Quicksand Concept Jeep – Dirt Every Day Extra

On this episode of Dirt Every Day Extra, we join Fred Williams in Moab, where he shows us one of this year’s hot rod–inspired Jeep Corporate Concept Vehicles called “Quicksand.”

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TT says:

5 minutes and 57 seconds of video and about 3 seconds of driving – please reverse that ratio

SlammedHemi says:

Now THAT makes me want a jeep! With a 392, fuck yeah!

Jacob Bland says:


Devin Kiefer says:

to all the people bashing on this it just a cool looking concept that jeep did for fun its not suppose to be practical hell were lucky its a concept that runs and drives

FlatBlackRat says:


fourbypete says:

Thumbs down because you didn’t take us for a run on the dunes.

kluk666 says:

can anybody see anything it this mirror?

Jack Dahi says:

First Jeep Wrangler knockoff that is NOT for Offroad use! But waait is that really true?

Estela Dapper says:

Put some slicks on and take that thing to a dragstrip… Forget the dunes.

Gamma Light says:

What kind of box on wheels can we make next?? Maby don’t….

Ctrl-Alt-Awesome says:

Dirt every few months

Joseph Castengera says:

It definitely had the new wrangler grille

Doug Bourdo says:

Great. Now my wife wants one !!

Mike777 says:

Worst jeep concept ever lol

Louis Costa says:

It’s hideous. Lol

preston121068 says:

Horrible choice to use stacks on the intake. Even if there are filters under them just filling up with sand and water will assure some contaminates get through to the engine… Other than that, it looks kickass.

Brad Carroll says:

I wonder if they properly adjusted pinion gearing in front/ rear diff to compensate for different tire sizes. If not, bring a bucket to carry the pieces of transfer case home in.

Raul Visnitchi says:

I don’t like fake things.

Mads Svendsen says:

parental collection modify construct license often suspend drain.

George Dillon says:

You should’ve called the show Dirt Every Day Every Day

mussell nz says:

how do i find moto trend on demand

SunlightSomeDay says:

Literally no one thought that winch was a fuel tank https://youtu.be/VSBxW5Us-AQ?t=190

Good to see this channel now brought to you by FiatChrysler .

Jason Brown says:

Talk, talk, talk….. Jump to 5:06 to hear it run….

Who said that ? says:

Oh Fred… they already made One and your driving it ! But will they ever make another one ?

My Damn Channel says:

Honestly I’m not impressed at all. It looks cheap and poorly thought out. I say stop letting pencil pushing, tight Jean wearing, metro sexual, man girls have any input in designing anything Jeep.

Ryan N/A says:

Would have rather seen him drive it around than talk for 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Gay.

jaylen rodriguez says:

Holy fuck five foot eight?!?

MrMrsregor says:

it is kind of neat to see big car corporations playing around, spending time, and money on these “concepts” that will never be produced, but that is also driving up the cost of the cars that are produced

Spencer Gorringe says:

I’d have it !
Just  pop in a  drag spec Demon motor though . I’d go retro gasser !
Pop on some piecrust slicks ( Yeah , no grip…. )
Spindle mounted twelve spoke skinnys up front and put it on the drag strip (with a proper moon tank & ‘schute  though !)  
Oh hang on this is for off road stuff . oops ! LMAO

Bob Ordewald says:

seal them both and make it a true super cab!!! less passengers less whining!

slickkapone says:

The actual design is all over the damn place. Motherfuckers just threw some shit together and said “Concept Truck”…

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