The Final Retractable – Junkyard Gold Preview Ep. 6

In this Preview of Junkyard Gold Episode 6, Steve Magnante unearths a 1959 retractable Ford Skyliner that is dangerously close to its ultimate end…the car crusher.

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Rick te Kronnie says:

Ford wasn’t the first: 1936 Peugeot 402 Eclipse

joe Schlotthauer says:

The cut up R/T would make an interesting story.

Garret Hoffman says:

omg, its the original hard top convertible… be still my beating heart… =p

MazdaPride89 says:

I feel like I haven’t watched a Roadkill in forever…

uhfnutbar1 says:

land mark car wtf ? more uses full as land fill

dangerous toys56 says:

its a shame indeed, i suppose since most the stuff is gone , why not upgrade it to new stuff? parts would be nonexistent to go stock again.
efi big motor, air or hydraulic rams for the roof.
just make it all look stock outside.

Mercmad says:

Peugeot invented and built the retractable hard top…Before WW2.

Russell Mostrom says:

I’d leave that yard depressed!

Martin Nercessian says:

Peugeot 402 Eclipse was earlier.

resuohmas says:

That is a awesome car !!!

Simon T says:

“the engine is in a pretty humble state of tune” yeah I’ll say so, not much compression!

Osman Ahmed says:

The romance of looking at junk beauties and imagining a restoration is priceless! Let’s get more old cars on the road. Especially in the US because you guys have a history of old car culture. Keep it up. Love from Toronto, Canada.

Daron Craig says:

I see the view count is way down. A few thousand there a few there. That’s our middle finger back to you motor trend. Eat a bag of dicks.

Conner Furey says:

Bring back roadkill!

Michelle Madden says:

This channel is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Marinier says:

Love these episodes. Hate that they are all hidden now mtod!

Robert Duke says:

That purple Challenger r/t next to it had a custom removable hard top too ouch!

FlankyFrankie says:

lost all interest when you greedy turds left youtube

Jok3r Jaméz says:

Love these part yard videos!

Julius Jones says:

What happened to this channel? This channel has made a turn for the worse.

J.P. Craven says:

Dead wrong. French car maker Peugeot made the D’Arl Mat, based on a Peugeot 203 in the 30’s, which had a retractable metal roof….

sr2Xvet says:

put more episodes on motor trend youtube. its bs that you dont upload any more. im curious how many subs have you lost? this is your bread and butter and your lossing your grip on your fans.


When I was younger my backyard neighbor had one of these. I’m 63 years old now.

draggeeks1 says:

bring back road kill

lemmonsinmyeyes says:


Jeff Hyde says:

Now that’s a show I’d watch! Interesting and informative! Cool host too, he’s awesome on Barrett Jackson!

Michael Begay says:

I have a 1971 Firebird for sale in New Mexico, to rebuilder only no middle man and low ballers.

Malo Garcia says:

Impression estate seed urfphdd client why receiver event wind create nut.

Furry Cutethings says:

Clickbait channel. GTFO

손정민 says:

Awesome thanks

fanghicheck says:

friend had one just out HS , no video of 69 Z 2/8 ?

wyattoneable says:

I enjoy the history, thanks.

Spook Ops says:

It’s all electrics motors. They never used hydraulics.

Tracy Goodlett says:

I Hope this channel Dies

Ozzstar says:

Thanks for the tour Steve. Years ago I always enjoyed watching the the television auto repair show you were on before YouTube came along. Now I make my own repair vids on YTube. 🙂 Inspiring.

Baron VonFrankenstein says:

Reminds me of Retractible Ralph from Detroit

AKA Wireguy says:

Nice presentation. Well done.

First Last says:

Motor trend has become another generic clickbait channel luring you in with quality stuff just to cut it off and make you pay $.

Bill Murray says:

Maybe the ugliest car ever made!

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