a little preview of the Death Wobble issue on my LJ.

Issue had been fixed after a proper wheel alignment procedure.


Orvellrednbacer says:

Also replacing the tires would help it as well, in conjunction with the other replacement.

Electrics says:

my eyeballs must be broken

myskman1 says:

No one knows what they are talking about its a track bar problem

bandpassmess says:

Jeep won’t issue recall its there way of saying we got yo money and don’t give a crap that’s union attitude !!

2wheelpiracy says:

That’s not caused by alignment. You just masked the issue.

Vadiman Go! says:

бедный чувак, которого привязали вместе с камерой! ))

budnixon says:

3 sets of tires – same issue – so tires are not an issue…

alexsch52 says:

А демпфера нет? Может он сгладил бы?

Dmitry Stepanov says:

Как вам удалось избавится от этой проблемы? У меня почти тоже самое!
Поделитесь пож-та
Эффект Шимми проблема в подвеске

budnixon says:

@alexsch52 есть… там не в нём проблема…

Mr- T says:


Sue Churchill says:

Mine is worse then this

Orvellrednbacer says:

Check and replace all bushings on the upper and lower control arms. Then check the shock absorbers, and steering components.’if

boomonastick says:

That wasnt extreme

Jonathan Sawyer says:

What fixed mine was new tires and a stabilizer. My mechanic said they work hand and hand. The problem won’t be solved with out the other. Plus get that alignment done or you WILL be shelling out some money for new tires

pitbullpopz says:

I would look at your tires you could have a bad tire broken tire belt good luck

budnixon says:


прикола нету… есть проблема ШИММИ в рулевой… вот и смотрим в чём проблема… (с помощью видео)

Dmitry Stepanov says:

мой емаил mitrich38@yandex.ru

stek96 says:

чёт я так не понял в чём прикол!

elizabeth thomson says:

it is not an allignment issue…been having this for a long time…very dangerous…new tires fixes it…..stabilizer

mryellows44 says:

Ahhhh it’s fine

Vadiman Go! says:

бедный чувак, которого привезали вместе с камерой! ))

Vladimir Castillo says:

I have the same problem, how do you fix it?

consaka1 says:

With all due respect I think that damper would work better if it was mounted to the tie rod and not the draglink.

Randy Bugni says:

see AVIONICBUG death wobble fix you need to get rid of the “y” bar and go to a “T” bar. My video is slow at first but watch the whole thing email me at my email on my video. if you have not fixed it

Linda Dishman says:

I have the same problem and I CAN identify the problem with your video.

DobermansRock says:

You are retarded.

budnixon says:

that was done from the start… checked by various shops… 🙁 but its been fixed.. thanks

budnixon says:

правильно сход-развал

budnixon says:


it is now…

Adrian West says:

This isn’t death wobble. This is bump steer. Do yourself a favour, goggle before you up load crap and waste people’s time. Simple drop pitman arm to go with that 100 piece crap lift kit would change everything.

stek96 says:

понятно но на сколько я понял все части рулевой новые кроме рулевого редуктора

Slevin Kalebra says:

death wobble can be a shitload of things by the way the toe is supposed to be 1/16″ closer on the front  than the measure on the back side of the front tires, no more than 1/8th

budnixon says:

Make sure that all rod ends are torqued right, all suspension is properly setup & wheel alignment is done to compensate larger wheel size (if that your case)

Lucas Vaughn says:

What with the alignment was the issue? Toe, caster?

Yo says:

LoL   People read…he say it was fixed when he alignment done.   sounds like most of you dont know what your talking about    lolololllolooolololololol I watch it befor i read the comment, didnt see any thing wrong. with tie rod or ball joints bearings. 
funny how the simple thing will get you….llololollololloooolol.. cant stop….

budnixon says:


а чего бедный… камеру присоска держала… 🙂

budnixon says:


its an “old” issue rather, has been fixed, not sure what did it, but going over all of the BJ/rod ends/wheel alignment seemed to fix it.

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