2016 Kia Optima TECH REVIEW

MotoMan heads to Aspen, Coloardo to go on a deep technical dive of the 2016 Kia Optima. Once there, he is presented with a car that looks A LOT like the car it replaced but going through a tech review, we find out there is indeed an all new car underneath the sheet metal complete with some changes expected in a Lotus rather than a Kia . . .

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Lewis Hall says:

It looks. Exceptional. superficial tip 1!

Gokul Rama says:

OMG.. This guy is so talented… Great video.. Wonder why i didn’t bump into any of his videos earlier?!

Gary Davenport says:

The stitching is real on the SXL.

TheFilthyMcNasty says:

After test driving all the other mid sized sedans in this segment, they’re actually a really good car and tick all the boxes especially when it comes to value and warranty. Get the 2l turbo in the top trim. I did.

james jong says:

your hands are so distracting

Daniel Groulx says:

I guess they better not change too much of a nice design before they may screw it up.

Adel Otb says:

this guy is really good when it comes to doing homework research. thumps up

Zayn's_the_Mane says:

@motomantv since you seem to have a high amount of knowledge on vehicles etc. could you please tell me how reliable and dependable Kia optima’s engine and transmission are? will they last as long as any Japanese engine & transmission? or fail at some point? could you please give me an honest answer, I would high appreciate it. I’m looking to purchase this over the 2016 Camry after test driving it.

Emloki says:

I think this iteration of the Optima is stunning. Gorgeous even. Maybe the next generation will have the revolutionary look so many are desiring. But hey! If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Derrell Satterfield says:

What I like:
o Android Auto…Cell phone integration should be top priority for quick, easy, and seamless connectivity
o Adjustable Passenger seat: I sell Kias and that was the number one complaint with the previous year models

What I Dislike:
o The design: It’s not bad I actually like it…there’s just not enough change to be wowed
o The Dash: I appreciated the ergonomics of the 2015 and how Kia directed the display towards the driver. I still have to get in one to confirm rather or not this is a better interior design

What would I change:
o Fuel Economy should be up there with Nissan. I do not know what the rating is but I don’t think its estimated at 38MPG

derbigpr500 says:

So, they’ve basically looked at the older generation of Mazda 6 interior, and say “yes, we like it”, and then copied 90% of it? Unfuckingbelievable.

Moar Desu says:

Not sure if you’re trying to use sign language. Jokes aside, great review as always. 🙂

John O'Bryan says:

4:08 the car looks huge. At 4:25 the car looks small. Confused..


The C-pillar is rather Saab-esque

Chris Monroe says:

I just bought a Kia for the first time. It is garbage. Do not buy a Kia!!! This video leaves out the part where it breaks down CONSTANTLY!!!

Vincent Del Vecchio says:

I own a 2014 Kia Optima. I am 59 years old and must say this is by far the best car I have ever own..

A2cool says:

Based on the 2016 engines, this is a much slower car than the 2011-2015 optima 2.4L and 2.0 turbo engines at 192 hp and 270, respectively. Looks great, but i’ll enjoy my 2015 Optima.

quietguy1948 says:

Now…. Review the new 2016 Honda Civic

TheSober619 says:

so far the only change that I would say would love to see is more POWER, there on out great looking cars for what they were in a decade ago, love the way they gave Kia that nice lux and sporty taste, we can all bash on the Brand for their bad rep in the past but hey no joke I would rather take an Optima then a let’s say Accord for the price and goodies, shoot I’m actually looking into getting me a Sorrento very soon with at some point I was looking at getting either a Highlander or a Pathfinder, but Kia did it better, and like I said, more better for the buck

Charlie Wilson says:

Here’s my take. Should I drop my hard earned $30,000 on this car? Will will last as long as my 2004 Honda Accord still running after 11 yrs?? No one cares about the design, no one cares about what KIA is doing in the design house. We care about reliability, KIA is competing with Honda and Toyota You completely left that out, should Honda and Toyota owners move to KIA and be satisfied? You left all of that out. AS someone reviewing cars all the time, I would myself be only interested in what the new one looks like.

eyeswideopen23 says:

Ok I just have a general question looking to trade in my 2011 Chrysler 200 what I’m looking at is Chrysler 300 Kia Optima, and Chevy Impala which one is the Best Buy that won’t kill bank and will not need fixing

wonderwall135 says:

what about the sx turbo with the 274 horsepower?

Mike Carleon says:

I agree. I feel that it’s not a major difference to separate it self from the older model.

Kcufdurt Tnuc says:

I would take this over an a class or a4/a3 even if they were the same price

DrEvilToBe says:

I like the design what I don’t like is…,Is not in AWD!!!!!

Farzad Tabatabaie says:

2013 Kia Optima SX was the last good looking Kia optima IMO.
Kia dropped the ball, they really had something going for them.. but this 2016 one, in terms of exterior and interior looks 10-15k cheaper…

Joe Abbondanza says:

I own a kia SKL and I have to say I owned bmws jeep Cherokee alot of badge named cars .I love the SKL turbo only things I don’t the passenger seat sits to low and the handling a little loose but all the interior perks I love the dash is moulded to perfection. the voice command nav blue tooth all right on point and if I want to go to paddle shifting. alot of fun great pick up for a 4 cylinder. the light grey nappa leather looks great.again passenger seat sits too low and handling too loose but ac seats as well heated back and front and all passengers can climate control themselves other than that I love the car never thought I would ever purchase a kia and I’m not disappointed

waynerm002 says:

I’ve always like the Optima design but my pet peeve was the amount of cabin noise, I traded out of the 2012 hybrid into the 2014 and if this is as much improved as the videos are alluding (still need to test drive), I may be in for a 2016 or 2017 hybrid or plug-in. If gas prices stay low, I may go to a 2.0T. I like that the interior has grown into a more European look with it still being slanted a bit toward the driver but not as separated as before. Change, instead of stitched plastics, do stitched leather on the dash (more cost I understand but better look), what happened to full parking sensors instead of rear only? The European car will have lane keep assist (LKA), not just warning (LDW), headlight washers and other stuff that are found on “luxury” cars, but look Honda decided to put front sensors on the 2016 Accord! Also, why not the 7 speed DCT for the 2.0T? Or an 8 speed for that matter? They could tune the engine for better power on the top level cars and with the 2 extra cogs still maintain a decent level of economy. Those are the things I would like to see in the Optima. Oh, the chrome vents are growing on me but the could have done a sportier front bumper and give us some fog lights. Overall though, I like it.

Joe Abbondanza says:

the sxl limited is a fun car to drive.never thought I’d say it and I get so many compliments on it curves alot people can’t believe it’s a kia but that’s my opinion

Raymond Numir says:

This guy keep talking instead of showing the review inside n out of the car -_-

Anton Charniauski says:

Better American rewier I ewer seen. Realy

Focuszaa Funz says:

Nice Review ,But this brand was not come to sale at my country

Fan MotomanTv From thailand .. ^^

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