Week to Wheelin’ 2018 – ’97 Jeep TJ | Day 1

On Day 1 of Week to Wheelin’ 2018, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road started with a ’97 Jeep Wrangler TJ and completely gutted everything under the frame. We took some time before the build to coat the inside of the tub with Durabak liner, installed a slip-yoke eliminator kit from Advance Adapters and then began mocking in the control arm brackets for the MetalCloak 4.5-inch RockSport Edition long-arm suspension system which features the company’s Lock-N-Load radius arms. A lot of progress was made, and we are going to keep wrenching so this Jeep will be trail-capable and able to ‘wheel by the end of the week.


Michael D says:

i have that same tj even color…sitting here watching it and wishing it was my jeep

Grant Crawford says:

I have a jk and tj is much better

Jordan Cousland says:

I’m just here for the “I’ve been running 35s on my stock Dana35 for years and I wheel the snot out of my rig!” crowd. ENTERTAIN ME!!!

Jon Han says:


Eric Schmidt says:

11:59 those background flips

destro513 says:

I have never changed to a drop pitman or transfercase and never had an issue

2010GT500 says:

TJ is the only one to go with. Every wrangler there after is garbage in the reliability department

roderick mchardy says:

thats good ,, i hope it is not just going to be another bog 4″ lift with minimum stretch , ( everybody and their auntie has done a vid on that ),,, go radical man,, big big big stretch …over nuckle , pitman , hydro assist , fuel tank , the lot ..

Satrio Sukarno Atmosudirjo says:

Theese TJ’s cost around $40k or more in my country they are serious collector items

theninja001 says:

So, I pay for Motor Trend online, and this isn’t on there…..what gives?

Jose Morgan says:

“Hi end Jeep”?! Obviously not real jeepers…..

Stephen Novotny says:

Very nice jeep I love this jeep

Hubjeep says:

Wow, a 21 year old rust-free vehicle! Not happening in NY!

brett says:

ur suspension & axles are worth more than the entire jeep lol

Nicholas Brandt says:

lol even if you can afford an 07 and up jk, that tj is the better option, put the money in it. By the time you get a JK to even be as dependable as that tj, you have done axle swaps and engine most likely. That money could of been used wiser.

Jacob Whittaker says:

To be perfectly honest, this jeep has the better motor and has more potential than any new jeep.

Fuzzy_Belvedere says:

Rampage bumpers?!? …cause there isn’t enough rust on the TJ *face palm*

Cudaman2 Formula says:

I actually prefer the TJ

erik hughes says:

I’ll take those axles

Ben Kornbluth says:

Get your Orange (or any other color) Durabak Bed Liner at Durabakit.com

KYoss68 says:

Where’s Pewe?
Where’s Fred??

Nick Lins says:

I enjoy my 2000 TJ Sport…..but this looks way more than these jeeps are worth…..cost??

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy _z says:

I didnt know jeeps came with carpet.

2002maniac says:

More full YouTube vids please! I will not watch MTOD

V8AmericanMuscleCar says:

Nice project!
I like Jeeps especially from 80’s and 90’s!

Matthew says:

Oh hey, that SYE looks familiar, sure is easier when you take the transfer case off, and alot easier when you’re not fighting 20 years of new york salt

randall jr Benoit says:

You did it wrong bro …. 60 grit if you want it gritty go with 40 grit smooth go with 80 grit primer filler can fill in up to 80grit scratches and YOU WANT it gritty so 40 grit 30 grit if your not touching it will 80 grit if youll be touching it alot i prefer warn down 60grit lightly after the 80 grit it adds the right amount of grip …. always do 3 or 4 coats of BedLiner ! Also its paintable so no sanding needed if you want it to last regardless of color you need clear coat or it will oxidize!

Hubjeep says:

I haven’t been wheeling since the “new” JK’s/JL’s have been around, but I imagine it’s a douche-fest. Back “in the day” we actually modded instead of just bolting on.

StormLaker1975 says:

…..because your average home mechanic can just afford all these pricey accessories all at once, smh.

Steven T Hun says:

I dont like the guy with the gap betwen his teeth!
He didnt prepare or key the surface before painting!

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