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This time on Dirt Every Day Extra, it’s Tube Sock vs. the Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep! These Jeeps are Fred Williams’ favorites, so where have they been, what are the differences between them, and which one would he rather have for wheelin’ in Moab?

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Nightakula says:


Nick Bowling says:

I’m unsubscribing, this channel has become all advertising for on demand. No way in hell am I paying for motor trends content

mr meee says:

cummins missed the boat on crate engines…. they needed to be where they are now, 20 years ago. unless theyre hiring a PR/marketing ARMY and ignoring CA’s bullshit emissions all together…. theyre not going to sell.

TheMusicLemon says:

can anyone find the typo in the name of the video if you haven’t find it yet I’ll tell you they put two spaces between vs Jeep they put vs. Jeep

Flyanb says:

I used to like what Fred was doing and what this was about. Now they are just peddling shit. Make some cool cheap crap. On a realistic budget. You lost me bro’

iVlog says:

The 2.8 diesel has been available for over 10 years outside of North America

Laurenz Winkler says:

Crop thumb pop igssegk jury fishing plane tent.

M Smit says:

the cummins crate engine with a shit oil pan

Thea Taylor says:

Gate detective cloud move answer visit intelligence defend.

Albert S says:

im almost as upset about this video as i am about the fact that they got ad revenue from me

nicco999999 says:

Is the Cummins crate 2.8 an american made engine or the Chinese Cummins as found in Foton pickups?

phil tripe says:

i tried MTOD and i could not find where to leave my critically important, inane comments…

Dave Lucero says:

I would take summer camp jeep.

Gitsum says:


Ed Clark says:

Atleast the yellow one isnt

Hip Hop Home says:

Nobody wants to pay for 10 min of psycho bable

Ed Clark says:

So they are not jeers.

Logan Lovell says:

I’ll make you a really good deal! You give me one of those Jeeps, but you get to pick which one

JeepinDan says:

Does anyone know what roll cage is in tubesock? I need that cage in my life.

Eric Hurley says:

tube sock all day

Tomasz Ziobrowski says:

tubesock! diesel power

space suit says:

I hope someone steals these Jeeps and go for a damn joy in them, anything is better than what this guys doing.

Connor Hofmann says:

Really? All he did was talk the whole time!

Jordan Ostrander says:

u can get buyisply tiers s

m Cave says:

533 dislikes….that’s a lot good job MT by destroying a great youtube video channel and series.

OlympusHeavyCavalry says:

Whether a SWB or LWB, larger engine, longer suspension travel or even changing the tyres etc, except for the conditions the cars are going up against, they are practically the same and that bores me to tears. However, It is good to know what modifications are needed though. I like your adventures Frederick, more please.

Jimmy Vega says:

why do people get smaller diesel engines in appose to v8s when their only positives are mpg and a miniscule torque increase

theninja001 says:

So is the TJ plated in California? If so, how?

David Pringle says:

How would you guys go about converting a 2wd 1996 s10 to a 4×4

Alpha wolf774 says:

can u guys do a ignition ep on the dodge demon

Wes Beauchamp says:

“Jeep VS Jeep?” Yup these Jeeps really went at it today. Unfortunately they were both disqualified due to never starting their engines. Thanks MT

R Farn says:

You should do a AEV TJ Brute kit to tube sock!

Matt Whitmire says:

So the first one isn’t really a jeep…, go on.

Alfie Wright says:

Junior alive quality necessary pitch safety ballot leave shine.

Rubicon Unlimited says:

can’t wait for Cummins to release a diesel kit for us jeepers! (maybe)

dre04mach says:

Tubesock all the way. Add a pair of street all terrains and daily the hell out of it…

bdrlgin says:

oh so you talked the whole time…

Joseph Springer says:

You guys should keep these extras in the can until you’re ready to follow up quickly with a video of some lengthy rewarding action. We get a concept car video( I was really hoping to see that thing put through its paces instead of a drive off fade out), Avalanche update and now this?!

Gunsight416 says:

Seems people on the comment section have the attention span of a 3 year old.

Xander Turner says:

Thought you were going to drive them…

Marc Venne says:

What fenders are those? I like em!!

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