Off-Road: 2014 Jeep Wrangler with Andrew Comrie-Picard on Everyman Driver

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Austin B says:

Nobody ses narly any more

david dykeman says:

Andrew, Canadian? I once saw you on a regular Canadian auto show and thought you were great. What was the name of that show?

Cole Mahoy says:

I wanted to see a video about the jeep…not the tires. But other than that nice vid

TytheBandit says:

It’s nice to see a sport unlimited in this with probably a 3:73 and lsd in the back instead of a rubicon all locked up. Shows what a change in tire can really do for you if your into just light off-roading.

wantsanewvehicle says:

this is just a normal dirt road lol and this is bottoming out like there is no tomorrow

I would probably buy a wrangler unlimited hard top… but they don’t have enough power. Never have..

JBodine67 says:

Quite the gentlemen..Didnt introduce the lady in the back seat.Oh there you go,its Melissa,thanks.
And good review.The driver was well informed and experienced.I always wondered how the Sport model would do,with good tires,and now I know;very well.
The wheel articulation is still very good;and as far as lockers go,unless you go in extremely steep slippy situations;not needed.
The Sport model doesn’t usually come with the good wheels and mud tires.But as you can see,it would be a good investment,and make the Jeep Sport into a real traction hound.
Aso,the Unlimited model with 4 doors is so much more comfy;and the ride is better on the road.Your passengers will be happy to ride out to the woods in the Unlimited,for sure;and,you can take enough supplies and gear for a week.The short Jeep is classic, and better in tight spots,but the Unlimited Sport with excellent mud tires would be the most offroad able,and roomy, for the buck; compared to the Sahara and Rubicon trims.
For a back country drive with the family,on a winter wonderland day,this would be my Jeep.


Title should be changed to BFG review.

Mr. Cairo says:

Shutup about the km2 bfgs already and talk about the JK

D Wolffman says:

The Sport S doesn’t come with the mud terrain tires though.

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

A Land Rover Would Eat This Alive

TheRenata86 says:

Does it chew up petrol?

Michael May says:

I had to stop watching when he said “center diff is not locked”.

Paramvir Singh says:


Ted James says:

He was really pushing the bfg tyres haha

Crw5555 says:

If this is the most you’re going to do, get the trailhawk and call it a day. SUV of most peoples standards with the bonus of being great off road. (Coming from a wrangler owner.)

Tony Bohling says:

It’s a rubicon

Dan says:

Center diff is locked in 4 H

KnightShadey says:

Neither Sport model comes with the BFG MT tyres nor the Rubicon Rims shown in this video. The Willys Wheeler share that combination (although blacked out Rims), but in order to get them on the Sport it’s a special order swap out.
The Sport comes with the BFG Dueller on the old 5-spoke Aluminum 17″ or Wrangler SRA tyres on the steel 16″ rims.

Also stangely you have the Red Rubicon Performance Shocks underneath there (not the standard black), so this looks like a slightly upgraded and non-standard ‘Sport’ model, if people think those two features are standard they might be dissapointed.

Also the center diff on both Command-Trac and Rock-Trac lock for a 50/50 split in 4H/4L, 4L just gives you the low range (Sport and Sahara are 2.72:1 , Rubicon is 4:1) but they are still both ‘locked’ front to back.

While the base Sport has no axle lock, but instead uses BLD alone, the Sport S model CAN be equiped with the Trac-Loc rear axle locker like that found on the Sahara and Willys editions.

Alice Wurpel says:

This was a tire commercial

XJet1982 x says:

That jeep looks bored…

kole726 says:

Is this a tire review or a car review….

Austin B says:

I watched this video to see jeeps and all he is talking about is tires

neettim says:

when does you use 4WD high and 4WD low? 

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