NASTY 800hp AWD Jeep!!

You may have seen the sneak preview of this beast in our recent “AWD Cutlass” video, we HAD TO show you more of what this AWD Jeep is capable of. Putting BUS lengths on sports cars, and running away from 1000+ hp trucks. This LSx Performance built 800HP Procharger powered AWD SRT-8 Jeep is definitely the full package! Despite the street radials and AWD system, it STILL has issues hooking!   
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adam25000 Jeep stuff says:

race against cutlass and wk. made me poop. their launches o.o

TC Swag says:

I saw a new “im guessing a 2016” srt jeep today and it was pretty slick , black with 2 red stripes on top rear of front fenders .

Matthew Mannix says:

Sic! But time for a new right headlight, no?

Dago Lopez says:

What Do You Mean You Don’t Know If You Can Beat Him?? You Say You Have “1100 Hp”. Shouldn’t You Be Able To Beat Him??

Jackie Gallen says:

this jeep is no joke!!!! I need to race my jeep now… lol.

professorx316 2 says:

U is there only one 1 head light

Scott Phillips says:

That jeep gets down and dirty!!!!

David Telllez says:

that’s one badass jeep sounds great, he could sell that for a high amount with that performance

the real donald trump says:

thats what the 2019 awd challenger hellcat will run like.

Matt James says:

That was awesome

Nick Gregory says:

It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Andrew Fierek says:

what drag time is this putting down?

Cejas G says:

why do racers always do a burnout in the beginning before the race? is it to heat up the engines or something. Sorry just getting into this

Ashraf Zahra says:

Ban that nigga from the track

Johnny M. Ritchie says:

the only way that guy is winning, because it is AWD

Bthecreator1 says:

dirty ass diesel smoke

swagg so smooth23 says:

My girl needs this jeep when she takes her sweet as time at the grocery store and im sitting at home hungry as fuck

RammedSane says:

Nothing can touch it sweet whip

The BlazerSociety says:


Illuminati aqi says:

This is why having bodykit or other things are worthless

R M says:

That’s a badass jeep!!

ThePoolboy789 says:

gas job ftw

Andrei Cîrstenoiu says:

anyway it s a beautiful jeep


Would have been handy if they said how fast the Jeep was running…

Ron Johnson says:

Great video, that Jeep is awesome !


i don’t think anything can take this off the line…crazy fast…wow

squad fam says:

I wish i had the money and know how to do this

N/A Ron says:

Those 6.1 hemis are the best gen 3 hemis out there

Wicked Gaming says:

i bet this gets to the grocery store fast lol

Patrick Hitchings says:

the cutlass was most impressive to me the 1100 though definitely needed a round 2 haha

Loudpvk239 says:

id give him 40k for tht jeep cadh

Aleksander says:

моя любимая ты ли это?)))

Brandon Murphy says:

So you got 800hp with a broken headlight … oh okay.

waiting for doomsday now says:

one eyed best!

Alessandro Buffa says:

I need this jeep in my life

Jordan Broly says:

O_O I’m in love!!!!

Raysaun McLeod says:

Why take out the headlight

B. Chan says:

okay why was he racing a stock wrx?

blowuway says:

your ride is bad ass. who did the engine and trans?

Moe The Driver says:

Always an excuse for losing to a hemi. I love it.

Martini time says:

I just seen that cutlass annoying the fuck out of his neighbors.

Tim B says:

1100HP on that dodge? My ass!

Jordan Shoultes says:

An LS in the jeep?

zedd man says:

Should be called “smoked em”

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