Jeep Wrangler ’07-’15 Tow Hitch and Trailer Wiring Install – “NeWere4x4”

In this video Laila shows step-by-step how to install a tow hitch and trailer wiring on a Jeep JK. Comment, Like, and SUBSCRIBE!

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xX2kLegendXx says:

She’s cute

Stuart Hunter says:

Now your just showing off.
Nice demo vid.

Harbir Brar says:

Simple and Easy.
Thank You very much.

HOutdoors Henrik says:

perfect! and I agree to remove the bumper. Its easier than lowering muffler. Your method is the best because we have room to use torque wrench.

CreatingWorlds says:

I love how easy Jeep makes it for owners to modify their vehicles themselves. Beautiful machines.

Mandy Malagon says:

Thank you! Simple!

Aaron Conlon says:

I’ve never needed to remove the bumper installing a trailer hitch on a JK. It’s a little tight without removing the bumper, but a bit less work in my opinion.

Thanks for the video, nice detail and pace


Pro vid man! Good to see you back on the Tubes!

John Dondapati says:

Thank you so much. i installed my tow hitch today using this video. You guys rock!

Bill says:

I recently installed a receiver from Quadratec and there is no need to remove the bumper. It is a simple install even it the nuts are not welded in place which was the case on my previous Jeep Wrangler.

Joy Q says:

Thanks your the best!

Juan Lopez says:

COOL!!! thanks I just installed mine without any problems!!

Jessie Musngi says:

Nice Job! Now I can install a hitch kit on my 2012 Wrangler. Thanks to your video!

Infinity 13 Marketing says:

Do you have links for the hitch and harness you used for this install?

Simon Gjebxd says:

What Arme the tire diamansions on those wheels?

Andrew Cooke says:

I think i’m in love

Vic L. says:

Really! You Don’t! have to Remove the BUMPER =-O OVERKILL

Michael Xie says:

thank you for the video. I just installed mine according to your instructions

Quincee 33 says:

Seems very low to the ground.

John Bissonnette says:

i love her

kristina gray says:

can u talk into a mic next time


i just loved how you made it easy fro anyone…. great video..
thank you

gar2161978 says:

Sorry you had to remove rear bumper to install yours. Not sure which tow hitch kit you installed, but the one I got from Quadratec had fixed, wielded nuts. The bolts ran from the front to back with no need to remove bumper. I think the Rugged Ridge kit is like that too. I have a 2012 btw.

Abel Garcia says:

Wow–This was a very excellent demonstration–I was able to complete mine just as easily.  Thank you!

stormingee says:

No need to remove bumper.

Alfredo Galvez says:

Seriously, the best Jeep JK hitch install tutorial on here of the 10 I viewed. THANX!!!

Joseph OBrien says:

Do you think it is necessary to disconnect the battery ground wire before adding the hitch jumper?

VFRMann says:

There was no verbal audio..

Silviu Constantin says:

Thank you for your video. I am installing mine this weekend following your instructions. You sound and look romanian.

Jackyboi 69 says:

You should only hold the tuque wrench by the grip handle at the bottom and cradle the head at the top holding in the middle will give you a wrong reading over tuque the bolts and they can snap and under tuque they will fall off

Ricardo Monroy says:

thanks for you video…I need a hitch for my wrangler…looks very easy.

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