Here’s How To Drive (And Not Drive) The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Turbo In The Snow

Here’s How To Drive (And Not Drive) Your 2019 Jeep Wrangler Turbo In The Snow


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pcosta816 says:

Why do you keep calling them snow tires? They’re AT all seasons aren’t they?

Tighe Hovington says:

Why doesnt jeep put a limited slip on non Rubicons?

D U says:

Those tires are not true winter tires!!! They are basically all seasons.

Donald Megahan says:

Testing a rear drive car with snow tires will not do as well as front drive with snow tires. Obviously 4×4 with snow tires is best.

srkn Tv says:

Waiting for 2 litre turbo rubicon on snow how to drive

pimpovic2 says:

Those are not dedicated snow tires.
Mud and snow rating is not nearly the same. That’s an all terrain tire.

Cody Smith says:

This Sahara is the one im getting in this ocean blue metallic but v6 sky one touch top and tan leather.

William Todd says:

They can keep the turbo.

joshua Maneely says:

Ill be honest that was no my biggest question. Im more worried about the welds on the frame

potatochobit says:

the turbo jeep is automatic only, lmfao what a joke.
might as well just drive your mother’s cherokee.

Google User says:

You keep making the same false statement over and over.
Those are NOT snow tires!!!!!!
They are in FACT merely all terrain tires so naturally they don’t
grip as well on SNOW!!!
Had you been running REAL snow tires you wouldn’t have needed 4WD on such a dusting of snow!!!!

StrykerV8 says:

Great test. Keep the dodge demon off the snow, they were delivered from the factory with rust all over the suspension components.

680ecks says:

Though the Sahara was awd all the time automatic?

2012bigPerm says:

Alright, guys so the question is, “how to make horrible (or not) titles over and over again?” When a TV guy becomes YouTube car guy. Seamless transition!

Joe Larson says:

Do I see a land cruiser back there??

Turd Ferguson says:

That’s a beautiful Jeep, that blue looks great in the snow.

BillHK says:

Shoulda did 2wd, TC off.

Dalton Michaels says:

its amazing what snow tires and traction aids off can do for any vehicle in snowy icy conditions. I have studded severe duty snow tires on my chevy cruze , in manual mode with traction control off i can drive through 8-10 inches of fresh powder that’s fallen on top of frozen compacted snow uphill from a dead stop no problem. 8-10 inches for a chevy cruze is basically acting like a snow plow BTW. I plowed the top 5 inches off for every car that came after.

Zombie4loan says:

Now lets use my 2 door im in denver

MultiPurposeReviewer says:

Normally I think the Sahara trim is a little overrated, but that is one beautiful vehicle. The sparkly deep blue with the chrome accents really makes it look nice.

bretz71 says:

Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S tires are awesome in ice and snow for an all season, all-terrain tire. But they are NOT Blizzaks, which are the dedicated winter tire.

Tim Fox says:

Curious about the 4-banger, I’m not expecting it to be an eco boost powerhouse … is it great for what it does, adequate for what you need or meh it is what it is.

Andy Highsmith says:

What were your overall thoughts on that jeep in the snow? And would one use locking diffs on snow if you had the Rubicon, or is that a bad idea for some reason?

Stuka87 says:

Was this Sahara equipped with the Command-trac?

Adam Pearson says:

They’re *NOT* snow tyres.

Bobby Demarchi says:

I would be really curious to see how selec-trac does here vs 4 hi

Pete Davis says:

That ended a bit suddenly!

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