Only One Makes It! 2018 Subaru Outback vs Jeep Cherokee vs Gold Mine Hill

( ) 2018 Subaru Outback vs Jeep Cherokee vs Gold Mine Hill: Can New AWD best old 4WD Tech?

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Taz Lee says:

These kind of comparison’s are just silly and not in the slightest bit reliable or accurate in their results. Besides AWD’s arent meant for offroading, thats just it. Don’t expect to play in mud, rutted hills and whathave you. Dont bother getting an AWD if your’e thinking of doing ‘real offroading’. Doesn’t matter what technology they have. Low range, Ground clearance, Diff strength and articulation in 4wd’s will always win over, especially when cars today have such low hanging parts and are all built for comfort

Robert Taylor says:

I have a 16 Forester Limited and have done Switzerland trail among other trails without issues. I think you’re a bit biased against Subaru.

Greg Olson says:

Subaru had crossovers long before the Outback. FWIW my ’84 GL had a dual speed transfer case.

Jim Enticer says:

All these Subaru douche bags complaining about “x mode”. If it didn’t have this shitty technology that won’t last and that is a fad and that nobody asked for, we wouldn’t have this problem Stick with the simple stuff, looks good, lasts long, and unlike this Subaru, you can actually work on older stuff with a wrench, not a laptop

Pro Env says:

He never pressed the traction control off.

Brian Foster says:

These dudes are idiots. Plain and simple…they are counting on viewers to be as idiotic….turn off xmode…give the car some gas…and drive the vehicle with the intention to ACTUALLY get through the rut….

mushroomcloud1 says:

You mean Subaru CVT’s won’t cut it.
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport would make it.
Better All wheel drive and a better CVT.
Subaru is just hiding the fact that their cars are just family wagons for bark eaters that don’t want a Toyota Prius.

giulio masini says:

If the Jeep had stabilizer disconnects, it would have enough articulation to get up that little trouble spot on the first try. If the jeep were made in 93 or Newer, he could switch from 4 high to 4 Low at any point on the trail, even if it were stuck. 1989 to 1991 Jeeps have an older transfer case that don’t allow for that.

Give me a break, nobody bends the unibody on an XJ. Maybe if they remove the doors, you could bend the unibody, but if the doors are on the XJ, the unibody is not going to ever get bent. I’ve been driving my XJ light on Hardcore off-road trails since 1999, and there’s no way to bend the unibody on it as long as the doors are shut.

I’m both impressed with the Subaru, and disappointed at the same time. If the Subaru had a manual transmission, would it have done better, or what it has the same traction issues even though it has a clutch?

If the XJ is a crossover, what defines a vehicle as being a crossover? Is the CJ considered a truck, or a crossover?

gt homer says:

jeep rules

The Fast Lane Car says:

You Can Also Watch The Original Off-road Outback Video That Subaru Hates Here:

Kxng.Of.Gaming 123 says:

Subaru is so much better than a Jeep

Iris Lee says:

International negotiation recession garbage business laugh civil previously resemble appeal religious sex cold.

Rickmbp says:

I’m thinking my 2015 Outback 3.6R would blow right through your tests.

Steve B says:

I wonder if the Outback 3.6R could do it.

Dan Murad says:

You noobs!! Horrible review if you can even call it that. The Jeep can obviously do it, especially with better tires. So can the XT. What you both failed at is TIRE PRESSURE!!! YOU NEED TO BE DOWN TO 15 TO 20 PSI ON MUDD/OFF-ROAD TIRES!


sploofmonkey says:

The button on the far right is the ‘hill descent control’, and shouldn’t be used when climbing a hill.

Alex Budin says:

In this video TC was not fully off. See how Subaru was tested in Russia. Starting from 8:00. Capability is really impressive.

PorNeLiUs HuBeRt says:

seems a tad American.. Perhaps reading the manual first?

vikingnorthgamer says:

To much talking

Amanda Peine says:

I think X-mode is meant more for snow. It seems like it limits power to prevent slipping and doesn’t let you power up a hill in some situations where turning it off works better.

Dale Francis says:

If you apply slight break pressure while your differentials are slipping (peg legging) it will help transfer power to the tires slipping, this has helped me out many times with open diffs.

Stewart Knight says:

Jeep is a four wheel drive, high and low range, subaru is car which has limited off road ability, real test is when it is wet and muddy, good video but not a true comparison

Kamen Paskalev says:

I disagree with some of the statements in the video. The cars are not the same. The Jeep has two big advantages – suspension and angles. Not sure, but on this course gearing is not an issue for the Subie. It is an auto with a torque converter that can give you torque multiplication of at least factor of two. You just need to step on the gas.
As to the awd/4wd systems the Subaru has much better torque distribution system. The XJ is a dead vehicle with two wheels in the air ( open riffs and 231 transfer case). Also, if you test the two cars on slippery roads (ice and snow) the Subary with its electronically control multiplate clutch-based system will destroy the Jeep. I would recommend to the authors digging deeper into some physics books. Most of the comments in the video make no sense. However, it is clear that they have invested a lot of resources, so credit for that.

Matthew Perez says:

Apparently with the subaru running and in drive you can pull the rear lamp fuse and disable traction control. Might help get some wheel spin.

Zachary Smith says:

If you’re so worried about the XJ being unibody then weld on frame stiffiners and some sliders.

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