She Crashed My Jeep

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Sad Song by Danijel Zambo

Fun Song by Ben Murray-Smith



fromthawell says:

It is a nice house from what I have seen, but you got to do what you got to do.

Peter R says:

It seems like Candice’s mom follows them everywhere. Is she an overbearing grandma/mother in-law? She’s in NY, then she’s in CT, though she’s never in the car, so she must follow them around on the train. She’s always just around the corner, trying to control Francine’s upbringing.

mike jones says:


Johnny Bean says:

Stupid oblivious bioootch

Mickey Vlogs says:

im a new NYC vlogger thanks for the inspiration Casey

Ιωάννα Φασούλη astalavista15 says:

I wanna see more of Francine doing the noise with her mouth and your hand.

Constance Tryon says:

4:06 is my favorite

Mark Hernandez says:

nice jeep, is it lifted, what size wheels and tires.. looks good

Last First says:

its cool seeing places you know, portchester, new ro, and then the mcdonalds in the bronx

Kristen Liu says:

LOVE Owen’s car
old bmws are the best

Fidel Guevara says:

buncha rich bougies

Amrit Dhariwal says:

what is the red thing in front of the jeep

MHTaylor says:

For some reasons, this is one of my favorite Vlogs.

Elvis Best says:

my home state awsome

Jermin Sanchez says:

Damn Casey ! 😀 You drove a 90s 5 series E34 ! 😀 How dope! That was my first car 🙂

Zachary Foster says:

the poor kid lol…. if he’s any thing like you casey he can roll with the punches

Cyril Varghese says:

Hey man when and why did you move from New London?

Dylan Happel says:

YOUR JEEP IS A MANUAL? mine is too!

Th3 Doctor says:

How much do you want to sell this house Casey ? just to ave idea when i move to US

Lucas Daignault says:

The car magically rolled forwards and hit the BMW. AKA Candis didn’t put on the parking bake

CraftyCat05 says:

Poor Casey can’t get a Cinnabon, i cri everi tim

Matt Donofrio says:

1:42 lacrosse Casey? I approve

jaim haas says:

Playing the baby trumpet with an open mouth—always a favorite for me and my three kids…..

Jason Beltran says:

Why are you selling the house? Keep the memories going!

mike pope says:

Really? You just wasted seven minutes of my life

Gonzalo Simon says:

that kid is a fucking robot

Ramsey Busting says:

I would love to fuck a dolphin right in the pussy

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