Tech Check: 2020 Jeep Gladiator get special off-road features in Uconnect

Jeeps have gotten pretty techie these days, and the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup is full of technology that would make your grandpa weep.
Read the full review –

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Brad Last Name says:

Did Andre sell his truck for “frank”?? I know he mentioned getting rid of the good old Chevy in another video.

Andrew Kupniewski says:

Mr truck

RussianBear001 says:

It’s beautiful! My dream car! (o_o)/

Reg Sparkes says:

Well, I don`t hate it, I think it`s a wonderful vehicle!

Michael Evangelista says:

I’m surprised it didn’t break going up that rock

Mr. Cairo says:

Will it still feature in videos? You didn’t keep it very long? Also, what became of the green YJ sahara?

Gene3067 says:

Congratulations Nate!

Jon Dize aka DIZEMAN says:

Where can I find the follow up Hummer Moab video?

Paul Jamieson says:

Who buys these discontinued boats anymore??
It’s not a Hummer, it’s a Dummer .. lol

Metalbass79 says:

Wait! You got rid of the Raptor (which I’m still sad about) and now this? Hmmm……… something big must be coming to replace them, right? Also, I’d really like to get at least one of those TFL window stickers. Please make them available for sale to the public….along with TFL hats.

Ryan Martinage says:

I went on a Hummer tour in AZ. They took that thing into some interesting places. It’s what got me into off-road.

Stuka87 says:

Andre loves the thing, so would not be surprised if its him.

Tim Fox says:

To catch Møøse & Squirrel … you must be cunning like Coyotes

Operation Life says:

Tommy…. PLEASE stop yelling at us… PLEASE!!!

Goatranch Gaming says:

Nathan say’s Hummer h2 don’t care

smoke omega says:

I was looking to see what you did to it mechanically cause I have a 2005 h2 it’s even that same color, and parts are harder to find nowadays

Honda Man says:

Can’t be Tyler. He only buys hoopties. Well he used to anyway.

Ricky Rodriguez says:

Andre ????? Has to be lol we know it’s not Nathan !

Larry Queen says:

I’m glad you guys like this hunk of junk. You should get an 80 Series LandCruiser and build that out. Now THAT would be fun to see.

jedironin380 says:

Almost giving you guys s thumbs-down, because I was hoping for The Adventures of Frank this summer… but I’ll hold off until we see who bought it… maybe.

Trollanasscopy says:

just bought a yellow h2 because of these videos

Robert Holmes says:

U connect FCA-CRAP!

Matthew says:

If I wasn’t gay, Emme would be the kind of girl I’d date. Sexy, chill and fun! Haha

David Gutierrez says:


Chris Plank says:

Placing judgement for the 83,504 unread emails! JK!

duggydo says:

Arnold schwarzenegger bought it

Kam Ran says:

Em loves a radio preset..

R Collinge says:

Nice review Emmie.
With all that tech I might need a codriver so I don’t drive over people in my way,ha,ha.

6806goats1 says:

Only hated by city slickers. Wouldn’t mind an H2 in my stable.

RangerNation says:

You should get a Land Cruiser , 4runner or a Montero. Cheap and really good of road.Or a really nice Ranger I have one and is a monster off road.

04041991nai1 says:

All I could stare at was her lip herpes

julius jones says:

Sexiest WOMAN on the YouTube @

Jon Todd says:

Selling the Hummer? And that Rapter? Now I can’t make any more bad jokes about “The FAT Lane Truck.” Where is that sad face emoji?

John Sotomayor says:

4wheelin’ and dealin’ guess it’s Andre’s truck and Tommy’s Wrangler that’s next on the sale lot.

cleveland53015 says:

Can’t wait for off Road Vid

Brad Diekow says:

I bet Andre bought it!

Danyal Umer says:

Shots fired at Doug Demuro

Mr. Cairo says:

More Tommy, Nathan and Roman. Awesoms vids.

brandon wright says:

Why hasn’t romans son been replaced his voice is so irritating I’m sorry lol it seems like his education on vehicles is limited to books and not actual hands on knowledge of taking vehicles apart. Long live the hummer.

Retired AF CE says:

Is it Andrey? He is pretty special.

Nick Bradburn says:

Going all in with Elon Musk.

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