2017 Kia Cadenza TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan takes a look at another Kia that is completely new but evolves a similar design – the 2017 Kia Cadenza. In this TECH REVIEW, he discusses the engine, the bits that go into driving dynamics but also the lessor known aspects like vehicle construction. After geeking out on materials, he dives into the interior . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Kia Optima FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs5wcOfzHaM

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carlos alberto flores says:

Love it

Brandon Bates says:

When I seen this car online last year I was slightly disappointed because I felt the new design should of looked newer. However, over time I grew to appreciate the subtle differences. This car is a beauty. I just traded my 2014 Cadenza for 2016 RX350. I didn’t wait out for this model for two reasons. 1) no AWD 2) for the price you pay for a Cadenza or K900 you expect better service/customer service experience

Re Ho says:

The design is a conservative looking automobile…with a certain kind of elegance…at least from the side rear view. The front end is okay. The inverted grill took me a bit to get used to. Kia, like Hyundai still has yet to break that barrier into the mainstream automotive marketplace. Shouldn’t be long now.

Kevin Smith says:

I like the size of the vehicle, it perfect to me.. the Cadenza needed an update in the lights, engine and interior and they are perfect.. the grill update is pretty cool too.. the stance is great, you cant beat the styling vs the competition and cost..

Kevin Smith says:

Not to far from where i work.. love what Kia and Hyundai are doing.. it does resemble the genesis or the g80 but slightly.. love the rear seat room..

London_III says:

I actually like this redesign a lot. I think its understated, but still aggressive looking and really compelling. Plus, the profile looks like an evolved iteration of the Lexus LS. That’s a good thing.

Martin Perez says:

Kia has the worst technical service in Deland and Daytona Beach.  Have a Kia Forte 2016 with 5 months of use.  This vehicle is having problems since the second month of use.  I have taken this vehicle three times for service with the same problem, one to Daytona and two times to Deland.  The technicians there had giving me three different diagnosis and the car still with the same problem.  They can not fix this car.  I recommend these dealers to hide new technicians or send them to take a training in how to deal with these cars.

Dennis Baril says:

love it … well made quality car

Paxton Williams says:

I prefer evolutionary styling changes than drastic ones, especially if the previous design wasnt “broken” and you are trying to build awareness in your brand. Yeah Im looking at you Acura. You had what is one of the best looking sport sedans designs in recent history with the 2004 thru 2008 TL. Then you jakked it up and havent recovered yet. Look what you did to it…. LOOK AT IT!!!! Damn u Acura.

Priya Raja says:

lets put that aside!!!

2002altima says:

I like the previous Kia Cadenza design… I think Kia needs to try different design, the 2017 doesn’t catch my eye. I’ve driven the previous one, I loved it and still do.

Malique Chante' says:

This looks far better than the car its replacing, it looks nothing like that old car.

Eugene Byun says:

this guy deserves way more views

Corey Clariett says:

Horrible review. You didn’t really talk about the car.. no start up, exhaust or the cool features of the car. I’d like to at least see the car start up rather then hear you joke about your attire and how hot it is outside.

TheDustinpage says:

I bought a 2016 Kia Cadenza. First thing I did was change the logo

Angele Tiago says:

Kia still Kia to me, don’t like the their brand, car looks good but it’s Kia

Clous von says:

Weird front, Buick rear, and BMW interior, cohesive? What’s that

Collin Brown says:

The car looks great, the previous German Audi designer having added the element of luxury and elegance to this car makes me appreciate it even more. this car looks like how lexus should be making their designs instead of that spindle crap on the front. They ought to.

sebas palacio says:

worst review ever

Lawrence Williams says:

2011 optima is current car…… this, concept 2018 GT by kia or cts-v are my thoughts

Richard J Leisner says:

Since the Designer of the KIA came from Audi, I understand why the body has changed and yet remains the same. Audi has been doing the same thing for years. I feel that if you have a GREAT design then stick with it and update it to keep it up to date.

Chris John Michael says:

Kia is kicking some ass

Kyle Whisman says:

i feel yah on the white interior. I have the cream napa leather in my dart and i have to clean and condition every month. But i am a car guy so i like doing it

TI WH says:

i have a 2015 cadenza and i love it and for this all new model i would honestly say i wouldn’t consider it all new they look almost identical but still a beautiful car

Troy Kleffman says:

is it true that the 2017 Cadenza will have a very LIMITED color palette?

Thang Lieu says:

why don’t you just take off your black jacket?

Happy Robins says:

Would you say this could become Kia’s luxury brand like the Genesis? I think it should

sirj860 says:

Beautiful car love the design however the rear does resembled the Lexus ES. I currently drive a VW CC.

abuchta387 says:

This is a great looking car. It reminds me of an Audi A6. It’s gives a great value at a very good price. I think this is the best
Large sedan on the market today,Judging by the reviews. I can’t wait to drive the Lacrosse and credenza back to back.

Jon Ruoss says:

Stand still

M Rector says:

Calm down and stop pacing. You are distracting the viewers from what you are talking about.

Antonio Washington says:

I work at a Kia dealership and we get Lexus, Porsche, Jaguars, etc on trade ins. If our cars had major brand badging people would look past that. 10yr 100k warranty and it hasn’t changed because we stand behind our product 100% don’t knock it until you try it. #1 in JD power

Abdullah Althobity says:

talketive and non informative

Jay Alizadeh says:

its looks like the older model of chevy malibu with h,i,d lamp.

Cody Fletcher says:

No matter how neat the Hyundai/KIA cars become I still get find any interest because of the badge on the front

montanatru says:

being from the mid Atlantic it was funny to hear you say or whatever that is in the trees lol and yes August and a black coat and jeans isn’t a good look it’s extremely humid especially in august I’m a little further north and east in MD but same weather conditions

Nick Olsen says:

Volvo needs to sue the shit out of them this is a blatant rip off of the s90. That grill is straight off the Volvo.

80386 says:

Not feeling the Kia’s new look. Looks a bit ‘prototypeish’. Almost as if it’s still in the design process so they’re holding off the finishing touches. I admire their effort for experimenting and trying to find an identity though.

Jean-Philippe Jabouin says:

“…let’s put this aside” lol like, how many things are we putting aside?

IceDree says:

You should start making exceptions for the weather M, You already made one for the G90 😀

I don’t know M, where does it stop? The Optima, Cadenza & the Sportage… before you know it, the entire line up looks … well

Csab says:

sound volume kind of low

Ric Oaks says:

motto man nice review. do you know if current Genesis can get android auto and car play update? if not when will the cadenza be on sale. the cadenza is just simply elegant

Leo Walker says:

Wow. He was a comedian. Cool. I guess it helps you with presenting information seamlessly. He can just stand there and TALK for several minutes without cut-editing.

Troy Kleffman says:

Currently driving a leased ’15 Genesis HTRAC, but this new Cadenza is pushing all the right buttons! Looks good inside and out, but it’s FWD and I prefer RWD/AWD. In two years I may well have to decide between a fully loaded Cadenza or base Genesis AWD. They are both about the same price. hummmm………

Nelson Burotto says:

grate review as always, i love the car and you like it or not i like the white interior, and of course the price is good, i sill prefer the hyundai models but this car is look real good.
And thx for not only do a review of same cars all the people do i think your youtube channel is one of the best.
I only have one question the Kia is own by the Hyundai motors or not?

Dusty Rusty says:

It’s not “Leesburg County, VA” it is LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA. Leesburg is a town/city in Loudoun County.

Nicholas Plummer says:

get a turbo on that and give us some low-end torque. Still a quick car for this segment but I’d like to get it in the 2000rpm range.
(current 2014 limited owner)

Barobran92 says:

I actually think it looks quite different, I love the design, it looks really modern.

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