2016 Kia Soul – Review and Road Test

Given the hamster-driven hype surrounding it, the first generation Kia Soul seemed primed for a quick rise and fall. As it turns out the Soul’s value, practicality and friendly nature have given it staying power. Now in its second generation the Kia Soul retains the charm of the original with a newfound dose of refinement.

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Raylaya Albert says:

How much would a fully loaded Kia Soul costs? I’m thinking about getting this as a first car when I turn sixteen and pass my permit

Isuru Shehan says:

it looks like a hatchback to me LOL

Dee Jay says:

Just remove the word KIA please. They just need a logo.

One Pissed American says:

I wasn’t looking for a powerful vehicle when I got my 2012 Soul. With a six speed manual transmission and a four cylinder I am pulling good numbers at the pump even though the car has a small tank. The Soul has more room in it than any other vehicle I have ever owned and I cannot complain at all with the ride. This is an excellent car.

Esteban Posada Duque says:

…. I seriously this SOUL only is good with a 2000cc motor ….

Ezra says:

“…avoiding the constant upshift/downshift routines of older Trannies” 😀

Steve Trivoli says:

Have a 2015 Soul base stick. Always driven a stick. This car in no rocket ship but it is also hindered by a governor attached to the clutch that makes it even more sluggish. I guess they did that for mileage purposes? Other than that, this car is a complete charmer. Quiet & pleasant to drive around town. Put some nice aftermarket wheels on it and it has become a looker.

JKgaming1 says:

selling my bmw 740 i for this

teddyvhercanada Films says:

Would take this over a Cx3….

Osama Ejaz says:

If only they can put a Turbo in somewhere!

Brookie says:

Parents bought the 2016 version today in Titanium Gray and all I have to say is

Jeff Thomas says:

I was at the dealer this weekend driving the Exclaim model.  Excellent in town, needed just a bit more power on freeways.  The dealer said in the EU they offers Soul with a Turbo Engine, Diesel Engine and the EV…now why cant the Turbo come to the states…if not for the lackluster freeway performance I would have purchased it cuz in town was EXCELLENT..but I do a lot of highway driving.

dani cleveland says:

I am sooo in love with 2016 Kia Soul!!!!!! <3

Imed Abdellaoui says:


Samuel Holly says:

I love small suvs, and I think this car is a goodlooking one

George whiplemyer jr. says:

Love my KIA Soul plus.

cubeit forever says:

Love my cube……..don’t go away!

Sam Park says:

if i had a choice between this and a boring corolla, I’d take this car anyday.

anlejef says:

love my new 2016 Kia soul

Isla Reyne says:

This was the Soul with the best packages and most upgrades, though, at about $28k. Ouch.

paladin says:

love my Hamster

Chris Sorreda says:

Poor man’s Mini Countryman, AND I LOVE IT.

A Tree says:

do you think kia made a comeback with the manufacturing? i think so.

StikStudios Tv says:

My mom has the same color but diff model k want her to get this one but we might have to wait for it if we do get it we will get a blue on I hope we do get this or just keep the one we have.

Clipperdude123 says:

just finished driving lessons and now need to practice for the test. my instructor recommended this car to my dad who said he was looking into an affordable yet safe car for young drivers. fingers crossed we find a way to get it!

CubanBeast says:

kia soul or fiat 500L, cant decide 🙁

claude878878 says:

based on all the comment, i’d say 90% of them are from Girls saying they love this car.. So i guess i can’t get this car now, or i’d feel very fruity. Time to look for another car. I’m too much man to be driving this.

Charles allen jr says:

If Kia is really smart, for the next generation of the Kia soul make it a sub-compact SUV. It’s staring them in the face. Add some width, all wheel drive, make it about a foot taller. You would a pretty good sub-compact SUV/CUV

Robert Smith says:

wish kia offered a diesel-powered awd rally car version of the soul

Shawn Kay says:

What a beautiful car i think its better than the Honda Fit

Korean Peninsula says:

KIA cars are Sturdy and Solid.

cameraman655 says:

I bought a ’10’ model off the showroom floor so to speak back in 2010 and save for preventive maintenance, have yet to turn a wrench on this marvel. I will be looking for a replacement for “My Soul” next year as I am about to clock 200k miles on this beast (in a good way) and definitely looking at the Soul once again. And this is coming from (or was) a hard core Jeep man, specifically the Wrangler, who would have thought….?

Deighton S says:

Luv this car. Mom has a green 2016. Going to get a Carribbean blue just to have as a 3rd fun to drive economical car..

Ashton Burrell says:

Kia did a great job of putting expensive features into an affordable car!

Dan Rigsley says:

A poor man or woman Mini. I have only seen chics driving this car. With the name “KIA”, I don’t think guys would get caught driving this car. They should remove that name and just slap a logo. In America, It’s all about name branding.

Dust Seeker says:

A Kia Soul Hybrid would be my choice… if only…

Medmann48 says:

Today we bought a 2016+ Kia Soul for $17,300 out the door. Nice Car, back up camera, 6-Speed automatic, 2.0 Liter engine. We got a two-tone white & red paint scheme, very unique.

Tawng Nan says:

Design all mixed up… BMW 1 look like frontal… VW look like back… Suzuki Swift look like wind shield, Land Rover appearance side profile… Overall design similar to 2010 nissan patrol… So…so… copy cat little korea hamster..

Pun Jab I says:

it now just needs a sports version & awd. and it will be perfect.

Dash Jeffreys says:

What we will be getting when the Buick Encore lease is up next year. Looking forward to it

Kyle Morgese says:

the soul is a cool little ride, my girlfriend just picked up a green 2015 soul, a base with the 6 speed manual, its fairly zippy for 1.6 and the trans shifts smooth. so far im digging it… but it needs more aftermarket support, I cant even find an axle back for this year and its disappointing lol… It’s too quiet lol !!

Quiet Wyatt says:

my older sister has one and she really likes it.  my daughter is thinking about getting one.

Landon Boyer says:

2014 kia soul green i love you 🙂

Jose Orlando Tabares says:

me gusta bastante

dopemcee says:

….is this considered a “girl”s car”?

silly question i know..but just wondering..

Julian M. says:

I can’t wait to buy my first car this is totally going to be it!

Yen Ha says:

i love that car

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