Watch This Before Your Buy A 2019 Jeep Cherokee: TFL Expert Buyer’s Guide

( ) Watch The Before Your Buy A 2019 Jeep Cherokee: TFL Expert Buyer’s Guide

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max says:

That 2.0L looks like the engine out of the Evo X………..

Abraham Asfaw says:

Grand Cherokee is way doper

Paul Fody says:

definitely the Overland with the skids

Chris Dahlquist says:

This vehicle has a VERY low death rate — at 0 as published in this article.

wax333 says:

Why are jeeps considered terrible cars outside of america ?

Earthling1984 says:

Jeep has really gone downhill.

wisdaniel says:

You need to stop using the names Cherokee and Grand Cherokee interchangeably. They are different vehicles. This is the Cherokee.

robinsonmac says:

A vehicle with 56:1 crawl ratio & a rear locker? that is a not a AWD but 4WD.

Matt Caldwell says:

the luxury group also adds carpet in the trunk area on the sides instead of plastic. I just leased a 2019 limited with the lux and tech group and am very happy with it.

Gerard Trigo says:

An SUV without 4X4 and off road capability is just a renamed station wagon and who wants a station wagon?

headcas620 says:

here’s a guide: don’t. crossovers are trash

dynaflow74 says:

Very detailed, thanks! Looking for the 2,0L Limited in grey.



JuniorFan08 says:

I leased a 2019 Limited V6 on May 23. It has everything I wanted, so far so good. Have driven it about 1200 miles. Really like the adaptive cruise and can’t wait to use the heated steering wheel this coming winter. It drives and rides nicely. Only gripe is the 9 speed auto. It is quick to upshift and slow to downshift. I would think with 9 speeds it would always be able to find the right gear. My second choice was a Ford Escape but it was a 2018 and a 4 cyl. The Jeep was actually less money. A good friend of mine is a service writer at the dealership I purchased from so I know I will be taken care of. He said the 2017 and 2018 have been very reliable but to stay away from the 2016 and older models.

EElectric_M says:

All new cars are cheap and ugly.

Michael Oehler says:

I purchased a new 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited a couple of weeks ago. Mine is equipped with the new 2.0 turbo 4. It performs well, and coming from a Chrysler 300 with a V6, this engine is a lot more athletic, it does have a slight lag when it is first engaged, but not horrible. My only comment I would make, the engine is slightly noisy during acceleration. The turbo also prefers premium fuel so if you don’t want the higher fuel cost, then I’d say go with the V6. But, the 4 cylinder seems to be more efficient and returns better gas mileage. I am very pleased with the purchase. I reside in the upper midwest, where it is very cold int he winter and we get a lot of snow. I look forward to the 4×4 that Jeep is know for

On a side note regarding the negative comments about FCA. This is my second FCA vehicle, and honestly, it is probably the most reliable, and well built product lineups I’ve owned for vehicles. The absolute worst car I’ve ever owned was a 2009 Honda Accord, so the imports are not the miraculous perfection people assume.

Prairie Off Road says:

Trail Hawk in Olive. My buddy has a 15 trailhawk that we lifted 2″ and trimmed pinch welds, added adapters and is now running jk rubicon rims with 255/75r17 BFG KM tires. thing is sick and is running bigger tires than my Frontier for now. And My PRG lift gets here for 3″ front and 3.5 rear(when i get a RTT over the bed I’ll need that extra half inch) and will be running 33s. Already out drove some jeep owners on some hard trails in the Alberta Rockies so we will see what it will do when I’m not running 31s

Rodd P. says:

Well-done review. Would be helpful if you had more photos (even if they are stock photos) regarding the interior when you are detailing some differences in trim and options. That said, really great review and very thorough.

CPUspeed says:

Simpler than 2018? Still need an expert like this guy to analyze the models and options.

Piersandro Mannino says:

I wish they would offer the 2.2 diesel that is in the european version. Plus a 6speed Manual as option would be nice

R. Ben Barthelme theautojunkie says:

…just say there are 7 trim levels…

Rodd P. says:

Have had a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk since new. Every single option minus the ventilated seats. Has been awesome!

Downside: Although it was covered under warranty, the entire driveshaft needed to be replaced (OEM) at about 30k miles. Also, the rear-axle seal rusted around the edges, causing it to squeak (at about 25k miles). This was replaced with new OEM parts under warranty, too.

Other than that (and after several software updates for the 9-speed, which did help), my TH has been bulletproof. The 3.2 VVT V-6 has power, and a throaty exhaust note.

FCA has done one hell of a job with Jeep. FCA realizes the value of the brand, and has poured money into it. It shows in every way.

Jeep is no longer the DaimlerChrysler — or Chrysler — of old. It’s a true, high-quality brand with a solid product.

When you want ruggedness along with a capable, high-fun-factor machine, let’s face it — most signs point to Jeep. In the past, one may have steered clear, though, due to what we all remember … how often they broke or had constant problems.

Jeep is no longer that type of “Jeep,” so to speak. The stuff now fuses ruggedness, practicality, luxury, reliability and quality.

Having said that, I would have expected the drive shaft to last a hell of a lot longer. But, keep this in mind: Jeep really rushed the 2014 Cherokee out the door in late 2013, without fully vetting it. The 2015 largely was identical to the 2014, other than the V6 getting start/stop.

So, if you want a Cherokee, 2019 is the year to go to … we are now only two or so years away from a full, ground-up makeover. So, the 2019 is now a fully refined (and refreshed) current-generation Cherokee.

Matt Olfson says:

4:55 Wait wait wait! A *different* 9-speed transmission? There’s a transmission out there for the Cherokee that *isn’t* that troublesome ZF? Well *that’s* worthy of a video onto itself!

Jesus Villalba says:


Stan Fishman says:

Recently bought a leftover 2018 Lat Plus with the Cold Weather , Trailer Tow , Comfort Convenience Group and 3.2L V6 4X4. Added options included the Panoramic sunroof, 1 year free subscription to Sirius XM. All this as is on the lot. Unfortunately it did not come with the Technology & Safetytek Group. With rebates and sales discount pricing ($8000) I drove off the lot for just under $30000. Love this Cherokee and glad that I didn’t wait another year for the 2019 .

Yousef A says:

Xj or bust

yo moma says:

its a redesign isnt it?

theodorekell says:

Cheese… bad in any trim

Brandon Hogue says:

I picked up a Trailhawk Elite V6 with towing and safety tech. Was 33,000 out the door. I looked hard at the L attitude Plus V6 with AD2. Finally decided I really wanted vented seats and adaptive cruse with a bit more off road. I’ve put almost 4k miles on it in around five weeks.

Alan Iverson says:

I have a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. I love the vehicle and absolutely hate the stop/start technology. My friend told me that it’s now on his Ford and I see the 2019 GMC/Chevy Silverado will also have it. I had a 2013 Toyota Avalon hybrid and it was seamless from electric to gas. 5 years later…… I have a new vehicle that has this terrible stop/start technology. It changes your driving habits and you will soon learn how often you will turn your car off and this thing auto resets. You will start taking your foot off the gas at intersections to make sure your vehicle doesn’t turn off and you will then take your eyes off the road to see if you turned the dumb button on.

I will either need to go European or back to Toyota as they mastered this. I can’t tell you how much I hate this feature!

Tommy J Moore Sr says:


UN4GTBL says:

I have a 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite with the 3.2L and every option expect for the speaker package and black wheels and love it so far.

A Yates says:

Am I the only person who hates Crossovers?

David Wargnier says:

test drove a limited with 2.0 turbo, the sob is fast. the nascar front bucket seat are too narrow and uncomfortable for me ,had to walk away.

Chris John Michael says:

I would never buy a piece of crap fiat.

Commander Erik says:

4500 LBS tow group, is it enough to pull a mid size RV trailer?

John Gray says:


Jeff Wiles says:

I just bought the 2019 trailhawk elite with the v6 and loaded with every option except the rock rails and I love it. Its firecracker red.

Mike Anderson says:

I think people are still burned from the 2016 & prior versions of the Cherokee. From what I’ve seen on Consumer Reports, the 2017 and 2018 had above average reliability. I’m guessing the 2019 would be the same. That being said,I’d probably buy the extended warranty on this.

Ny Marie says:

I would get the exact same one you would get I love that color


Transmission PROBLEMS……..

Slickpete83 says:

can’t believe even in 2018 people are still buying Jeeps / FCA automobiles know the history of their shitty build quality , definitely not worth the risk !!!

Colorado Biking says:

I’m currently debating between the Trailhawk Elite (with Tow group, Tech group, speaker upgrade and black painted wheels in firecracker red) and the Overland (with Tow group, tech group, underbody protection). Need to test drive to see about 2.0 vs 3.2 and also how much off roading I plan to do (no rock crawling but creek wading and rugged dirt tracks to far flung trail heads). I’m in Boulder so I’m guessing the Trailhawk Elite is the better bet for Front Range trails. Perhaps I’ll take it up Gold Mine Hill? LOL.

Jason Smith says:

Great breakdown Tommy! It’s more money but I would have to go Trailhawk. Any chance we can get a similar breakdown for the Colorado lineup? Heart says ZR2 but….

cr1138 says:

Cherokee has been neutered

RoseMary Allen says:

I love my 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite V6. Fully loaded. It’s awesome. I upgraded from a 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk V6. The improvements on the new ones are great.

Amerigo Vespucci says:

How long before it starts to fall apart????
10k, 20k or 30k ???????????

Blakehx says:

Looks nice thanks! What if I want a hybrid SUV?

Delvin Paul says:

Overlead and plz do a review of Toyota Highlander 2019 rav4 limited when it’s out and then lastly the Lexus NX300

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