they turned the cherokee into a grocery-getter and now jeep is getting huge and it’s proportions are all off. JKU needs 37″ tires to not look like a bus or a hummer wannabe for more trunk space? um, CHEROKEE! the tire-dominated, rollcage, over-torquey, fun little 2dr mountain goat jeep is going bye bye. Jeep is trying to stretch it across too many vehicle types and it’s losing it’s identity. Jeep owners were adventurous, outdoorsy, gear head people, now I just see a bunch of small-penis having family-man types taking their kids to the mall while trying to look “extreeeeeme” *eye roll* RIP Jeep, death by 1000 tiny cuts on it’s way to becoming the new hummer H2

John McClain says:

That thing looks like a fishbowl on wheels, lol

Mernerner says:

CJ2018 confirmed

j montoya says:

Isn’t this the same jeep the pope was using? (Popemobile)https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.rsvlts.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F09%2Fpope-francis-jeep.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rsvlts.com%2F2015%2F09%2F24%2Fthe-pope-mobile-vs-president-obamas-beast%2F&docid=ppykkhhLdrdt8M&tbnid=mvDPr2a7upaIcM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwijqZmGysPTAhWpgFQKHXtiCl8QMwhbKAcwBw..i&w=740&h=493&hl=en-us&client=safari&bih=559&biw=375&q=popemobile&ved=0ahUKEwijqZmGysPTAhWpgFQKHXtiCl8QMwhbKAcwBw&iact=mrc&uact=8

greenmean230 says:

Why are you driving with the parking brake engaged at 8:28? …

Getthefuckoffmylawn says:

Don’t like it.

MrRedskins0021 says:

It looks like the new JEEP will be very girly. Pass!!

Ric Johns says:


iVlog says:

My Cayenne as on board air and an adapter for tyres from the factory. It’s definitely something Jeep should do!

randall jr Benoit says:


Oh-Billy says:

still rather have a defender

I Love Mopar says:

That steering wheel is off of a fiat 500x

cpuspeed says:

Reminds of the Lost in Space Chariot

Tim Budz says:

JK + TJ + CJ7

gvonbargen says:

Please let Emmie Hall do videos with you guys I miss her.

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