2015 Kia Optima Start Up and Review 2.4 L 4-Cylinder

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Camerons Car Reviews Score: 4.5/5
Powertrain Options: 2.4 L 4-Cylinder or a 2.0 L 4-Cylinder Turbo with a 6-Speed Automatic FWD
Engine & Performance
CAM TYPE Double overhead cam (DOHC)
TORQUE 181 ft-lbs. @ 4250 rpm
HORSEPOWER 192 hp @ 6300 rpm
FUEL TYPE Regular unleaded
RANGE IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 425.5/629.0 mi.
Weights and Capacities
CURB WEIGHT 3272 lbs.
Competitors: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu, Volkswagen Passat, Nissan Altima, Mazda 6, Subaru Legacy


Robert Scott says:

I have a 2013 optima LX model with the convenience package which includes power driver seat and a rear view camera, so you don’t need to pay a lot extra for these features and I really like the 30+ mpg  I average.

Chris Monroe says:

Do not buy a Kia. Can not go a week without something breaking. You will spend more on repairs than what you spend on the car.

Kelstr says:

based on the speedometer that looks like a 2014… NOT a 2015.  The EX Luxry model 2015 has a LCD in the middle and 2 circular clusters, one on each side… just saying…

TheTruthCanHurt says:

Ahh it recognizes faggy gay voices.

Alex Razmjookhah says:

Is that all yall have to say is that the steering wheel is ugly?? Its really not!! Its supposed to look like that for sporty characteristics.

ChuddleBuggy says:

@6:45 no, leave the vents alone, they look real enough to be NOT cheesy.  I think they accentuate the car’s overall good styling.

I drove this car (2.4 liter) as a rental and I almost could not find anything to complain about  Tire noise from road irregularities at highway speeds does get inside the cabin, but the car is quiet on smooth roads.  Idle quality from inside the car is amazingly silent and vibration free.  Throttle response is top-notch as can be expected from these new drive-by-wire systems, and transmission shifts are seamless smooth.  The body is tight, flex-free and rattle free. Interior materials were also good.  This car’s overall quality shows that Kia is doing its best  (and doing a good job at it) in keeping up with the benchmarks.

Philip S says:

Every other car at Wal Mart is a Kia Optima. They are SO common and SO not special. Not only that but why in the hell would you want to drive around in a KIA? Yuck.

MrProTechHD says:

I have more problems with the optima hybrid error msg such as check brakes when traveling up hill sometimes the traction turns off etc… I have to turn the car off middle of traffic in order to reset it only has 13k plus miles I never had issues with the Camry until 120k besides oil changes and brakes

Angela Simmons says:

I like mean and aggressive

Beast P says:

soooooooo beautifulllllll

Jason Lopez says:

The 2016 Mazda 6 is the best driven car out there.

shane clark says:

haven’t been too impressed with my optima. newest car I’ve owned. check engine light came on a week after I got it. only get 14-17 mpg now. trying to figure it out still. radio messes up now when you turn the volume up. not quiet cars there is a lot of road noise.

Jessica Moran says:

no way i love the vent

Soc Ram says:



bullet says:

Engine to small for the size of that car

420dportkid says:

I had one of these as a rental. The engine seems rather loud. Why is this? I also had a bad experience with owning a Kia in the past.

Saint Legna says:

i love the 2015 optima sxl turbo fully loaded i bout drive one every day the best car iv seen and driven , what i want is one and do a 6 speed swap (just peffer stick its harder to not pay attention while driveing)

Archit Verma says:

The middle of the steering wheel looks kind of cheap but that’s my only complain of the optima

Mike Bullock says:

Omg my charger is way better and faster

greedyg76 says:

why is there a cup holder on the engine cover….

christopher taylor says:

I just bought the basic lx aptima i like it but the steering wheel creaks alittle lot of plastic.

prashu2410 says:

Bloody hell! so much of smoke. 
What quality fuel are you using?

FlyBoy says:

Where you can download ‘various’ apps. The only app you can download is Yelp. Great going KIA.

- كلآسسيك . says:

8:28 تذكرني بخلاطتنا

High Top Higher says:

Most amazing car ever
So beautiful

Phillip Wakefield says:

I love my 2015 LX Tech package! Its got the Bose 6 speaker system with door subs UVO rear view camera power seats but the interior has the boring dash inserts lol. Makes for lighter weight. Its very quick with intake and exhaust! Still get 33mpg

Jai Rajasekaran says:

Very expensive for Kia. I would pay 12k for new one

TheHighStatusMillionaire says:

I don’t know why people are complaining about the warranty, they have fixed everything for me at kia motors company, they changed my head lights 3 times because they were becoming foggy when the engine was heated, they gave me a brand new tire when I ruined the spair, they repainted my bumper… why is all that nagging, just get car insurance if u don’t think the warranty is enough, car insunrance only cost me 600$/ year and it fixes everything

Sinisterage says:

I’ve owned this car for about two months now and I fucking love it. You get a Lot of value for a $27k pricetag, and it’s Very fun to drive for a 4 cylinder.

LifeIsGood says:

I have the base trim of this car and I love it so far.. Just wish Kia wasnt so stingy with some of the features…Also the rear speakers are weak as hell..

Frank Salce says:

Whats the intro music name? plzzzz

Kelstr says:

Also… the steering wheel on the 2015’s is flat on the bottom…. the 2014 and below, were a full circle as shown in your video…

RickTorn says:

My first Kia Optima (2012) was perfect, so I bought a 2015. Love the style and value that this car provides.

Archit Verma says:

I have no idea what copyright issues are there I live in Chicago but never saw copyright issues in any companies so what does it mean?

JooLex JlX Vlogs TV says:


Nosakhare Iyamu says:

i hate your voice
do you have a cold or something

Joshua Reyes says:

so what would be better this or a chrysler 200s

Phillip Wakefield says:

It actually has 195hp. Mine cost 27,995 brand new.

Samer Alaqabi says:

my uncle has exact car

Soc Ram says:

am I the only one that thinks the steering wheel is ugly the console too nothing really that’s screams look at me but the exterior screams rape because I’m about to rape it cause it so sexy

Monet Money says:

I want

Cesar Razo says:

sounds like a leaf blower

imbluz says:

I just bought an LX in Smokey Blue. I love it.

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