Motor Mountain Monday: Driving a Jeep Wrangler to the highest road in New Mexico

( ) Motor Mountain USA kicks off with the first Motor Mountain Monday. What’s the highest drivable point in new Mexico? Find out by watching this video as this epic American road trip goes to New Mexico.

Check out where the trip takes us. Learn the coordinated of where we placed first commemorative silver belt buckle.

Thanks to Turtle Wax and their ICE premium car care products with new Smart Shield Technology for helping make the Motor Mountain USA adventure possible and for keeping the Jeep Wrangler looking good! #FreeTheSoul Check out the Turtle Wax ICE system at

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Rick Kridler says:

This is not the highest drivable point in NM.  La Mosca Lookout at 11,036′.  Drove up there last Friday.

Eighty cc says:

My cousin and I took Route 66 last August for 10 days in his 08 JK unlimited all the way from Santa Monica back up to Chicago (the real old Route 66) Williams Arizona was the quintessential route66 town, the roads were horrible, we got lost in the Mohave desert after a blown out bridge made us go down in a canyon and almost died, Slept in teepees… It was awesome, never NEVER would have made it back in a car, washed out roads wild dogs and horses it was the best trip of my life. HIGHLY recommend you guys stick with it! We downloaded an app to take the original route … Let me know when you get to OHIO! I already looked up the highest spot to meet you guys! I’ve got a 95 YJ with a VW TDI in it and an old 76 Willys Mitsubishi diesel J54! Shouldn’t have trouble finding ya!!! I want that BUCKLE!!!!!:) and meeting you guys would be AWESOME!!!! Keep it up!!!!

Dan Howard says:

I arrived at 15:30 hours on 05/02/15. Cache is no longer there. Minor trail damage to my 15 xterra 4x. Have photo proof of location. No fair putting things behind latched gates TFL.

dvillalba3d says:

What do you use to film a Jeep Wrangler going off road?…

Hint, it has a big blue oval on its front.

Dan Howard says:

I don’t think a Renagade would do that trail unscathed.

Jeff Hakes says:

Did anybody find the new medico belt buckle?

Ahmed Shams says:

One word : fantastic

digs1nep says:

So I’ve been 50/50 on your vids but still enjoying what your doing

lrgman1313 says:

not a hard trail at all haha

Donald Valinski says:

How do you guys like the head liners in the wrangler now that you have driven it a while?im considering getting them for my rubicon.

Cerberus says:

Loved the trail, hated the ‘henge.’ That location should be returned to it’s original condition.

Mika Hakinen says:

Great video, can’t wait for the next monday! 🙂

Nicole H says:

Who ever hooked the trl has the power cord dragon

Debra Lazer says:

I love watching you Nate. I can’t believe I haven’t been following you until now!

nathan adlen says:

+zD Lin Yes, the Renegade Trailhawk would handle this road – no problem. Its small size would make it ideal for some of the obstacles. Cheers!

SOMkindawonderful says:

Sorry, this is not the highest road in New Mexico.

Joe R says:

You two should have cuddled…..would have kept you warm.  😉

zD Lin says:

Hi guys, I just wondering the renegade Trailhawk could drive on this old Route 66 rocky part?

turboram33 says:

What was your chase vehicle?

c0boy says:

I want to hear the, “those aren’t pillows” story.

philtripe says:

youve got the north face jacket so now get the north face heavy weight polypropylene thermal long underwear and you will never need a heater

soroush valim says:

Does Anybody know the name or type of that Trailer, Camper ? Dying to know.

John O'Mahony says:

Hey guys. I hope you both bought stock in Jeep before you made this series cause you have surely sent sales through the roof. I love the wrangler and even I’m amazed at what you guys are doing with a stock rubi with a trailer. I can’t wait to get mine! You guys are awesome !

Boot Strap says:

I live in southern New Mexico at 7000ft AND am the proud new owner of a ’16 Rubicon so definitely appreciate these videos. Keep up the good work y’all.

Carlos Fortuna says:

Great video guys… I’m a big fan, one thing I noticed is that you guy didn’t deflated the tires to ensure better grip and prevent punctures!!! I’m a U.S. Expat living in Australia… Your videos bring joy and memories of my old stumping grounds of Arizona, California and New Mexico!!!

John Carrillo says:

beautiful state

MultiPurposeReviewer says:

Wouldn’t a Rubicon two-door technically be MORE off-road worthy than the Unlimited version, since it’s lighter, smaller, more maneuverable and has a better breakover?

cbakerish says:

First off the sandias are in Albuquerque and 2nd iv taken a 2 wheel drive gmc Sierra up that with no problems that hill is not the hardest trail by far in NM

pol1250 says:

I love offroad vehicules….had two defenders and a Series3 but nowadays it just isn’t reasonable anymore to drive one!
Maybe when we get good ev-offroaders I will buy one again !

C Steele says:

those little jeep trailers are way over priced for what they are and what you get.

Eldudderino says:

try a hammock and a tarp by a field in 20 degrees with 15mph wind

ToXicTubeTV says:

What’s the difference between low and high?

Sveken says:

4low and lockers for that, not sure if the video really makes it look that push over or, here in australia you would probably die from our tracks we take in 2H xD

Jollyprez says:

Not jealous – ENVIOUS. 🙂
Would an XTerra do OK there?
You should check out the Australia Conqueror trailers:

landrover971 says:

There’s nothing to call Off road there……I don’t know how much weight is the trailer, but I’m pretty sure my 47 yo LR can take it and it has no lock differentials or sway bars…. disappointed….. I wanna see that Jeep doing real stuff

fred baker says:

I own a jk 2 door and that is not off rd im surprised u even put it in 4wd ill pay for your trip to australia just to show what a stock jeep can do

Chris Mcginnis says:

how bout a link for that pull behind…I love it where to buy it??

RedNeckRusterTales says:

Where can u get a jeep camper at

Mohammad Sadiqi says:

your final episode should be driving at the highest point in the country

royal3880 says:

Wish i could afford to buy that Jeep.

Glenn S. says:

Next time try the road to Goose Lake , outside of Red River. It’s more of a challenge than the paved Sandia Crest road., and higher too. That’s probably the best 4×4/highest road in the state.

Eighty cc says:

Lifted 33s thank God for jerry cans and a winch!!!

Wayfaring Westward says:

I spy the soft top still in the factory shipping in the back.  You know, from the dual top group where the bright orange sticker says it voids the warranty to leave them both installed at once.  The next owner’s going to love that!

Bobbo Morgan says:

How was the mattress in your trailer? Great video as always.

Will Parks says:

Would a trail rated Jeep Liberty 2013 do this

88kmblack says:

Listening to these guys gush endlessly about the wrangler is too much even for me and I’m a wrangler owner.

Orlando Herrera says:

I literally live 5 minutes away from this trail and never knew it was this good of of a drive. I did it today. We actually have a lot of nice jeep trails out here, you guys have to Gome check them out!

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