PIMP MY WIFE’S RIDE – Murdered Out Jeep Grand Cherokee – Motive Garage

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Yes, our WRX is gone and replaced by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Don;t worry, we didn’t buy a bigger boat or get all camper van on you, we wanted to build a bad ass, pimped out SUV it to cruise in, but on a budget. how did we do it? Watch and find out.


xTeeJay says:

Srt would have been worth it


Should have got awd with it though

Javi M says:

wat rims are those

Ckhino Quiroz says:

Are the rims 22×9?

It's just Me says:

This is awesome but realistically doesn’t all this work cost almost the same as the model you love? If not then I’m doing this to my next one

Christian Davis says:

Nice asf

TheSkiingJeep says:

I didn’t know the overseas laredos had options for luxury group II(identified by the headlights)

Jamil Kaine says:

How much did everything cost you in total??

Taylor Cimone says:

is therre a website for the new leathers

theoriginalmungaman says:

You could have bought a slightly used SRT for the cost of labor you put into a “wanna be”

H O IR i IZ O N says:

White is a great colour to go with, I always go black but I think next time I will go white with black wheels!

H O IR i IZ O N says:

White is a great colour to go with, I always go black but I think next time I will go white with black wheels!!

H O IR i IZ O N says:

White is a great colour to go with, I always go black but I think next time I will go white with black wheels!

Tash Aussie says:

any more vids or pics of this car???

r3conwoo says:

still just a laredo. You should have at least got the 4WD version.

Ty Bolden says:

What Did The SRT Pipes Sound Like On The Laredo? Was really looking forward to hearing that in the transformation video…

Matek0012 says:

needs moar supercharger

schrysler says:

you really should give us a break down of how much everything costs.

Josizzle says:

Great Video. I have a 2015 White Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude. I would love to get that matching grill you guys slapped on your baby! Where did you get the red brake pads from? expensive? Are those the same brake pads from the SRT models? Apologies for my tardiness to the pimped out SUV party! I’ll bring a 6-pack of XXXX Gold beer next time! lol

Cristianooportugal says:

You miss the flat bottom steering wheel, now that would make this car even more special

Erik Alvarez says:

hi how much in us dollars did it cost you to do all the changes thanks jeep looks very good

Elrod Jenkins says:

This is a complete waste of money. Most of what they did you can get with the High Altitude model, which I have. This is just ghetto work. Just saying it was much less doesn’t mean it was. In no way would believe all the custom work was less. I feel bad for the jeep.

Tyrone Harrison says:

love the upgrades the black and white is hot !!


whats it like buying the dud of the year jeep?

John C The I.T. says:

you can’t murder out a white car unless you get a black wrap or paint it black, this is a storm trooper!

Dan Goldsmith says:

Did you paint straight over the plastic moldings?

Joseph Kiloh says:

AND is only 2 wheel drive..

H O IR i IZ O N says:

White is a great colour to go with, I always go black but I think next time I will go white with black wheels!!


Looks great good job

Lluminaa says:

You got a v6 jeep just to make it look like the SRT. You should have just got the SRT lol

Robert Ellison says:

you didn’t buy a 4×4? you should have spent your money on a Dodge Caravan than. Non 4×4 Jeeps are the ultimate poser vehicles. And dolling up your Laredo to look SRT highlights the posing.

MJP Skwally says:

This was so much better than the Car-dashians style content that the other car guys are doing. Your presentation style is very professional and personally objective…in my humble opinion, more professional than the either of the -gear shows. I’m subscribed. I hope more people find you! Best of luck.

D. Felix Photo says:

I don’t know what people are talking about. A lot of unnecessary negative comments. Why should he or anyone have to buy an SRT? People have families, everyone isn’t rolling in money I would/will do the same thing with mine. I am not putting on a SRT bodykit or need a V8 (it would be nice but its not practical for me). Just a clean, simple, mean looking, people mover. Especially now you can get them a decent pricing. I think its a no brainer. Great looking ride man. I come back over and over for inspiration.

Gregorio Pimentel says:

But….. its not an SRT…

TheSweetLifeOfBree says:

bad ass

nataku52 says:

nice mods! not sure whenthis video was made but moat of your mods come on the 2015 grand cherokee altitude. its what ive got.

Hoden123456 says:

right side steering looks so awfull…

Alex Missun says:

Awesome transformation. Everyone that worked on the Jeep did a fantastic job!

Martin Munter says:

What model did you end up buying? Laredo? Did you got the trimms on the bottom already white or are those painted as well? I have the black plastic but thinking about to paint them

TheFoxfy says:

You just bought the most hacked vehicle on the road 🙂 I hope you don’t get your wife killed because of your stupidity…

Damian Stevenson says:

hey came across this while researching for my dodge durango and you help out the MCM guys from time to time!

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