Willys Wagon Preview – Dirt Every Day Extra

The red 1961 Willys Wagon is getting a refresh soon, and on this Dirt Every Day Extra episode, Fred Williams gives us some behind-the-scenes scoop on what he has and what he’s doing to it.

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Scott Lesley says:

does anyone have motor trend on demand? and is it worth it?

TiMmY3761 says:

Fred bore out a 4.0 to a 4.6 make something cool

Everett Leonard says:

my uncle had a 48 willys pickup back in early 90’s He swapped out the strt6 for a ford 302 with a mild cam… it snapped both axels several times.

BadLogan426 says:

Great to see the good o´l red wagon again 🙂

honda lover24 says:

ah should put one of the new 4 cylinder cummins crate in it

GA Drache says:

what happened to all the dirt every day eps that came out all the time?

HKM _ says:

A Vortec is not a LS

SLFYSH says:

That engine with the stock drivetrain is a mistake. Stock drivetrain is fragile

fuzzy wuzzy says:

thank you for putting a propper engine back in there

redneck klippan says:


das hasguns says:

Less power? What is wrong with you.

imbadwrench says:

Id love to see a well thought out inline six swap…. would you consider building a 5 liter stroker inline six?

Steve Botkin says:

Can’t wait to see the main episode. I’m building my 62 Wagon now with all modern drivetrain and frame.

Dave Lucero says:

Yeah I would keep a LS in it. Better fuel mileage you can put A/C in it more power than a 4.0.

Doug Bourdo says:

That sounds like an awesome project Fred. Kind of a Resto-Jeep. Relatively modern, reliable chassis with the great ‘Old” looks.

tx_mountaineer says:

Holy hose clamp Fred!!!

joshua cooke says:

can drive it fine the way it was before just re bleed the brakes and don’t be in suck a hurry on freeways

sub96vortec says:

Just fix the brakes and drive it.

gilles aubertin says:

hey when are you going to air this ep. i have a 53 willys truck i never finished building , this could inspire me to continue

J says:

First 13 seconds, I thought my video player was frozen……

In hoc signo vinces says:

I’m in the process of swapping my 1960 Willy’s truck onto a ’76 Chevy K10 Stepside (Has Goodwrench 350 and SM465.) Just about finished restoring the Chevy chassis really looking forward to seeing your swap. My frame was cracked in two spots and the original engine flathead I6 was missing the head and was totally seized so figured if i’m repowering it and it’s no longer going to be stock go big.

john horne says:

thank you thank uou THANK YOU!! for not goin monster truck/ crawler with this truck. i love the overlander feel of this thing

william lindsay says:

go manual automatic sucks

Adam Payne says:

I bet this is what that junkyard Sierra YJ was bought for. I can dig it.

kjz28 says:

People complain about LS swaps, but how many have you actually seen in person? Unless your in California the answer is not that many. I have seen tens of thousands of custom cars/trucks at car shows since the LS engines debut and I probably have seen 35ish swaps in person. That is not a lot. Magazines and the internet make it seem like everyone does it, in reality its not that many.

kamryn 1 says:

Who else thinks Dave is a stoner ????

Kendall Brown says:

is this a knock off Roadkill show?

Brian Gleeson says:

Would you consider a stroker kit for the donor Jeep engine?

Andres G says:

Man he is going to ruin that perfect original Willys. Dude just fix the damn brakes, putting it on a completely different chassis doesn’t even make it a Willys anymore….. Use to like watching Dirt everyday, but this is just a stupid idea ruining a classic.

Sean Miller says:

awesome this is a project I myself wanted to do.

Scale MOB Scalers says:

Please please please donate that 4.8 to my 1960 Chevy panel truck project! I will be in your debt forever!

Pipe Henderson says:

Whats up with the surplus army truck

randall jr Benoit says:

Fred said ” he drugged it home” ….
…. he means like BILL Cosby lol

ramairgto72 says:

Wonder in the direct injection V6 will catch on?

benbennit says:

Bad voodoo. Better video would be to make it better to drive as is then take it out for some more rock climbing and dirt.

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