Off-Road: 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4×4 on Everyman Driver

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WVFreebyrd says:

What’s the song at the very beginning of the video?

Thomas Moss says:

and some guy got his stuck out at the beach the other day and I had to rescue him with mine

A Crustacean says:

Pretty sure an old XJ could do better.

MiXxX89 says:

где тут блять бездорожье ?)))))

Everyman Driver says:

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Darren Thorsen says:

Unibody vagina-wagon.

john kendo says:

why doesnt anyone ask about problems with the car, running costs and dealer parts being hard to find.

Leudwig C says:

That is the lamest off-road course I have ever seen! A rear wheel drive sports car could make it through that…

gord clemas says:

Jeep has gone to shit!

Scott Bozarth says:

That “trail” looks like my driveway. I’m pretty sure the wife could have run that in her Ford Fiesta. How about a real off-road test?

William Bregnard says:

Wish they still offered the “Anvil” blue-grey colour. Jeep switches their colour options too much. Good vid and nice to see the Trailhawk getting muddy! Jeeps look better when muddy.

Gabriel Piria says:

I live in El paso Texas and take mine offroading daily to red sands never have I ever gotten stuck and had problems going up real dunes have even pulled out a couple z71 Silverados so if you’re hear saying it’s not offroading capable then you just don’t know how to drive

Old timer says:

They are NOT ment for off road and are no better than a rear wheeled 500.00 beater on primitive roads.

Juan Paulo says:

Hi there I am JP from Miami Florida I’ve got a question has there been any recalls on this Jeeps?


46:1 low range? Those Rubicon boys are gonna be mad with their 4.0:1. lol

lookathisstuff says:

One of the best videos on the Cherokee capabilities and how it works.

Patricia Davis says:

I love my trail hawk!!

Henrich Medzay says:

I’ll take this track to my BMW 3 Touring

Cuong Luu says:

What kind of tires did you use in this review?

423XJ says:

25k for a trailhawk? Wtf are yall smoking..the latitudes are damn near 30k for a fwd version..the trailhawk is upwards of 35+

joseph cunningham says:

This is like the jeep XJ if it was special needs. This is a soccer moms 4 door fiat, not a jeep.

Tommy Mandrell says:

i think my grandmas ford taurus could rip this test track up!

Victor Creed says:

Mall crawler.

TheCalmbrain says:

everyman!! bull crap this is a women vehicle lololol….

Dick says:

Is this shot in Tahuya?

Ambassador of Corruption says:

pornstar look better…

Joshua Lacy says:

How are you proud of this vehicle? Honestly, I don’t care how good it is in all those categories. That car is fucking hideous. And it is a mall crawler. I don’t care. Jeep isn’t jeep anymore.

B Cuz says:

I participated in a similar trial. Lame..staged not intended to push the vehicle as real world off road use would dictate.

William Fortugno says:

instead if bringing it on a completely flat dirt road with a few puddles bring it on a REAL offroad course and see how it fairs!

Michael Miller says:

0:35 Since when was the jeep liberty a body on frame truck? I was under the impression that it was unibody as well. It was a rear wheel drive platform with a 4×4 system similar to that of a truck, but I am almost completely positive it was unibody.

wackoguywatch says:

10:10–10:21….Things you say when you are trying not to say that this car will get hammered pushing it like its a rubicon…I hate when people talk like this,,,because hes not lying about his statement,,,but all that mumbo jumbo about letting the car do what its designed to do is complete bullshit,,,what he should be saying is,,,you dont wanna push this car past its limitations and destroy shit when you dont have the proper mechanical parts for this car to ALLOW you to push it TOO HARD…Yes this car is great and does more than most,,,but the riddles and the mumbo jumbo “let the car do whats its supposed to do”,,is political talk,,,is some kind of word play to go around the truth,,,and i hate that society talks like this on a day to day basis…Its this kind of talk and riddle that makes people believe the madness on tv and the media…WHy cant people just say what they need to say without all the watering down and casual sugar coatings….and what the hell was body on frame about liberty WHAT THE FIDUCK….People will just about say anything to sound good,,,,god dam,,,This is why i hate salesmen…Nothing worse than when you try to lay game down,,,i had one salesmen tell me that he was gonna show the prices of the truck on the dealership computer,,and that somehow i was privy to this information and that hes already shooting himself in the foot by showing me these prices,,jesus i wanted to punch this guy in the face,,,but i guess some people fall for this type of english….its disgusting when people talk like this,,,This is why donald trump is loved by many,,cause he says what we all think. Unlike this asshat who says what the political world likes to hear…i bet he calls gunmen,,,”active shooters” hahahahaha dam sheep…never uttered the word active shooter until a reporter sticks a mic in front of them and suggest active shooters were in the area…

7birchlane says:

Sweet jeep! Good video!

Kyon The MLG says:

I dont care which one or when they do it, but jeep, PLEASE put portal axles on a rubicon or wrangler!!!

stephane l says:

Body on frame truck chassis on the liberty???????? no way!!!!!! so much bullshit on a small vid!!!!! who is that guy anyway??????? the wrangler is body on a frame  never was the liberty!!!!!!

Dustin White says:

Great Video! Thanks!

Beerrunner81 says:

4:56 I have a Liberty and love it. What I don’t love is how hard of gas it is. Now I’m looking at the 2016 Cherokee. Jeep is the way to go. My jeep has never let me down yet. Ford and so on has.

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