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My wife finally got rid of her SUV and we got here a brand new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2 Door JL in Hella Yella! I’ll be doing a full detailed review in the coming weeks, but I just wanted to quickly introduce the Jeep to you and let you know what my guidance is for being able to modify HER Jeep! We will be having a lot of fun in this rig. I hope you all enjoy it!


Christopher Derrick says:

hahah my mom got a Red JL rubicon 2 door, i like the get up and go it has over my JKU

Mr.IansteinIsland says:

Ceramic coating for that beautiful paint

Scruffy McHaggis says:

Add a kick ass sound system,maybe add an 8-track player too? LOL

dr zoidberg says:

Wish i could afford a $60k jeep

Joe Booth says:

I can’t imagine the need to do any mods on a new JL Rubicon, particularly if you are going to be out there as well.

Ford Powerstroke says:


E Irizarry says:

Let’s get a review on a good headliner. Meets all her requirements and we can really get a honest review for a headliner.

Thatoneguynamedmax says:


GSD Schutzhund says:

Suprise her. And then ask for forgiveness? I did that with my jeep?
Beware, it didn’t wrk allll the time

Dustin Mittel says:

Do you ever see yourself doing a diesel engines swap on your rubi

229Reaper says:

Women like to be comfortables,so ask her if the seats are good first,lights and gps mount.

Richard Watson says:

Doubt she will be wheelin’ solo so no winch needed. You’ve got that covered. If some rock crawling is in the works, upgrade the bumpers. If not, consider the Vector bar for a phone mount, hand held radio or any other gadgets like solar charger. But my first suggestion is a CB radio. You are going to want to talk to each other to share the experiences as well as provide driving instructions to safely guide her through the obstacles she encounters.

Michael Morris says:

1st Mod take that back seat out haha. Then your wife will have a lot of space back there.

CammieGee says:

Even bone stock her Jeep is badass

Huh G GB Yhg Hi J says:

Looking forward to the “trio” trail run video!

Nick Walker says:

Leave it be

Robert Graffis says:

Body armor and undercarriage armor!!!!!

636 OC says:

This is going to be great! Great channel..

mariodesmo says:

Congrats on the new Rubicon! Whoo Hoo, Yellow! My TJ is Yellow as well. And you know, the yellow Jeeps come with 50 extra horsepower! lol
First mod: lights for added safety, especially since we’re headed into winter and days are dark earlier.
Second mod: Comms, as in radios.
Third mod: A winch if she/you are going seriously off roading.
Fourth mod: Rocker guards if your’re doing mod #3! lol

CDub 1962 says:

No. 1 mod for the benefit of both of you and whole family for that matter; permanently disable the ESS system; stupidest idea ever; I put it right up there with the auto seat belts of the late 80’s where the belt was attached to a track in the door. Dumb, dumb, dumb. We’ll just have to wait for the ESS technology to work its way through the industry and hopefully be gone as soon as possible. It’s pathetic that they are trying to convince the general public that an engine starting and stopping 100 times a day is not wearing out every component in that engine prematurely; can’t change the laws of physics……Oh and by the way, that’s a good lookin’ Jeep.

lloyd bray says:

she likes to shop I would add the brawlee led rear glass light bar they are great they fit jk & JL

Gregor Miller says:

Donovan: You should call it Mello Yellow! That’s Right!

Legendary 1941: The Off-Road Collective says:

Jeep Couples Rule! This is awesome! I wonder how long it will take before she starts changing her mind on lift and larger tires…hmm…although you’re right JLs coming with 33s help that a bit.

nicholai40 says:

I wouldn’t touch it just yet! Let her drive it around for a bit and see what she likes and doesn’t like about it.

Black magic TJ says:

Bumpers Brad…. Winch and Amber lights

Doug Smalley says:

We’ve put over 14,000 miles on our JLU Rubicon that we’ve had since February. Absolutely love it! Hope you guys love your JL, too!

Sofia says:

And. Pro clip phone holder I love mine and looks like it belongs in my jeep

Beau J says:

bumper and winch

jxr006 NJ says:

This is great! Can’t wait to learn via her.

R. McConnell Jr says:

The new jeeps remind me of G Wagons

mark pope says:

Why can’t Jeep design side view mirrors that are not full of blind spots where you don’t have to have them?

brian solliday says:

I seen someone take the yellow and they kept the rubi wheels which I love, but they took one of the openings and painted a color matched pinstripe around one of the openings. Changed the game. Mod wise you already have a fully built Jeep. Leave hers the way it is because it is beyond good enough.

Joe Booth says:

The fascination with Jeep mods has gone too far. John Lopes has a small youtube channel. He got a new 2door Rubicon and took on the Rubicon trail and many other places, stock. He went in places your wife is never going to go if she’s a new offroad driver. That Jeep should be used for relatively mild stuff. Plus, a Jeep that nice, painted as it is, will draw a premium on resale, unless you mod it and drill holes etc. Use the KISS principle here. No mods = no money spent and she will still enjoy that vehicle a lot. Win win.

GadgetGuy357 says:

You should get the new Falcon shocks from Teraflex. The ride quality and stability will be much improved over stock.

sifilmaker says:

Great job.. what’s with all these restrictions. lol after all the great work you’ve done on your JK.. ok seriously, good luck with the new JL. I could tell you that modifications I made for my wife to be comfy in my JK, was 1-accessory plugs for her Ipad and her kindle. 2-Interior lighting upgrade cause she always complained about lack of good lighting, since she’s always late in getting ready she basically finishes on the way. I have 35s on mine with a 3″ lift and had to put in running boards cause she’s 5’2″ and complains about getting in with a dress/skirt..during the summer I take those off.. women and men have totally different views on their JKs.. seems to me like you better clear everything with her or else..

Michael Marion says:

KISS: First Aid, Recovery, Comms

Davidtheinfidel says:

That depends. Did you get the upgraded LED lights from the factory? If not then start there.

Gary Lund says:

Rear seat comes out easy, then you have plenty of room in back

San Diego Off Road & Custom says:

Rock Sliders!! Wish I had installed a quality set of rock sliders as my first mod!!

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