John teaches Brie how to drive stick shift: Total Bellas Preview Clip, Oct. 12, 2016

Brie says John is a patient teacher.
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Algi Dunggio says:

Who is the nikki bella

Ketan Yadav says:


Bree Jackson says:

My names is bree

Nathan Bender says:

aww that’s so sweet

Zoe Kim says:

It’s like a twin boy swap

Mehraeel Makram says:


Trev Mac says:

old school jeep with the plastic rain mud resistant seats..

Ivan Hernandez says:

This explains why cena left Nicky lol. damn brie like that xD

Jennifer Bosch says:

I think for a sec he thought he was with Nikki

Kedijah Stevens says:

Love u

Jason Moyle says:

To slow down you don’t have to push the clutch in at all, you just have to off the accellerator and press the brake, you only push the clutch in completely when you want to come to a complete stop.

FML says:

*Stupid comments*

Misael Cruz says:

Im guessing brie got the stick later

ComedyClips HD says:

John and Nikki❤️

Hungama channel says:

Wich country

UnboundGodz says:

God i wish they didnt break up, i hate to say it but John didnt love her enough to give her what she wanted… a child. It sucks, they would have been great parents and for all we know, their child could walk in their footsteps one day and join the WWE!!!

ion cristi says:

Y dont think twins should have babies…

Brandon McIntosh says:

she’s shaking


he thought she was Nikki

A Day With Dan! says:

John is such a good person, He has patience, and he had a smile on his face the whole time e

mari alxanishvili says:


Anthony Payne says:

props to Mr. Cena for keeping an old YJ around. Also for teaching someone to drive a stick. Just bought a new truck that was manual and the sales guy asked me to pull it out of the lot because he didn’t know how to.

_________ says:

She is alone in the car?

Kaosi moneke says:

I hate when people say that John and Brie are gonna hook up. Just because John teaches Brie how to drive stick shift, doesn’t mean they’re in love. They’re basically brother and sister in law.

CUEBALL424 says:

Both Bellas are dumb as posts… I wouldnt want to have to teach them how to tie a pair of shoes, much less how to drive. Good luck John.

Adham Waleed says:

Ilove john cena

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