Meet TFL’s New & Topless Long Term 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport – DiffLock Ep. 10

( ) Meet TFL’s New & Topless Long Term 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK – DiffLock Ep. 10

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David Zavala says:

I also have a sport and I’ve been places I’ve never imagine. All you need are 33s mud terrains and you can go anywhere. Sports jks are for adventure lifestyle and rubicon well, if you just want hard core. If you just want to travel everywhere the sport is the way to go. I think jeeps has a cool sport version called Willis that has a 3.73 rear diff with mud terrains. my only regret is not getting a soft top. I live in apartment so I got nowhere to put my hardtop, plus is heavy. Also I’ll put a winch since your are a little more likely to get stuck and if your are by yourself you could be in trouble. Perfect sport is with a budget coil lift, 33s muds, front winch, front LED bar and your set.

Gumbo Thundereagle says:

I’m about to buy a sport with lifetime maximum care if I can verify the warranty isn’t a hustle lie

MetaView7 says:

I felt so much pain every time you drove that old Jeep. Glad you got a new one.

Charlie Cox says:

Ya’ll have some of the best series on YouTube.

Ryan Schwartzkopf says:

What trail are you on in this video?

Nestor Alvarez says:

Where is Nathan????

Pacific Warrior says:

What’s the name of this trail?

Very Bricky says:

Great video.

XJet1982 x says:

What an awesome track. Wish I was there

Ben Johnson says:

Do you think a Jeep Liberty KK could handle that?

Just J says:

Really good video Tommy, have you ever considered getting a drone and bringing it with you to get some nice over head video by doing a fly over of the area your stopped at….

I think it would be really cool to see how beautiful those mountains are and of course the Jeep your in while traversing the terrain….just a thought, it would be amazing to watch.

Great views even from where you were standing!

MetaView7 says:

What is the rear end?

【MÐ】 MعŘÐعl says:

soy de colombia

Noel Ebbert says:

Great series I will tune in

Benjamin C says:

wanna good laugh, play at half speed

Blue Atlas says:

Thinking this might be the Hunkidori mine trail?

alaskan155 says:

guess you traded the yj in?

Gumbo Thundereagle says:

Is the lifetime factory backed warranty real?

3crusade says:

Oh come on, this should have a longer trail climbing video.

xienon says:

Great video Tommy, that trail looks beautiful. My suggestion would be to put a google maps link to that trail in the video description.

Kongmeng Vang says:

Don’t drown that jeep like Andre did to the xterra

Chris Fuscooo says:

321 or 323 gears?

TytheBandit says:

Nice to see more everyday cars not just Raptors and Rubicons.

Castro says:

Not so affordable now haha

crashandburnbirner says:

Step one, remove front sway bar…

hanse81 says:

More ghost town hunting, I love it!
You should check out the channel The Proper People, they are not about cars but abandoned places, maybe you could do a video together.

noobtoob nooby says:

I want a motor mountain tire cover can I get one????

kansaskid6969 says:

What trail were you on?

Isaac Daniel Reyna says:

What color does this jeep have?

John Kaufmann says:

Great looking top.

Thx guys

Joshua Barnhill says:

You keep saying in your videos with this that it will get you “nearly anywhere” you want to go. Other than climbing boulders, where have you taken it or where could you take it where this Sport S won’t be enough? What trail or road conditions are too much for it?

Robert Morrison says:

Congrats on the new Jeep, looks great. Hoping to see more of your buds with the other jeep and 4Runner at some point. It could be fun if either they did more mods or also got newer rigs haha. But either way, it’d be fun to have them back also. It’d be fun also to see you do a trail with stock tired, and then whenever you swap to A/T tired to see the same trail just to note how big of a difference they make, even without locking diffs

Jonathan hettrick says:

awesome jeep!

BlueLineRipper says:

What is more off-road capable, the new Colorado z71 or the Tacoma Trd sport

Chris T. says:

Enough about the top – just one big ad.

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