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Spolier alert! This episode of Roadkill Extra will give you a lot of info on the plotlines and project cars that are coming up in many future episodes of Roadkill Garage! Be forewarned as you go behind the scenes with Freiburger and the RKG Dog Pack in this episode of Roadkill Extra.

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Noble Puker says:

Where is this? Calif? ..never been. Looks like shit. I thought it was paradise out there. Where are the trees? This looks like desert. A good place to store vehicles though. “Nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there’ has new meaning. Holy crap, its like ‘american hollow’ without the wilderness. …this is ‘Life on the Mesa”

Ryan Perkins says:

So is Steve related to Nick Dulcich?

Piston Matters says:

my cats and dogs do the same :s

Liam Watts says:

Envelope society though physics principal liability piece secure

Sammantha lee says:

would u take 55 dollars for the blue car if u bring to br louisiana ….

RDS Alphard says:

Just leave the bonnet open & bunny/rats shouldn’t hide inside… but rain though

rodawallace says:

You could build a Dart!

Nathan G says:

Crop Duster is currently my favorite car on Roadkill.

Mark Wheeler says:

wherre is the 56 Buick/vette?

James Houn says:

a bunch of cars with faded, rusty paint , no windows, pallets and shit piled up around and in the cars baking in the sun, sitting in the rain, rotting into the ground with no tarps or cover. and your pissed that a dog got on the hood of a p.o.s. little truck that will sit there forever, because no body care’s anyway. Seriously???? that’s what you’re worried about ?

RivieraByBuick says:

vanishing pAint challenger – ahahaha laughed hard

Sir RageAlot says:

” if you’ve been following roadkill garage…” well no sir, i got rental to pay, i got bills to pay, i got no money to pay from something that used to be on youtube before it got sponsored by dodge … such a shame.

TheRedSpyder says:

Monza still around?

Nicholas chip says:

Go Big Joe!

Professionally Irresponsible says:

“We can show you his corpse if you’d like” WTF lol

RocketOgre says:

You guys need to spay and neuter your pets!

wasjunk11 says:

wish i could some thing nice about this….

Shade Tree Trading says:

Didn’t expect to see minitrucks on the farm, thought that was Finnegan’s thing

Scotty Collins says:

Is that Dulcich’s house? He needs a roof bad.

warcheifoflegion says:

Hey if you have to many mopars around there, I will gladly take some over here lol

Nathan Greer says:

I can’t believe this is too terrible to finish watching

UrineNation13 says:

This guy owns shoes !!??? ha

Daniel Cruz says:

no one replace the original roadkill dog bika i miss the barf dog =(

EveryThingOld says:

Big Joe fucked a Chihuahua and had puppies? What a dog!

Miguel Garcia says:

oh man the dart, i would love to buy it and have you guys do an episode with that car.

Habeev07 says:

4,001st like…cool

Nathan Greer says:

Kill this “roadkill” clone

Sammantha lee says:

lolol sell the dogs to sum stavin japanese resturont lolol….jusa kidding folks…..

Jason Guest says:

Aww man, Blackie has a broken hip joint. The femur head slips outside of the socket and spends the rest of life grinding into the side of the hip. That’s why the leg is so skinny.
I’m sure somebody in the area would help out those dogs for free to you, or the internet would.

David Galea says:

anyone know the brand of wheels on the challenger outside? its at 4:16 in the vid

Frank P says:

You can never have too many Mopars

wkeil1981 says:

Here’s a tour of our junk

A_______A says:

D50 project would be fun

Da Mann says:

Years past I used to see Dusters ‘dog-tracking’ like always. What was up with that? Dusters were to my buds pure suckage as far as muscle cars were concerned. Novas were the shit in my day. Why did the dusters seem to dog track so often?

Rob Ketchens says:


Habeev07 says:

10:39 I think that red B2000 with Brownie on it there was a blue dodge ram 50, 2nd gen 87-91′ body style. Those late 70’s Dodge trucks are so cool with that Red D100. MINT!!! I own an 86′ Ram 50 sport with the 2.6. Love it so much. The collaboration between Mitsubishi and Chrysler was awesome. American Muscle

Nedy Ovalles says:

don’t kill the doggy pack.

Βαιος Καλιακουδας says:

7:31 So basicly replace the entire cowl section and all of the outside a pillar metal of the #crop_duster

Lone Wolf says:

hey you should do something with that red Mazda b2200

Ion Racer says:

I hope he said “too many mopars in jest…..” otherwise im done with fb

colonelerotic says:

Turn the Jeep Commando into a prostitute hunter!

1970 olds442 says:

do a show on flip flops faggy boy

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