Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander Concept: An Off-Road Mobile Home

( ) The JJeep Grand Cherokee Overlander Concept is a Jeep a Jeep designed to go around the word in comfort. Diesel Engine, big wheels and tent on the roof, this is a custom designed traveling home as Nathan found out when he drove it at the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari.

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Arturo Tomas says:

That overland tent thing looks so nice!

Damein Jomtup Jaywalter says:

Can’t beat the four runner

Mp57navy says:

Nothing a stock 80 Land Cruiser Or Nissan Patrol can’t do. Try again.

terranborn56 says:

I saw a white version of this in Northern VA. Pretty cool.

usagentcyclone says:

this thing  is awesome

Justin Michael says:


Free Thinker says:

What’s the weight limit? I’m about 210, wife is like 140.

Eric M says:

The 285/65 18’s on this Jeep are 32.6 inches.  They’re not that tall but wow they’re wide for this little Jeep 11 inches!!  Was the air suspension bouncy at all off road?  I’ve found the steel setup offers better body control off road, maybe thats just my opinion.

576575s says:

offroad and luxury should be COMPLETELY different trims.. no idea why manufacturers always combine the two..

Ron Antoni says:

I love the color tinting, on those headlights!

Javon Kirkland says:

this i would buy!

CAT Mtz says:

hey folks where can I buy the LED bar brackets for the roof I have a 2012 grand Cherokee and im looking for a curve led bar i would like to placed on the roof and can’t find the right brackets for it . have anyone done this? any advice will be very appreciated

Orc Actual says:

This jeep is about as manly and experienced as it’s designer. Fukin dum

saisandoval says:

Guys I know it’s been a year. But give us a bit more on the review. We want to know more on this great off-roader!!

Gina Fuoti says:

does anyone notice the stacked rocks at 1:53

Eric Peltier says:

like you were out at Monitor and Merrimac.

lookathisstuff says:

I think some of you fail to realize this video was from an event for media people to drive a Jeep. The intent of such an event is not to demonstrate the absolute limits of the product. These events are intended to provide a safe 4×4 demonstration for drivers who may have little or no experience with off road driving.

Anyone who thinks a Grand Cherokee is not a serious offroader, I ask you this. What other vehicle in its class is better off road, safer, and more luxurious? No other American made SUV is nearly as capable. The only real serious SUV competition it has, that I can think of, are Mercedes and Range Rover.

Eli Butterfield says:

I would love to see a Commanche made out of this thing. it’s perfect for it.
Just stick a bed on it after the second row of seats, and it’ll be an amazing competitor against the Colorado, and the Tacoma, and the Frontier.

Seriously. why not??

youran1 says:

Do a high speed manouvre in that think. You will need that top tent, to slider around on. Haha. Crap cars


not much in the way of specs in the review 🙁 pity about that winch. how many would want a winch without front bar protection ? assuming fitting bar work would mean pulling the current winch out.

Complete Asset Building Inspections says:

nothing wrong with jeep but this as an exhibition man if this is what you call 4×4 don’t com to Australia cause your gonna shit yourself

syed moham says:

Hi can someone pls tell me how they manage to permanently increase the ride height by over an inch on a air suspension car??? I’ve got a 2014 overland and was told I will never be able to put 33″ tyres cuz the ride height always cone down to standard height..

fokker34 says:

Why I bought an FJ Cruiser for half the price and built it into something better than this ‘designer’ got paid to fart around with a JGC.

Benito Samia says:

What’s “the right package” for the Cherokee to be a very capable off-roading vehicle?

leadnsteel says:

Too bad it probably wont ever be made just like the new Colorado ZR2 off road concept

UndergroundTrev says:

Didn’t hear one intelligible statement in the whole video. Jeep needs to fire that designer. And I thought the Wrangler Africa was bad…
Air suspension on an overland vehicle? Bad idea. He didn’t know what size tires he had, admitted to putting fake winches on Jeeps, ugh! Those branch risers weren’t even tight, let alone the location of the attachment points. And don’t get me started on the Renegade!
I weep for the future of Jeep! Fiat garbage!

Rigoberto Mata says:

How do you get a job like this?

Dalton says:

I wish they sold them with more ground clearance and bigger tires.

DildoSwaggins says:

i dont care about the offroading, it just looks great

fliping720 says:

I would buy this tomorrow if they sold it like that from jeep.

Dino Muller says:

He said something ” they put bigger tires on it i am not sure what size it is” haha gosh i think he just love to hear himself talking…


I’d love a jeep, but man they seem to be quite unreliable..

fourbypete says:

I love the vehicle, That’s the motor and gearbox I want for my 07 JKU diesel! I’m just about to spend $18000 Aus dollars fixing the fuel system in my Wrangler which is only the 2.8ltr diesel that they came with. Mine had a leak in the fuel system and I went through mud and my water in fuel sensor didn’t go off. So I blew the fuel filter, High pressure injection pump and the first mechanic damaged the fuel lines from the common rail to the injectors and blew the common rail sensors. It’s been off the road for 6 months in total while Jeep Australia ( I won’t mention the dealership) try to fix it. Also, I just want to add it spent the first 4 months off road at a so called jeep specialist repairer who couldn’t fix it then 2 months at a Jeep dealership who are still trying to get parts and fix it. Again, I love diesels and Jeep make very good vehicles, but the after sales support is so bad around here that I may not buy another Jeep, even if they release the new JK with 3.0ltr diesel.

iamjedi06 says:

…i love my 04 grand Cherokee body style!!
,if they would make an srt8 with that same type/body style beefed up YES i’d love it
,but i know they wont : (  i see way more jeeps like mine than i do the new ones (fact)

Shanesho ooo says:

I’d rather sleep in the car. Lol what’s the piont on sleeping on the roof? You wake up to take a pass and you fall out lmfao. Ok people if your going camping, just bring a camper or stay at a lodge. Wtf is this. Lol cool idea? Um put the back seats down and sleep in a safe locked suv or um sleep on top in a not safe tent? Mmmm???? I’ll take the back. Lol so here’s a really good idea for you guys. The back if the seats, and trunk have memory foam type with protective soft covering. Wheels are pushed out or doubled so for once you don’t humps in the back getting in the way. I’d go with 2 smaller wheels in the back to get rid of that fucking wheel well hump. Same on a half ton truck. If they put double wheels 2 by 2 in the back and made them smaller then there would be a full square bed with no humps. Wow , that would be awesome truck. Plus it would just look fucking badass. Plus with extra drive wheels any off road would be no problem. That’s my problem solver.

scott tibbles says:

This guy designs it, and has no clue what the tyre size is but can pansy on about the paint colour?? Jeep needs to get rid of this guy asap!

Penny Simpson says:

I’m a new owner of 2004 grand Cherokee v-8 4wd & starter went out asking info on simplest way to remove & replace starter

dbodett says:

How about showing it climb. Like Potato Salad hill or something…gees. I would take my low riding convertible over what they drove over. I’ll keep my GC for hauling and my Rubicon for climbing

boris edenburg says:


Noah Holmes says:

what kind of light bar is that?

Ryan B says:

I honestly hate the way Jeep thinks it’s cute to make all these concepts without even putting them into production. I know they need to test the prototypes but think of how much money they waste making all these vehicles, as well as tease the jeep fan base with amazing and practical vehicles, only to lock them back up in a garage somewhere never to be driven again. pathetic.

whatSongIsThis? says:

Limb Risers in Moab are 100% the most beneficial mod

Oh-Billy says:

100 teslas lab hot wheels people will know what I’m talking about

Penny Simpson says:

also wondering about the under carriage & suspension heard they have problems? any info appreciated want to be on top of mechanical issues ahead of time ! My motor is still like brand new 113,000 original owner I bought it from! want to keep it that way I LOVE MY JEEP & 4 XING

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