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On the premiere monthly episode of Throttle Out, watch the latest Wrangler news, builds and products happening at ExtremeTerrain.

We kick of this episode of Throttle Out with a 2015 2-Door JK that gets a suspension & lift upgrade to get this thing performing out on the trails.

First off, we opted to put large lift on this JK, and decided on the Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit with Shocks. This lift kit is on the larger side for a 2-door Wrangler but drives smooth and does not have a ton of body roll when out on the roads.

Next up on the install are two suspension modifications. The Rough Country Front Control Arm Geometry Correction Brackets and Rough Country Dual Steering Stabilizer were first on the list to install. The control arm geometry brackets were a no brainer when lifting this Wrangler up 4 inches. These brackets will help to correct for pinion and castor. The Rough Country steering stabilizer will help to dampen some of the road shock, preventing it from traveling up through the steering wheel.

After this JK build take a closer look at some of the most popular Rampage parts on site at such as the Rampage Frameless TrailView Soft Top. This is a fastback soft top that allows you to disassemble the peices and transforming it into a safari bikini top.

In the last segment of Throttle Out we take a look at what you expect from the brand new 2018 JL Wrangler. Check out some spy shots and as well some features that you can expect out of the newest generation of Jeep Wranglers.

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Features Parts:

Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit w/ shocks (2-Door)
Rough Country Front Control Arm Geometry Correction Brackets
Rough Country Dual Steering Stabilizer
Rampage Frameless Trailview Soft Top
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Bryant Scott says:

be careful of the rampage top zippers. They break really easily. just received my second replacement

mykalbee says:

I’ve seen one of the jeep trucks at my local dealer. Its not for sale but it is in the employee parking area. I did get some pics and it looks exactly like the pic of the truck in your video so maybe this is a sign of cool things to come.

SaintRS says:

what about the v8 ? :<

Jeep Life71 says:

RC sucks. And 4″ I don’t need. A 2″ – 2.5″ OME lift is perfect and the quality is second to none. 33″ Duratracs will fit my rig very well. No need for anything bigger. Currently I have a Teraflex 2″ leveling kit with 32 BFG KO2’s. Wish I had waited, not a bad setup but certainly not great either. BFG’s don’t compare to Duratracs and weigh less too.

whiteie 3 says:

not a fan of rough country’s jk lifts at all but i like the videos yall make keep it up

Adrian Stefan says:

man!, why is it so rusty already? you said it’s new…..

Stephan Conzen says:

Haha you can definitely see his eyes wander at those 2 girls running when he turns left. 😉

Joe Tarlos says:

I’ve noticed that on quite a bit of your builds that aren’t Rubicon’s like this Sport Jeep with the 4″ lift and the 35″tires even though it looks good but it’s not really practical for 4-wheeling. I’ve taken my 16 year old daughter who’s wanting a jeep with 35″tires and we’ve gone on some test drives as well as she’s gone 4-wheeling with me in Rubicon’s with 35″-37″ tires and she’s realised the lack of power that these jeeps have without having a 4.10 gear minimum if your going to really do some 4-wheeling or even a 4.56 if your going to be more aggressive or even going to a 4.88 minimum with going with 37″ tires. I’ve noticed on your builds that you really talk about cosmetics for the Jeeps with just talk about suspensions, shocks, stabilizer shocks but you really never talk about gear ratio with what size tires that your going to need if your going 4-wheeling because my 16 year old daughter wouldn’t be comfortable going 4-wheeling with a stock gear ratio with a Sport Jeep with 35″ tires. Maybe you guy’s are just interested in dressing the Jeep up and having a winch on it to pull you out when you get stuck every time. Rather than talk about what gear ratio you should have with what size tires and not getting stuck (unless I’ve missed that video about you talking about gear ratios)…

Batman jeep says:

I think the jl is going to look funny.

B Light says:

speed is a gas V-8 powered jeep. A high torque small diesel powered jeep is far superior.

Adam Austin says:

I think they are gonna screw up the new Jeeps. Sucks cause now when I want a new Jeep in a few years I’ll be trying to find a 2017 somewhere vs the new 2018s


4X4ever JEEP

Jeeper1378 says:

Correction, up front you are only correcting for one angle .. Caster. Pinion angle runs steeper with geo brackets, cam bolts, arms, etc.
4″ is tough on pinion angles regardless, that rear is not going to last long without at min upper arms.
Of coarse once the upgrade to double carden shafts happens then front and rear pinion becomes more important.

Piyush Sharma says:

rough country.. as the name suggests – it rides rough!

Edtweet says:

well, those spy shots are just the standard jeep jk, theyre just testing the new frame and covered it up

sean peterson says:

That ram Eco diesel is a p.o.s.. No thanks

John McGinty says:

what is the best way to go with respect to a 2014 JKUX with an automatic transmission with factory option , front and rear Dana 44s, both with 4:10 factory installed gear ratios, If you use the 4:10 on35s will the torque deminnish? this is also relative to going with 37s? at what time is it time to rear based on my options .

Erik Hoolihan says:

I notice some wobble from that drivers side front wheel assembly at 10:15-10:20. Any idea what that’s from?

luis Soto says:

bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bazooka Fish says:

Anyone else see him checking those girls out at 10:35 to 10:39?

badashanshen ma says:

我希望 更舒适 我喜欢这车的外形

soredem says:

how much are your kits?

DesertRain66 says:

10:39 rubber necking. Lol

B Light says:

If jeep wanted to help in miles per gallon they would free up the front axle and install manual locking hubs. As it stands now, you loose a lot mpg’s because of additional rotating shafts and gears.

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