Jeeps playing in the snow: Jeep Week Video # 1

( ) Welcome to TFLcar’s first ever Jeep week. Over the next week we’ll be featuring Jeep videos both on-road, off-road and even on the track. In this first Jeep Week video we preview the upcoming Jeep videos and of course have some fun with the entire Jeep line-up playing in the snow. Are you a fan of the iconic Jeep brand? If so (and even if not) we thing you’ll enjoy the next few days and we dive deep into all thinks Jeep. There’s even a surpass that we think you won’t except. Here’s a hint. What do Jeeps and Formula 1 have in common? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

FYI: The Jeep Week Videos include:
1) Jeeps in the snow
2) Wrangler On-Road Review
3) 2014 SRT Grand Cherokee on Austin F1 Track
4) 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road Review
5) 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Review
6) 0-60 MPH Mashup New SRT Grand Cherokee vs BMW X5M vs Porsche Cheyenne GTS
7) 2013 Jeep Wrangler Snow Drive review


boberson33 says:

torque yes, towing, no.

DoinThupidThings says:

Why do they call anything but wrangler a jeep? Come on, cherokee is an old lady’s suv

Krzysztof Blach says:

very cool video! jeep does not play around. Last time Ive seen you guys did offroad video was the one with LR2s. Sweet blueberry potato-cake!

kirillka says:

im guessing now all jeeps have a BUY IT rating.

Jorge clavo trias says:

Guys you are super lucky

pasenoloco says:

nice video and you were with Jorge Koechlin von Stein a ex former racing driver,that guy has a good motoring TV program for latin america, great roman.

DancinRandy54 says:

i have a 2012 grand cherokee and i love it

Liang Yang says:

what is the name of the first song

keechmabreeks says:

hmm a grand cherokee is certainly built for both and sadly now a wrangler with it’s leather interior,climate control and pentatstar all make it more roadworthy.

counkev says:

Is that Nathan wearing glasses? Never knew. Does he wear prescription sunglasses?

David Malinovsky says:

You need to show more love to the 2 door Wrangler. It’s being ignored

WannabeSS says:

When can we expect to see what the BMW M6 did with launch control? lol

boberson33 says:

No, FJ’s are wider, and therefore less nimble and cant fit in tight spots like jeeps can.

MJ4cars97 says:

but its more expensive than a wrangler and its sickeningly ugly… its soo ugly i think i made a word up! xD lol

Fireball Flavored Pickle Tickle says:

ehh, ill just stick with my FJ Cruiser.

MOPAR2U says:

Is this a music video or jeep video wtf

CatcherOfBass says:

Pssh diesel? I can’t wait for the SRT8 Grand cherokee video to be released.

jandj Godwin says:

guys u missed out Ford Focus ST,midsize sedan and SUV mashup as well

3XICS says:

Will you guys do a off-road review of the 2013 Land Cruiser V8 ?

The New Crusades says:

I would get a Jeep if snow was a factor in Florida…

Roberto Paul says:

What’s the first song called?

icemanroyal says:

love me some jeeps! did you guys get rid of Andrei because he was hogging the limelight from you guys too much? Did you relegate him back to cameraman? Roman and Nathan your both great and can t be replaced so don t be worried, but it was fun to have some levity with Andrei sometimes.

boberson33 says:

because jeeps are world famous for war vehicles, and tackling the most insane offroad courses

keechmabreeks says:

can’t wait for that GC diesel review,keep up the good work

LeilaMurka says:

You guys are very fun to watch!

fivefootsixtriumph says:

As much as I love my Saab 9-3 turbo AWD, I do miss my jeep!

Flash363 says:

Roman was in the liberty…great vid!

tmwall25 says:

man u guys are friggin lucky!!!

hconn says:

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Range Rover!!

newballin says:


keechmabreeks says:

pics,videos the lot.they’re saying they can’t show any reviews till Sunday.

Bill N says:

You guys should test a full sized pickup 4×4 (F-150, silverado/sierra, ram1500 or tundra) on your colorado offroad trail and see how it compares to something like the jeep grand cheroke.

DancinRandy54 says:

im soooo excited for this jeep week!! nice job roman and nathan!

hconn says:

This it old footage!!

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