Jeep Wrangler Overland Adventure and Off Road Tour of Death Valley

Come along for my first time out into Death Valley with my ARB Roof Top Tent and new Fridge Freezer loaded into the AutoEdit Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon for a camping trip.
On this mini overland adventure, I will take you from Ballarat Ghost town and into the very South Western edge of Death Valley National Park and into the beautiful Striped Butte Valley.
Along the way you will get to see a few of the spots I’ve learned about over the years like the Barker Ranch at the top of Goler Wash. That place has a unique history due to one of it’s temporary inhabitants… Charles Manson and his follower.
As we go four wheeling over Mengel Pass and through the rock gardens, you’ll get a look at some of the very exclusive and somewhat hidden cabins way back in the desert.
The Russel Camp and the Geologist’s cabins are jewels situated in remarkable locations in an otherwise sparse desert landscape and are free for all to use but please observe the very common courtesy of keeping them clean and preserved for the next person to enjoy.
We end up at the Geologist’s Cabin which is also known as the Honeymoon Cabin because of how picturesque the little thing is and it’s proximity to the actual “Striped Butte”.
There we camp for the night and listen to the local wildlife, comprising of wild donkeys and coyotes, take turns drinking from the natural spring a few feet from the cabin. OK, that is just a nice way of saying they all make a heck of a ruckus all night long!
I was really happy with the tent and how easy it was to set up, plus it was very comfortable. I brought a sleeping pad but was absolutely fine on the stock pad in the tent.
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zadock vankuren says:

You sir are doing a great job. I love the videos so please keep up the good work.

O Devious says:

Awesome history lesson, if I am ever out there I can pass this info to my kids

jarvie pascual says:

Enjoyed ur content! Subscribed!

Giovanni Rutigliano says:

Amazing channel and videos! You inspired me to get outdoors and overlanding. Just got a 2015 Unlimited rubicon! Question: do you keep the tent up all the time or do you take it off? If so, how easy is it to up/down the tent? Thanks and keep up the amazing work! Giovanni, Sydney Australia

The Traveling Together Journal says:

After spending the rainy season in Central America I am looking forward to some desert. We’re in Honduras now, so of course it won’t be summer anymore by the time we make it to Death Vally. 117! That’s Hot!

Zjenji says:

Sparing Pinto’s paws. Good on ya.

Dwayne Blanks says:

Im a toyota guy but I love your videos keep it up

Mc FruityBooty says:

i remember seeing your challenger vs video years back and youve grown a good amount
im sure youll get thru that sub block in no time cause you deserve it

Geronemo Bauer says:

Great commercial

Omar Aguirre García says:

Did you engage 4 wheel drive?

Kilo Heelo says:

Jason, You’re the bomb. I love your videos and my 11 year old daughter watches with me for Pinto. I get it why you didn’t bring her with you this time. You keep making the best videos on YouTube. I’m trying to build my JK to do what yours does, except in Colorado where the terrain is similar, but different. Keep it up!

phdfxwg Fischercat says:

117 dg. and go camping ? just toss your steak on the hood to cook .

Michael Smith says:

Terrific video! This is one of my favorite channels, I really like your style of editing and presentation. Making this one looks like so much fun! Doing precisely THIS type of trip is exactly what I have in my mind while I search for a decently price JKU (Or new Taco TRD OR). Reality will never meet expectation though, as I live in RI and this type of trip is just not possible unless I drive most of the way across the country. I really envy you westerners for all the wide open spaces you have access too. I was in Moab earlier this year and was blown away both by the natural beauty of the desert, and the vastness of it.

David Drysol says:

Cool video. Were you able to have the ARB fridge plugged in the whole trip without running the battery down?

Montes Montage says:

Sweet video. #subbed

daniel says:

Hey, i have a question: This is a 3.6L Jeep right ? What is the exhaust ? Thanks 🙂

jared r says:

Amazing video… keep the jeep vids coming

Car Heroes says:

Damn dude, I love your jeep so much! I have a 2014 wrangler, also a manual, but it only came with a soft top so I can’t put a tent on the roof! Love the vids!

Javier Prada says:

Great video and thanks for the tour it´s really nice to get to know some history of the valley. Ps: I was wondering, do you carry any safety gear when you do these trips alone?

mkaberli says:

What type of roof rack do you have?

Stuka87 says:

I love that area, shame its a 6-7 hour drive away. And I love the idea of a roof top tent, but up here in the Sierras, I really not sure about having that weight up there. We don’t have much in the way of flat trails or forest roads.

r scofield says:


htweelz says:

Great video! I have been following this build since the beginning since I have a JKU also. My one question. What is the load limit on the top of the Jeep? I keep looking at racks and they all say a limit of 300 lbs. I’m 200 lbs myself and with the tent and the wife I’m afraid we’d over load it.

Peter Allendorfer says:

Do have a quick question on the MetalCloak shocks… Are they still evenly balanced between the top and the bottom? The under-car shot makes it look like the driver’s side rear is no longer centered on it’s travel. That is a failure mode I have heard of in the past, but most people say it’s not common anymore…

Russel Gaela says:

please post more videos because i like your jeep

Alex Yovev says:

Jason you never fail to deliver — amazing video with spectacular shots all around! Looks like you had a great time, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Just curious, what software do you use for your video production?

Kristian Martinez says:

Envious…. I used to travel the desert and find myself in moments like this. Just enjoying the view, peace and quiet.. the journey. Nothing tops it. Now I’m on the East Coast. Pay to wheel in mud and trees, you can’t just “drive” anywhere. I miss the sand. Enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for sharing them!

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